GDI Global Study Flow Chart

GDI Flowchart

Contact GDI

If you are even a little bit interested in overseas study,please contact GDI first!

Please contact us through "Contact Us" on the GDI official website, e-mail us at, or call us at 052-212-8207. We will get in touch. Let us listen to your requests and opinions, and create an overall picture of your overseas study.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Let's use counseling to create an suitable overseas study plan!

Individual Counseling is conducted by an Overseas Study Counselor. You can also get information from the local staff in Canada. Consult with us on anything, from how to choose a school, to accommodation, to anything you don't understand or are concerned about. The first session is free of charge.


Once you have a concrete plan for overseas study, it's time to apply!

Please fill out an application form, and pay the application fee of 30,000 JPY (appropriable as part of the overseas study plan). After confirming your application form, let's begin the overseas study procedure!

Entrance Procedure

Entrance Procedure

Let's complete the entrance procedure for your overseas school!

There are a lot of documents required for the entrance procedure. A GDI Counselor will support you and make sure that you have everything ready.

Payment of Fees

As soon as we receive a bill from your school, we will send you a bill. (An estimate will be presented to you in advance.) As soon as payment is confirmed, you will receive documents and your letter of acceptance from your school.

GDI Pre-Departure English Training

GDI Pre-Departure English Training

Intensive training from a native teacher, using GDI's original textbooks! The course is full of useful and practical information, from basic knowledge such as understanding other cultures, how to make self-introductions in English, English body language and so on, to going through customs and eating out! Now, you can set off with confidence!

Arrangement of Visa and Air Tickets

Your overseas study has almost come true! Now, we will work on your visa and air tickets!

For stays of more than 6 months, a "Student Permit" must be applied for. Nowadays, a visa can be applied for online, or at the Visa Center located in the Philippines. We recommend that air tickets be purchased as early as possible in order to ensure a seat. Usually, the earlier the reservation the more reasonable the ticket price will aslo be.

Pre-Departure English Training

Eliminate your concerns about English!

Before you set off to study overseas, let's get some confidence with GDI's original Pre-Departure Intensive Training. You will learn everything you need to know through training adapted to your level.

Final Orientation

Let's get fully prepared! Final check!

A final orientation will be carried out before departure. Contact us for the latest information on your destination, or if you have any concerns or questions.

What's Club GDI?

What's Club GDI?

Club GDI was established to help all those participating in GDI training and seminars, and all our other clients, to improve their English communication skills. Opportunities to meet many people, regardless of nationality and age, are provided through various activities such as cherry-blossom viewing, BBQs, cormorant fishing, etc.


Your new life as an overseas student is about to begin!

Local GDI Staff or your host family will welcome you at the airport. If you have any problems during your stay, GDI Staff will be there to support you. Don't worry! The local GDI Staff speak fluent Japanese.

Coming Home

After you have had a great time overseas...

Please let us hear about your overseas study experience, so we can pass it on to the students to come! It would be a shame not to share your wonderful experiences from abroad!

Also, once you return to Japan, you may not get so many chances to speak English. Join in with Club GDI events to keep up your English! The events offer many opportunities to mix with people from other countries, so you will be able to speak English and build a network to help you start your career, or begin a new one.