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BULATS testing in Nagoya

BULATS training in Nagoya

What is BULATS?

BULATS is a language assessment service produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment and distributed in Japan through Eiken Foundation of Japan, which offers a quick and reliable way of assessing the language ability of groups of students, job applicants, trainees or employees. GDI Communications is an agent and facilitator of the BULATS testing service in the Chubu region of Japan. GDI is certified to conduct the BULATS speaking and writing testing components and also assists in the overall training of BULATS testers.

BULATS Testing Services

There are four self-standing components: the Standard Test and the Computer Test which assess Listening and Reading & Language Knowledge skills; and the Writing Test and Speaking Test which test productive skills. The tests are designed for the growing number of organisations which rely on the language skills of their employees in order to operate effectively: companies trading in international markets; national and local government departments; or any organisation for whom good, bi- or multilingual communication is an important part of the working day.

In companies, BULATS can be used:

  • to compare the Business English level of staff worldwide
  • as a placement test for English training sessions
  • to measure the effectiveness of English training sessions
  • as a practical Business English skill check for recruitment and selection (for sending staff overseas)
  • to assess each skill (reading, writing, speaking, listening) separately

And in high schools, universities and English schools, the tests can be used:

  • as a placement test
  • to measure progress
  • as a target level for job-hunting
  • as preparation for studying abroad

Benefits - What are the benefits of BULATS?

An increasing number of companies are using BULATS to evaluate the English skills of potential job applicants, as well as existing employees, since the tests focus on the real-life skills that are actually used in the workplace, and the results give an accurate reflection of what test takers can actually do in English. The tests aim to be relevant to people using the language at work and cover areas such as descriptions of jobs, companies and products, travel, management and marketing, customer service, planning, reports, phone messages, business correspondence and presentations. The tasks in the test are practical ones, e.g. taking a phone message, checking a letter, giving a presentation, understanding an article, writing a report. In the speaking test, candidates have a one-to-one interview with an examiner and in the writing test, candidates are required to write extended discourse. Each test can be used independently of the others, or they can be used in various combinations. This principle of flexibility allows BULATS to customise the service for different situations.

  • Assesses listening and reading skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Lasts about one hour.
  • Divided into two sections: Listening; Reading and Language Knowledge.
  • Pinpoints ability quickly and accurately by using adaptive testing techniques. As you progress through the test, the computer selects and presents each question on the basis of the previous answer.
  • Assesses speaking in a foreign language in a business context.
  • Lasts about 12 minutes.
  • Conducted in a man to man setting with a live tester.
  • Topics include:
    • buying and selling
    • products and services
    • the economy and the stock market
    • the office and general business environment
    • entertainment of business clients
    • business travel
    • human resources
    • training and development
  • Consists of three parts:
    • Part 1: Interview: you answer a number of questions about yourself and your background/work/future plans (e.g. What is your job?).
    • Part 2: Presentation: you are given a work-related topic (e.g. the perfect office) to talk about for one minute.
    • Part 3: Communication activity: an interactive business simulation with the tester (e.g. planning a conference).
  • Responses are recorded and assessed online by one or more examiners.
  • Assesses writing skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Lasts 45 minutes.
  • Writing tasks are presented via the computer screen.
  • Topics include:
    • buying and selling
    • products and services
    • the office and general business environment
    • entertainment of business clients
    • business travel
    • human resources
    • training and development
    • marketing
  • Consists of two parts:
    • Part 1: You type a short email/letter/message of 50-60 words. Part 1 is a compulsory task and contributes one-third of the final mark.
    • Part 2: You type a report or a letter of 180-200 words following instructions. There is a choice of tasks for Part 2 and it contributes two-thirds of the final mark.

For more information on the BULATS Business Language Testing Service, click below:
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Business Benchmark
Communication Training

Take your products and services global

As the global economy grows, companies from different countries increasingly have to work, trade and communicate with each other. English is often the language used for this communication, not just between native speakers of English but between business people who do not speak each other's language, but speak English as a foreign language.

This course combines the essential skills to allow you to communicate confidently and effectively in any business setting. In each unit and module, all students will have the opportunity to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, the key components to successful business communications.

In addition to this, a number of sample BULATS tests will be conducted to give the students ample opportunity and chance to become comfortable with the Cambridge BULATS testing procedure.

Number of Participants 1 - 12 Students - Larger Group Training Available Upon Request
Duration Intensive: 6 days (48 hours) Weekly: 2 hours / week (48 hours)
Time 8:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM 6 Months (24 Weeks) - 2 Hours per Week
Note: Training duration and times can be customized to meet your requested schedules.

Learning Objectives:

  • Asking for and giving personal details
  • Describing Jobs & Companies
  • Arranging Appointments / Meetings
  • Planning Future Events / Tasks
  • Permission / Instructions
  • Describing Future Possibility
  • Opinions / Agreeing & Disagreeing
  • Suggestions / Needs / Wants
  • Problems & Recommendations
  • Entertaining Clients
  • Inviting / Thanking / Apologizing
  • Travel - Enquiries ↦ Other
  • Health - Workspace Safety / Rules
  • Buying & Selling - Offers
  • Products & Services - Describing
  • Results - Company Performance