Training Seminars for Business English

Global Training : Customized Programs Tailored for your Global Success

The Problem

One of the main issues facing Japan, at the present time, is that the country itself is dependent on other countries to meet its specific economic survival needs. Currently, Japan's self-sufficiency rate is only 39%. Because of this fact, the use of the English language has become more and more prominent throughout Japanese companies and more and more necessary for survival as a country itself. Since a large percent of International Business is done in English, the ability to communicate in English, not only for conversation, but also when facilitating and conducting meetings, presenting, negotiating, etc., is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. With that said, however, Japan as a nation, still struggles with English and the ability to communicate on an international level.

Our Objective

At GDI Communications, we understand the need for the ability to interact globally. All employees of GDI Communications have the ability to speak both English and Japanese, as well as other languages, and possess various levels of overseas experience. This wide range of skills and experience has been one of the major factors for our success. It is our desire at GDI Communications to offer customized training programs and experienced instruction which can meet the individual needs of each and every client. This includes small to medium sized companies to large corporations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that upon completion of any GDI Communications' training and/or seminar, all clients will have the essential skills and tools needed to prosper in today's ever changing global market.

The Solution

GDI Communications fully understands that each individual and company has their own unique personality, company culture, needs and goals. Therefore, we strive to offer the highest level of training programs, seminars and experienced instruction through a variety of tried and tested methods and teaching styles. Also, through custom fit training programs, we can ensure that the needs of our clients are being met in the most proactive and efficient manner possible. By focusing on the customer's goals, we can provide every customer with an experience that will meet goals and help them be more successful in both Japan and the global market.

Overview of Trainings

Here is an overview of our trainings. To get more details, navigate through this site and/or contact GDI Communications through our Contact Form.

  • Cross Cultural Training - The Global Mind
    • The Global Mind - 1 or 2 day intensive training introducing the global mind set and need for cross cultural understanding.
  • Pre-departure Training
    • Overseas Survival - a 40 hour training giving you the needed skills and confidence to adjust and interact when travelling and living abroad.
    • Overseas Business - a 40 hour training giving you the needed business skills and techniques to conduct global business abroad.
  • Business Skills
    • Telephone - 2 day intensive training covering all essential business related telephoning language, skills and techniques.
    • Emailing - 2 day intensive training covering basic and advanced business emailing language, skills and techniques.
    • Meeting - 3 day intensive training covering meeting facilitation and participation skills and techniques.
    • Presentation - 3 day intensive training giving you the key skills and techniques to present like a pro.
    • Negotiation - 2 day intensive training covering the necessary skills, language and negotiation techniques in global business.
  • In-House Communication Training
    • Weekly Training - 6 month to 1 year training concentrating on key language and global understanding.
    • Intensive Training - All courses can be concentrated into very short term intensive training to best meet your schedules and needs.
    • BULATS - A very accurate and effective testing and training system giving you a very clear understanding of your own business communication skills.