GDI Communications Consulting Division

GPOD: Global People on Demand for Your Success

Global teams for overseas business

Global Team, Language, Business Skills, and Global Mind Development

The success of your Global Strategy lies in the hands of your Global Team, therefore, the quality of your Global Team is critical. Developing this team, as well as developing future potential team members, is of the utmost importance. Through the incorporation of a GDI Communications GPOD, you will have access to all GDI training material and programs. Both types of GPOD, but more specifically the Domestic GPOD, can provide language, communication, business skills and Global Mind training as needed. Whether it be weekly language classes, intensive business skill training or Global Mind presentations for your team, our GPODs can provide these services and more!

Display at an exhibition overseas

Overseas Travel, Exhibition / Tradeshow, and Sales Support

One of highly utilized skillsets and values of our Overseas GPODs is the support they can offer for overseas expansion, including Exhibitions, Tradeshows and direct Sales support. This can include, but not limited to, the following services:

  • Booth Design and Construction
  • Liaison support, onsite management, problem and troubleshooting
  • Assistance with the development of marketing materials
  • Meeting arrangement and participation with agents and potential clients
  • Overseas travel arrangement and management, if required

Working with the Global Team, our GDI Communications’ GPODs can be an asset in supporting all overseas actions and activity – from overseas travel, to sales and marketing, to exhibition planning and implementation.

Overseas communications in English

Daily Communication, Personal Interaction and Language Support for all Staff

The benefits provided by a GDI GPOD are not only limited to the Global Team or students studying in communication classes. Your entire organization will be positively influenced through GDI Communications GPOD Services. As our GPODs work onsite at your office on a daily basis, they provide the opportunity to communicate and interact in the language of choice, for all staff. These clear benefits can be accomplished through activities such as;

  • Regular Global Events
  • Global Café
  • Daily Interaction and Conversation

Our GPODS are also available on a daily basis to assist with language issues including spoken and written inquiries, as well as general communication support throughout the organization.

Build a global strategy

Overseas Communication and Support with Partners, Agents, Clients and Vendors

GDI Communications' GPODs, who are English speakers having a wealth of knowledge about Japanese culture, are able to manage and support any kind of communication scenario or environment with overseas business partners, agents, clients, vendors, etc. Our GPODs are especially helpful in situations where communication can be a challenge, and also possess the skills to clearly communicate the thoughts and decisions of the Global Team. Included in the area of Public Relations is Client and Agent Communication and Support. Initial follow-up, and ongoing correspondence will help establish and maintain strong relationships with agents and client base. The key to overseas success is comprehensive and complete communication with all people and parties involved.