Global Study Expenses

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Examples of expenses for studying in Victoria, Vancouver, Canada are shown below. Please note that these are examples and should only be used for reference. Please contact us for details.

CAD $1 = ¥95 (Exchange rate is subject to change.)

* All overseas study expenses are exclusive of air tickets, overseas travel insurance fees, visa arrangement charges (for stays of more than 6 months), handling fees, money transfer fees, personal expenses incurred overseas, and overseas student support fees in Japan / overseas.

♦ In the case of a 4-week Summer Program ♦

Meeting new friends in Canada

We welcome a wide range of participants, from high school students (age 16) to adults.

(Some programs are available for 15 year-olds.) They are short programs of 2 - 4 weeks, held in summer. Generally, participants study English in the morning, and then in the afternoon everyone goes out for extra-curricular activities such as sight-seeing and sports.

Short-Term Overseas Study (4 weeks)

Program Fee 99,000JPY
Home Stay Fee 130,000JPY
Activity Fee 67,000JPY
Other 30,000JPY
About 330,000JPY

* Other items includes fees for text books and level check tests.

♦ In the case of a 10-month overseas language study course for a high school student ♦

Overseas study in Canada from Japan

This is a program that grants credits in a local overseas high school. Generally, September is the beginning of a new school year, but it is possible to join school in April and graduate in March. Since there are no classes during the summer, we recommend joining a separate summer program.

Long-Term Overseas Study (10 months)

Tuition Fee 1,150,000JPY
Home Stay Fee 830,000JPY
Local Medical Insurance Fee 76,000JPY
Application Fee 20,000JPY
About 2,100,000JPY

* Credit may not be granted depending on performance and attendance.

* Confirm with the Japanese high school whether credit obtained in Canada can be converted to credit in Japan.

* This program includes local medical insurance. Separate medical insurance is not necessary.

* This course requires a Student Permit.

♦ In the case of a Marketing Sales Course consisting of a Business Skills Study Course (6 months) and an Internship (6 months) ♦

Internship in Canada from Japan

Participants in this program learn business know-how in a business school, then participate in a work internship. There are paid and unpaid internships, depending on the program. The type of job for the internship will vary from participant to participant.

Long-Term Overseas Study (1year)

Tuition Fee 1,217,000JPY
Home Stay Fee 500,000JPY
School Material Fee 128,000JPY
Other 75,000JPY
About 1,920,000JPY

* Internship mediation costs are included in the tuition fee.

* Owing to the nature of the program, home stay fee indicates fee for half a year.

* "Other" includes entrance fee and miscellaneous fees.

* The system does not allow participation in the internship for a period longer than the period of the study part of the program.

* A Student Permit inclusive of a Work Permit must be acquired.