Training Seminars for Business English

Global Training : Customized Programs Tailored for your Global Success

The Problem

  • English is a Necessity
  • Low Self-Sufficiency Rate
  • English IS the Global Business Language

Our Objective

To offer customized training programs and experienced instruction

The Solution

  • Fully Bilingual Instructors & Staff
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Tested Teaching Methods & Styles

GDI Standards

Study for travel to English-speaking countries

From proficiency testing to class flow and curriculum customization - Proven methods achieving targeted objectives and results.



An innovative style of communication training concentrating on musle memory activity and output expansion.



Through interactive activity, this very effective style of training focusses on input and comprehension expansion.

The Global Mind

Global Mindset Training

An interactive training focussed on current global enviroments, cross cultural understanding and the skills needed for a Global Mindset.

Pre-Departure Training

English overseas skills training

Training focussed on core Communication Confidence and the skill-sets needed when conducting business abroad.

Business Skills

Proper skills when doing business

Effective training concentrating on core Business Skill compentence needed on the global business playing field.

Weekly Training

Weekly in house English lessons

Through weekly training, and step by step advancement, realize your communication goals.

Intensive Training

Weekly English communication course

Quick and efficient focussed business skill training guaranteed to realize your business success.


Intensive English communication training

An internationally accepted language assessment and training tool used for recruitment, and business skill development.