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Santa and Friends Nagoya

Santa and Friends Nagoya Volunteer

Santa and Friends Nagoya (hereafter, SFN) started with the volunteer work from CEO, James Hedden, who has been involved since he moved to Nagoya. In the beginning, James personally visited four orphanages in Nagoya City at Christmas, spent time with the children and shared some Christmas cheer through small Christmas presents. In 2009, he gathered 150 volunteers and organized a large Christmas event full of events, inviting 250 children from all of these facilities.

Ever since, volunteers from many nations have continued to visit the facilities to teach English, enjoy various arts and activities with the children such as piano, dancing and exercising, with the emphasis on offering support for the children as they grow. In addition to supporting the children, there is another purpose, namely supporting the volunteers. We hope that the volunteer activities will nurture leadership in the volunteers and give them confidence through the experience of achieving goals in collaboration with a multi-national group of friends.

GDI helps to lead SFN by dividing responsibilities for the operation according to annual events, regular activities, and various time spent with the children.

SFN's Website

Tokai Japan Canada Society

TJCS Tokai Japan Canada Society

Tokai Japan Canada Society (hereafter, TJCS) is a nonprofit organization with the objective of Japanese and Canadian exchange and interaction in the Tokai area. You have probably already realized that James, since he belongs to this organization, is from Canada.

We aim to build cultural understanding and deepen the relationship between Japan and Canada. Social and Business events are planned regularly such as business meet n greets, speeches to hanami and BBQ celebrations and more. The TJCS also support local businesses hoping to develop business connections in Canada.

GDI gains a great deal of trust through these volunteer activities, and we are sincerely grateful when these activities lead to business opportunities.

TJCS official website

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