What are GAMBITS?


Communication GAMBITS are used to make conversation sound natural and fluid.

A communication GAMBIT is basically a word or phrase which helps us express what we are trying to say, comprehend or clearly understand what someone else is trying to say. There are various types of GAMBITS in many different settings. For example, you can use GAMBITS to.......

In addition to the above situations, GAMBITS can also be used in various business settings such as in meetings, negotiations, or presentations. For example when opening a meeting, when starting a presentation, when changing topics, when keeping people on topic, when pushing for a mutual agreement, when closing a meeting or conversation and / or inviting questions, GAMBITS are very useful.

For example, you could walk into a store and ask, "How much is this?" Yet, it is more natural and polite in some settings to ask "Excuse me, could you tell me how much this is please?" You most likely will make a better connection with the clerk and in effect get better service and maybe a better deal.

When acting as a chairperson in a meeting, and when trying to control a heated discussion which may be off topic, you could say, "Everyone, can we stick to agenda please?" or "Can we stay on topic?" or "Let's get back on track." or "Could we please focus on the objective at hand?"

When traveling overseas and conducting business on a global setting, you will meet a variety of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Some will be native speakers of English and others may not. Through the study and learning of COMMUNICATION GAMBITS, you are essentially expanding your own knowledge base and comprehension levels of language and business related phrases and skills.

Through various materials and through personal experience, GDI Communications has put together an array of GAMBITS to be utilized in your classes.

We have also created 3 distinct levels for GAMBIT training, as communication and skill levels of all students often varies. You can choose from Elementary GAMBITS, which generally have 5 examples of the set phrases and a matching number of questions or a simple activity to practice and reinforce the GAMBIT topic. Intermediate GAMBITS will have between 5 and 10 phrases and a few more practice questions or activities. And for Advanced GAMBITS, again you will see an increase in the number or GAMBITS or phrases as well as questions or activities.

GDI GAMBIT training provides students with the key knowledge and language to confidently and effectively communicate in various global settings. A proven study method to help you with your communication objectives. Now Is The Time!!!