GDI Standards

GDI Overview

Study for travel to English-speaking countries

There are many problems facing small to mid-size companies here in Japan. Which mean "Now is the Time" for these types of companies to seriously consider developing and executing a global strategy. As the population ages and fewer children are being born, the number of present and future potential clients are shrinking. Furthermore, as companies expand into the Japanese market and claim greater market share; growth becomes difficult.

The first steps to developing such global strategies are the acquisition of English language and communication, presentation and negotiation skills, as well as international and cultural understanding. These objectives are difficult to obtain without specialized and personalized training techniques.

GDI Communications, with or extensive teaching, training and coaching experience, is the best solution to realize your organizations growth in English and International Cultural Understanding. GDI Instructors are professional, supportive, knowledgeable and friendly and most of all fun, which makes for a great learning experience. GDI Instructors are backed by experienced and competent staff, who offer both support to our instructors, but also the organizations we work with.

Lesson Outline & Flow

GDI Communications' lesson plans consist of two main parts. The first part is required by all Instructors and includes Greetings, a Warm-Up Activity, GABBY and GAMBITS. The second half of the lesson is based on the text and/or topic the Instructor has prepared. The only time the lesson plan changes is for the first lesson, where the Instructor provides an Orientation about the class.

As previously stated, from the second lesson, a standard procedure and structure are always followed. The purpose of this is to keep consistency from week to week and also help students feel confident about personal preparation and participate in the class. The following is how each lesson will 'FLOW', with a short explanation of each section.

GR - GREETING 1-2 Minute Greeting + How are you, etc.
WA - WARM UP Quiz, News article, Memory activity, etc.
GA - GABBY Useful Phrases and Expressions
G - GAMBIT Useful Phrases and Expressions Related to Class topic
D - DISCUSSION Related to Main Topic of the Class
GP -GRAMMAR POINT Possibly one Grammar Point per Class
CS - COMMUNICATION SKILL Communicative Activity Related to Class Topic
BS - BUSINESS SKILL Business Skill Training Related to Class Topic
V - VOCABULARY New Vocabulary, Pronumciation and Similar / Opposite
I - IDIOMS Possibly One Idiom will be Taught per Class
HW - HOMEWORK Homework Assignment for the Week
HWC - HOMEWORK CHECK Check Previous Week's Homework
CA - CLOSING ACTIVITY Light, Amusing Activity to End the Class

GDI Proficiency Communication Level Testing

At GDI we strongly believe in the importance of accurately assessing individual's language and communication capabilities at different stages of all training. When starting a new training or course, all students are required to take the GDI speaking and writing level checks, to clearly understand communication skillsets and to allow us to accurately set key objectives and prepare suitable curriculum.

Follow-up and periodic testing is highly recommended and often implemented into training schedules, depending upon the length and objectives in the specific training.

Below is the scoring grid and level definitions which we use at GDI Communications.

GDI Communications proficiency testing

10 Superior Equivalent to University Masters Degree / MBA / PhD Graduate
9 Advanced HA 950 - 990 115 - 120 7.5 95 - 100 C3
8 MA 900 - 950 110 - 115 7 90 - 95 C2
7 LA 800 - 899 98 - 109 6.5 75 - 89 C1
6 Intermediate HI 700 - 799 87 - 97 6 60 - 74 B2+
5 MI 600 - 699 57 - 86 5.5 40 - 59 B2
4 LI 500 - 599 - 5 20 - 39 B1+
3 Novice HN 400 - 499 - 4 6 - 19 B1
2 MN 250 - 399 - 3 0 - 5 A2
1 LN 100 - 249 - 1 - 2 - A1

Proficiency Assessment Levels

Superior Level & Functions - Level 10

Advanced Level & Functions - Level 7 / 8 / 9

Intermediate Level & Functions - Level 4 / 5 / 6

Novice Level & Functions - Level 1 / 2 / 3