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Global Study : Specialized Care for your Overseas Study in Canada

The Problem

Over the years, Japan has been a leader in business expansion all over the world. This is partially due to the financial stability of the country, but also in the number of people that were studying overseas and bringing their new ideas, experiences and knowledge back to Japan. However, countries like China, Korea and other Asian countries have become more financially stable. These countries also have now developed Global Expansion Strategies of their own and have been sending and increasing amount of people overseas for higher education, while Japan has gradually been sending less.

In order for Japan to continue to be a leader and compete in the Global Market, Japan must improve their overall English ability, as well as continue to grow and learn globally.

Our Objective

GDI Communications' Global Study division is designed to support the overseas study desires and goals of a diverse student range. Whether this be young to middle aged business men / women, or high school and/or university level students, our divisional mission is to provide overseas study programs that help students grow globally and reach their future goals. With the ever increasing need for companies and organizations to function on a Global Level, GDI Communications believes that Global Studies are necessary to support this need. Even if it is only for a short time, the opportunity to live, work, make new friends and have new and different experiences is one of the greatest events a person can have in their life.

The Solution

From GDI Communications' years of experience working with Japanese students wanting to study overseas, we can offer the most relevant programs available. Our international staff can also design customized programs, which make every experience more valuable and memorable. When a student chooses GDI Communications to help organize their global study, they can feel assured that they will receive full support throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. This includes full support during the admission procedures, travel to and from the host country, basic life support while living in the host country and also during the readjustment stages when returning to Japan.

Overview of Services

Below is an overview of our Global Study support and services. For more details, navigate through this site and/or contact GDI Communications Overseas Study Division through our Contact Form.