Global Study - Canada

GDI Communications' Global Study Consultants offer world-class overseas study programs. By offering a choice of basic language study programs, academic programs or more specialized courses upon entry, we help our students to play an active role in the future of business, both within and outside of Japan.

As globalization progresses, studying overseas and the experience of living abroad are becoming essential to finding a job in Japan. That is why GDI Communications' Global Study Consultants are determined to ensure students have overseas experiences, which help them their ideal job after returning to Japan. There are a countless numbers of educational institutions and schools abroad. GDI Communications specializes in overseas studies in Canada, and will help you to have a fulfilling overseas study experience in a safe environment. In the future, GDI plans to develop and maintain the same close contacts we have with educational institutions in other countries, the same as we have in Canada, in order to establish programs that can provide support for everybody.

We can do all this because we are GDI Communications!

  • Japanese staff visit the schools themselves and understand their characteristics.
  • Advice is given directly from staff who have overseas study experience.
  • Students are supported by local staff who are well-versed in both Japan and Canada.
  • Conditions and compatibility of home stay accommodations are carefully considered.
  • Skype is set up, so parents can feel reassured and have ongoing contact with their children.

How can we help?

First of all,
it is important to have a clear purpose for studying overseas. There are several important things you should know before taking that 'first big step' towards studying overseas. GDI Communications gives lots of advice to students and parents about the realities of overseas study.

Let GDI help you get overseas confidently

Step-by-Step Guidance
If you're going to study overseas, you want to choose a school that's right for you. GDI Communications can offer ideal guidance on this, because we have built good relationships with overseas schools and understand each school's characteristics, so students can make the right choice. Through GDI Communications, students have access to a well-established Global Study System and university network.

GDI Communications has all the essential know-how for global study.



Your success is directly linked to our success.

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