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Saeko Kitamura - GDI Nagoya Office

Saeko Kitamura
(Student Counselling)

Responsibility of the Business

We support a full range of students, from high school students to business professionals. We take the time to visit each school and/or company to tell and present information on Canada and to discuss the overseas experience.


My desire is to support people who are going overseas and assist them with their journey around the world. We want to see people grown, become independent and become globally aware.

Japanese Staff at GDI Communications


I am cheerful and high-spirited. I have a tender heart, and I am usually optimistic.

Foreign Experience

I've been to China for 2 years studying Chinese during my twenties. I also worked in Beijing, China in my thirties. I have countless foreign experiences! From now on, I want to visit majestic areas in Canada more than ever.

Akemi Kuno - GDI Nagoya Office

Akemi Kuno

Responsibility of the Business

I am in charge of our Global Study Division. I support students who study English in Canada.


I try to assist our clients by offering the most up-to-date information for the related areas and share my own experiences to help processes go smoothly.

Assistant staff at GDI Communications


Through my global experiences, I always see things from various viewpoints.

Foreign Experience

I have lived in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as a barista in Melbourne.


Sheri Love Yasue - GDI Canada Office

Sheri Love Yasue

Canada Overseas Study Liaison

Global Consultant

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Internship in Canada with GDI Communications

Responsibility of the Business

Hello from Canada! My name is Sheri and I work with GDI as a Canada based study liaison / global consultant. My main responsibilities include offering needed localized support and assisting students when and if they encounter problems while in Canada. I am connected with many different schools in Canada at every level and I am confident that there is a solution to every problem!


I love working with international students who want to learn how to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Living and studying in a foreign country is often the highlight of many people's lives and being a part of this exciting time of growth and self learning is a highlight of my job.


I completed a BA at UVic in Pacific and Asian Studies in 1995 before venturing to Asia, and earned an MA from Nanzan University in Japan, focusing on International Areas Studies.

I also volunteered for the Tokai Japan Canada Society for 8 years and enjoyed organizing many international activities.

I am fluent in Japanese and French and my hobbies are backyard gardening, reading,?French cinema, Japanese art and Italian cooking.

Foreign Experience

I returned to Canada in 2012, and I lived previously in Paris, France for 5 years, and in Nagoya, Japan for 12 years.

GDI Communications in Nagoya, Japan

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