GDI Communications Consulting Division

Global Consulting : Experience to Help Execute your Global Strategy

The Present Problem

At present, there are many problems facing small to mid-size companies here in Japan. There are also many reasons why "Now is the Time" for these types of companies to seriously consider developing and executing a global strategy. As the population ages and fewer children are being born, the number of present and future potential clients is shrinking. Furthermore, as companies expand into the Japanese market and claim greater market share; growth becomes difficult, as the market becomes saturated with products and services from local and foreign companies. Therefore, more and more, small to mid-size Japanese companies are finding it necessary to expand into overseas markets, in order to facilitate future growth, sales and profits.

Our Objective

The purpose of GDI Communications Global Consulting Services is to provide these small to mid-size Japanese companies, which need and/or want to expand overseas, with cultural, language and professional support needed to develop and execute their Global Strategy. GDI Communications can personalize each consulting package to the needs of each client. From localization to strategic development to accompanying the "Global Team" on overseas travel, GDI Communications' objective is to support and promote each client to realize their global success.

The Solution

For clients whom wish to add value to their present business and venture into overseas markets, GDI Communications is the best partner to satisfy this desire. Through our various personalized consulting packages, years of experience with Japanese companies and global markets, and our multi-talented Global Consultants, clients will develop a more internationally minded company, which will pave the road to global success and realize greater business growth and development.

Overview of Services

The following a list of the main services GDI Communications provides. As we are able to personalize our consulting services, additions to the list, based on customer needs is always possible.

Global Teams

Take your products and services global

Each client should invest in developing a Global Team. This consists of key individuals within the Organization, which will be involved in taking the Organization and its products and services global. People who should be considered for the Global Team should possess the belief that the Organization needs to expand its offerings overseas as well as a passion to make this happen. They should also be key players in the Organization based on their expertise in the field and ability to consistently produce results. Through GDI Communications' training and support, each Global Team member will gain the ability to interact confidently, politely, and successfully, which will create binding relationships with overseas contacts.

Overseas Exhibition Support

Overseas exhibition set up and support

Our Consultants will work closely with the Global Team to develop and execute the Organization's Overseas Exhibition Strategy. This will include traveling to any and all Overseas Exhibitions, as well as In Country Exhibitions and Conventions, as required by the Organization. Having a foreign presentence at the exhibition booth both overseas and in country can provide a level of differentiation many Organizations cannot achieve. These services can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Exhibition Booth Design and Construction
  • Managing and troubleshooting and problems that occur during the exhibition
  • Acting as a liaison for and assisting with communication between the Organization and exhibition staff and management
  • Assist with developing promotional products and marketing to overseas vendors via email, web, phone, or any other method of communication
  • Arranging meetings with potential clients while at the exhibition
  • If so desired by the Organization, GDI Communications' Consultants can assist with handling reservations for lodging and travel to and from exhibitions

Included with Exhibition Support, GDI Communications' Consultants will be available to attend and assist with both in country and overseas factory tours and office visits. Factory tours and office visits are highly beneficial in learning about business contents, quality of products and services and the needs of each party. They are also a great way to show visitors the quality of the Organization's products and services as well as strengthen the business relationship. Whether the Global Team is traveling overseas or the Organizations is inviting overseas Clients, Agents and/or Distributors to visit their facilities, GDI Communications' Consultants will bet there to support you.

Market Research

Data from overseas markets

Global Market Research is an essential aspect of any Global Expansion Initiative. It is highly recommended, if not a required process, before actually taking any forward movement into overseas markets. Much of this data comes from overseas markets and interaction with overseas companies. GDI communications can offer training and support in both acquiring the skill sets to deal with overseas markets and companies, as well as assisting with intricacies of effective communication and gathering and deciphering data, trends and viability. GDI Communications' Consultants can assist in every aspect of Global Market Research and offer insights, from an outsider perspective, to further the forward movement of the Organization's Global Strategy.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for globalization

Once the Organization's Global Team has been selected and data from Global Market Research has been analyzed, along with GDI Communications' Consultants, the Team should be able to develop a more concise Global Strategy and start laying the foundation for its execution. GDI Communications' Consultants will be available to attend and participate in the various Globalization Strategic Planning Meetings, the Organization may require. They can also offer On-Call support in case of emergency consulting needs. This Strategic Planning support also includes translation, interpretation and localization of the Organization's documents, websites, marketing materials, and other various paraphernalia.

Public Relations

Public Relations for global marketing

The development of strong business relationships with clients, agents and distributors is also a key factor in building a Global presence overseas in target countries. The ability to communicate clearly and competently with representatives from foreign companies will lay the foundation for successful execution of the Organization's global strategy. GDI Communications' Consultants can communicate the thoughts and decisions of the Global Team, concerning various situations that may arise, and will assist with managing the discussion process in order to produce a positive and mutually beneficial outcome.

Included in the area of Public Relations is Client and Agent Communication and Support. Initial contact, follow up contact, and ongoing contact will build a strong client base. This can include online meetings, visiting clients in their home country, supporting clients with visits to Japan and touring of Organization's local facilities, monthly emails and newsletters (if required), etc. GDI Communications' Consultants will consistently contact Clients, Agents and Distributors and manage their services and support their abilities in order to produce more contacts and business and help execute the Organization's Global Strategy. Comprehensive Agent communication is required for successful partnership.


Language and communication training

The ability to communication clearly and competently is an essential part of overseas business success. However, the ability to do this in English, or other languages, is not always a simple task and should not be taken for granted. Also, when working with overseas Clients, Agents and Distributors, misunderstandings can often arise. Even if a clear and concise Agreement has been entered into by both parties. There are several areas where GDI Communications' Consultants and Instructors can help support your Global Team and Organization's communications verbal, as well as written, communication needs.

GDI Communications has the ability to provide customized and specific Language and Communication Training, depending on the needs of the Organization and the Global Team. GDI Communicartion's Consultants can assit and support GDI Communications' Insrutctors with specific language, culture and international communication classes, as needed by the orginizaiton. Some of these include pre-departure classes, intensive classes, lessons via SKYPE, etc.

GDI Communications' Consultants can manage and support negotiation issues, if required, between the Organization and its Clients, Agent and Distributors. Our instructors can work with the Global Team, and other members of the Organization, to build negotiation skills in English, which bring about mutually beneficial WIN-WIN outcomes. This will bring the Organization closer to your Global Strategy goals.

It is also quite probable that the Global Team will need to make various presentations in English at exhibitions and conferences, both overseas and in country. GDI Communications' Consultants are available to present on behalf of the Organization and/or support the development of presentations, in hand with GDI Consultants' Instructors, which may be given by the Global Team and/or other members of the Organization.