ICT Services and Solutions in Japan

Global ICT Services: Providing Professional Cross-Cultural Engineering

Our ICT Mission

"Supporting the globalization of Japanese enterprises and providing global solutions"

Our mission is to nurture global human resources and continuously support the growth of domestic and overseas global businesses. The task of our organization is to gather together knowledge and skills of employees with broad international experience and provide our customers and society with solutions for the future.

Global ICT Engineering

GLobal IT Engineering

Global ICT engineering is about developing business software and networks in response to ever-diversifying needs.

Introducing Staff

GDI Communications IT staff

Let us introduce our unique employees who have studied abroad and have overseas experience.

Company Activities

CSR activities

Introducing our initiatives.
  ・CSR activities
  ・Overseas support activities
  ・Examples of global projects

Guidelines for ICT Service Applicants

ICT Service Applications

Looking for people who can challenge and accomplish our ICT Mission and together continue to expand as a global company.

REDD Plus services

Growth Hack for Global Business