GDI Communications FAQ

What is GDI Communications? What is GDI Communications?

Q: What is GDI's main Objective?
A: Click this link to read our corporate Mission Statement.
Q: What does GDI stand for?
A: Global Drive Innovation
Q: What are the best ways to contact GDI?
A: Option A: Use the online inquiry form.
Option B: Call our Office
Q: What are GDI's business hours / business days?
A: Office Hours / Days: 9am - 6pm, Mon - Fri
Q: How long has GDI been in business?
A: GDI has been in business since 2005.
Q: What are the benefits of using service from GDI?
A: We are able to concentrate focus and combined efforts for both our clients and GDI, to achieve and reach our global objectives and goals.

What types of training does GDI offer? What types of training does GDI offer?

Q: What types of training does GDI offer?
A: GDI offers a variety of training and classes ranging from basic to business communication training, key business skill training (meeting facilitation, presentations, and other), cross cultural communication and pre departure communciation training, all which can be plannned for a weekly or intensive schedule. Customized trainings can also be designed to meet specfic needs and schedules.
Q: What is unique about GDI training?
A: All GDI training and courses include GABBY (output / muscle memory training) and GAMBITS (input / phrasal expansion training), as well as specific communication or busines skill targets.
Q: Does GDI conduct level testing?
A: GDI has created a unique writing and speaking test to clearly access all students English abilities. Our writing test consists of 60 questions and takes 30 minutes to complete. Our speaking test are conducted by native English speakers and consist of a variety of questions and take 10 minutes.
Q: Does GDI offer trial lessons?
A: Yes. Our trial lessons are generally 2 hours and clearly demonstrate all components of our various trainings.
Q: What are normal class times for GDI training?
A: GDI training and classes usually run between 2 hour to 8 hour sessions. A weekly communication training consists of 48 x 2 hour sessions equalling 96 hours. Other intensive trainings range between 4 to 8 hours per day and can consist of 1 to 10 day sessions in accordance to customers preferences.
Q: Where are the trainings / classes generally held?
A: All training / classes are generally held onsight at the clients location of business or otherwise. Training can also be held at the GDI office if requested.
Q: How many students are usually in each class?
A: Class sizes can range from 1 to 30+, depending on the specific needs. However for most effective results, we recommend class sizes between 4 to 8 students.
Q: What is GABBY?
A: GABBY is a Muscle Memory or Procedural Memory training program which accelerates the English learning process by using the "Call and Response" method.
Q: What are GAMBITS?
A: A Communication GAMBIT is basically a word or phrase which helps us 1. express what we want to say, and 2. comprehend or clearly understand what someone else is trying to say in various situations.
Q: Where does GDI conduct training?
A: GDI is able to conduct training throughout Japan. We currently service companies located from the Tohoku region to Fukuoka. Contact GDI for more information.

Global ICT Solutions Global ICT Solutions

Q: I would like to know more about global ICT solutions.
A: Please contact us from the Inquiry Form for more detailed solutions and potential partnerships. You will be contacted within 24 hours

What are GDI's consulting services? What are GDI's consulting services?

Q: How can I benefit from GDI's GPOD Services?
A: It varies depending on your needs and strategy of the organization. If your strategy includes securing overseas representatives, we can aid in the search, contact, and communication with potential overseas clients and related people. We can also help with overseas trade shows and exhibitions, such as design, set up, manage communications, meet clients, tear down, clean up, etc. We can also provide insight on various overseas markets and cultural understanding. The hardworking and happy style of our GPODs provides a positive first image of your organization, no matter where you are doing business.
Q: What services are provided by a GDI GPOD?
A: GDI Communications offers a variety of services. As many organizations require a variety of different support, our services are designed around the organization's specific needs. Services for an Overseas GPOD include Market Research, Overseas Exhibitions Support, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Communications, Global Team Development, etc. Services for a Domestic GPOD focus on supporting the organization on its daily efforts to grow into a Global company. Some of the specific services are Language Training, Business Skill Training, Global Mind Training, production and support of a Monthly Newsletter, Global Events, development and management of a Global Cafe, and more.
Q: Are GDI GPOD services right for my business?
A: Because of our flexibility, we are able to put together a package that will fit any organization's needs. With that said, however, making sure our GPOD services are right for your business, which is our number 1 priority, comes down to you and your team. We achieve this through an initially detailed information sharing and needs assessment session, followed by consistent and open communication.
Q: What steps are involved with securing a GDI GPOD?
A: Once again, it depends on the specific needs. First, through an Initial Information Gathering Meeting, we assess the strategy and needs of the organization. From there, we work to select the proper GPOD for the outlined position. From that point, we monitor the progress and offer further support to the organization and GPOD with regular meetings and updates..
Q: What costs are involved with GDI GPOD Services?
A: Costs are again dependent upon the needs of your organization. For a quote of services, please contact our office to set up a consultation.
Q: Does GDI offer translation / interpretation services?
A: Yes. We can offer both translation and interpretation services. From basic forms to complex legal documents, GDI Communications' translation services are your one stop solution to all your translation needs.
Q: Do we need English to use your GPOD services?
A: Yes and no. It again depends on your needs. If in fact, you require a multilingual GPOD, including English, Japanese, and or other, we will provide an individual who has years of experience living in Japan and has established Japanese language capabilities. Alternatively, if you prefer a GPOD who does not speak Japanese, allowing your employees or team to expand their own on the job English skills, we can arrange accordingly. Also, again depending on the needs of the company, we can provide GPODs with specific business skills related to the company's industry or activity. If in fact your organizations English ability is low, or non-existent, it is highly recommended to incorporate GDI Communications' Language Training Services through our GPOD services.
Q: Does GDI offer overseas support?
A: Yes. Our Overseas GPODs are trained and ready to support any and all your overseas needs. This includes initial and follow-up contact and communication of potential agents, distributors, clients, etc. Also, as many of our Overseas GPODs have extensive international travel and business experience, they make the perfect companion when traveling overseas, when attending business meetings, trade shows, negotiations, presentations, etc.
Q: Can GDI place GPODs for Global Support in our company?
A: Yes. Due to GDI Communications' long-standing and continuing relationships with the many different organizations we work with, we have gained a deep level of trust and respect. This allows us to easily place our GPODs directly in the organization and have them work alongside other staff members on a daily basis. If needed, we can also place a GPOD in an organization on a part-time basis, with the GPOD being at the organization either a few days per week or for a specific contracted period. Whatever the needs, we can provide the solution.

How can I study in Canada? How can I study in Canada?

Q: To go to Canada, I would like to take an English test in advance. What kind of test would be prefererable for Global Study?
A: If you plan to go to Canada, we suggest taking IELTS(International English LanguageTesting System). Due to its high quality controls, IELTS is accepted by thousands of organisations in over 135 countries and is recognised by over 9,000 organizations worldwide, including most higher education institutions in Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.
Q: Can I join an internship soon after arriving in Canada?
A: According to the law in Canada, taking ESL to brush up base English skills is essential to participate in an Internship (Co-op program). For work related internships, you can choose from various types of employment related to your English level. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.
Q: How much time does general preparation to study overseas take?
A: Once you have decided to study abroad, it is better to prepare as soon as possible, yet we recommend to prepare at least a half year in advance.
Q: I am interested in Global Studies in Canada, but I still have many questions. Can I visit the GDI office for consulting and ask about the overview of Global study?
A: If you find yourself becoming more interested in studying in Canada, or have further questions, you are always welcome to visit our GDI Communications office.
Q: What is the price to study abroad in Canada?
A: We would be more than pleased to show you an estimation. Please feel free to contact us.