Weekly Training

Weekly In-house
Communication Training

Business related English skills

Weekly In-house Business Communication Training is a weekly 2-hour English course aimed at helping students build, expand and develop essential conversation and business related English skills. This course allows students to acquire the necessary skills to communicate and conduct business both domestically and overseas confidently. We will provide the knowledge of the most widely used everyday business vocabulary; improve listening and speaking skills in a number of settings encountered when interacting in social and business settings.

In addition in this course we will look at different important aspects of international business and cultural diversity including non-verbal communication skills used worldwide.

GDI Communications will utilize Oxford Business Venture or Oxford Business Result textbook series in conjunction with GDI Communications support text and materials. Each course will be designed to meet the level and needs of the individual and/or company. A pre / post course level check / test will be conducted to clearly define communication goals. Free consultations and level checks can be set up to ensure the highest level of effectiveness for all participants.

Number of Participants 1 - 12 Students - Larger Group Training Available Upon Request
Duration 12 Months 96 hours (2 hours x 48 lessons)
Time 6:30 PM ~ 8:30 PM 2 Hours per Lesson / Week
Note: Training duration and times can be customized to meet your requested schedules.

Learning Objectives:

  • Social / Business Introductions
  • Company / Job Descriptions
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Visiting Clients / Meeting People
  • Business Activites
  • Aranging Meetings
  • History (Personal / Company)
  • Making Plans
  • Opinions & Preferences
  • Airports / Customs
  • Transportation / Directions
  • Inviting / Entertaining
  • Hotel Communication
  • Shopping Communication
  • Restaurant / Dining
  • Hospitals / Ailments