Monthly Newsletter – January 2015


F e b r u a r y   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n
“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”

Happy New Year




Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

Please accept our apologies for the late New Year greeting. We took January off from sending this newsletter to allow everyone to recover from year-end and New Year parties. We do however, hope this newsletter finds you well and you had a wonderful time with family and friends over the Holiday Season. Whatever your New Year celebrations entailed, we hope 2015 brings us closer together in business, friendship and as human beings. May 2015 also bring much success, prosperity and happiness.

Also, to ring in the New Year, GDI Communications management and staff got together and updated our Mission Statement for better clarification. Our updated Mission Statement reads: Through respect, mutual understanding and open communication, we earn the loyalty of both customers and staff and inspire global confidence and success.  We also try to portray this on our slogan: Global Success through Communication and Innovation. These two phrases will guide us, through 2015 and into the future, in providing quality products, services and support for your Global Success!


さらに“Global Success through Communication and Innovation” (コミュニケーションやイノベーションによる国際的成功を)をスローガンとして描きました。

この二つのフレーズが我々を突き動かします 2015年、未来に渡って・・・


GDI Seminars

Grammar Focus

Present Continuous – Part 1
The present continuous is used with verbs to express what is taking place or not taking place right now. We can make the present continuous by following this simple formula:

is / are / am + verb + ing


  • I am sitting on the sofa. (Right Now)
  • I am not drinking water. (Right Now)
  • What are you doing? (Right Now)
Present Continuous Forms


  • I am learning.
  • You are learning.
  • We are learning.
  • They are learning.
  • He is learning.
  • She is learning.
  • It is learning.
  • I am not learning.
  • You are not learning.
  • We are not learning.
  • They are not learning.
  • He is not learning.
  • She is not learning.
  • It is not learning.
  • Am I learning?
  • Are you learning?
  • Are we learning?
  • Are they learning?
  • Is he learning?
  • Is she learning?
  • Is it learning?


Idiom of the Month

Idiom: 24/7
Pronunciation: twenty-four seven
Meaning: 24/7 means twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and is often used literary and figuratively

The super market is open 24/7. (meaning: the super market is open every day at all hours of the day and night.)
Figurative: I work hard 24/7.  (meaning: I work hard all the time.)

Business Tip of the Month

Stating the principle objectives at the beginning of a meeting is vital to its success. It allows people to focus on the key points and aids in overall comprehension.


  • The main purpose of our meeting today is to …decide on the deadline for our current project.
  • I’ve arranged this meeting in order to …discuss the future of our business.
  • By the end of this meeting, I’d like to …have at least three new ideas for the upcoming convention.
  • The objective is …finding a solution to our current issue.
  • Our goal is to …plan out this year’s events.
***And there is much more language offered throughout our course***
プチ 文法講座
現在進行形は、今現在何が起こっているのか / 起こっていないのかを表現するときに使用します。
is / are / am + 動詞 + ing
  • 私はソファーに座っています。(今現在)
  • 私は水を飲んでいません。(今現在)
  • 何をしているの?(今現在)


  • 私は学んでいる。
  • あなたは学んでいる。
  • 私たちは学んでいる。
  • 彼らは学んでいる。
  • 彼は学んでいる。
  • 彼女は学んでいる。
  • これは学んでいる。
  • 私は学んでいない。
  • あなたは学んでいない。
  • 私たちは学んでいない。
  • 彼らは学んでいない。
  • 彼は学んでいない。
  • 彼女は学んでいない。
  • これは学んでいない。
  • 私は学んでいますか?
  • あなたは学んでいますか?
  • 私たちは学んでいますか?
  • 彼は学んでいますか?
  • 彼らは学んでいますか
  • 彼女は学んでいますか?
  • これは学んでいますか?

イディオム:24 / 7
意味:「24 / 7」は1日24時間、週に7日間の略で、「常に、いつも」という意味です。主に文語や比喩として用いられます
発音:twenty – four seven

文語として:The super market is open 24/7.(このスーパーは毎日24時間営業だ。)
比喩として:I work hard 24/7.(わたしは常に一生懸命働いている。)




  • 本日の会議の主な目的は・・・現在の企画の期日を決定することです。
  • 今回この会議を設定したのは・・・私たちのビジネスの将来像を話し合うためです。
  • 本日の会議が終わるまでに・・・今度の総会についてのアイディアを最低でも3つ出したいと思います。
  • この会議の目的は・・・目下の問題の解決策を探るためです。
  • 私たちの目標は・・・今年の目標を設定することです。


GDI Global Consulting

New Year’s Greetings from GDI Communications’ Global Consulting Division. We are only a month into 2015 and the Consulting Division is as busy as ever. In January one of our clients, with the support of GDI in their Global Expansion Strategy, opened up their first overseas office in Dusseldorf, Germany.Our Global Consultants will be supporting this client at the Interphex Osaka Exhibition on February 5-6. Then immediately following that, we will be heading off to Europe for Pharmapack Europe 2015 in Paris, France. We will also be fortunate enough to join this client’s Global Team in Germany for the opening celebration of their office in Dusseldorf.

For a happy and successful 2015, we will be focusing on a few simple and basic rules. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Count your blessings before you cry on your misfortunes. Create opportunities for yourself, as quitting is never an option. Set goals, plan and execute to the best of your ability. All of us working in the Global Consulting Division are looking forward to a wonderfully successful 2015!

私たちは引き続き、2月5~6日に大阪で開催される、インターフェックス ジャパンという展示会のサポートもさせていただきます。さらにその後すぐヨーロッパへ渡航し、フランスのパリで開催されるPharmapackという展示会にも参加してきます。また、ありがたいことに、ドイツのデュッセルドルフ支店のオープニング・パーティにも参加させていただけることとなりました。


GDI Overseas Studies &


Happy New Year 2015! Best wishes for the year of the Sheep!

January in Canada can be very cold in many parts of the country, but in Victoria and Vancouver, the weather is very mild.  It is about 7-15 degrees everyday and very comfortable to live. In the study abroad world, it can be a quite a quiet time as schools in Japan are almost finished their semesters and many students are waiting for the spring to visit the “City of Gardens”.

It is also the time when applications must be in for the May semester start to universities and colleges. Although the English requirements for colleges and universities can seem quite high at IETLS 6.0-7.5, many schools such as Camosun College, Capilano University, Vancouver Island University, North Island College, Royal Roads University and Langara College offer spring preparatory sessions for international students that begin in May and run until the end of August. The previously listed institutions are also GDI’s partner public universities and colleges. You can get more information about them by clicking on the linked text above.

For example, if your IETLS score is only 5.0, it is widely assumed that one full semester in English language studies at college in Canada will bring your score up one full point to 6.0, the lowest score needed at a few colleges. If for some reason you cannot meet the minimum score, you can easily defer entry until the following January and  continue to study English for one more semester.  Other colleges allow you to begin taking regular courses after your English reaches a certain level, such as IELTS 5.5. 

There are other advantages to studying ESL at the college of your choice rather than a language school:

  1. You get to meet the staff before the degree program start.
  2. English classes are focused on academic reading and writing.
  3. You become familiar with the college environment.
  4. You can sort out housing arrangements and settle in.
  5. You are ready for serious study by September!

Webpages are of course a great way to get information about a school, but don’t forget that many institutions also have very good Facebook pages. These often show recent events at the school, photos of student life, suggestions and tips for studying in Canada, staff introductions and student tutorials.  Social media is a great way to research about what life might really be like at a school and help you to decide on a location that best suits your needs. 

GDI Communications works closely with our partner schools and is happy to provide more information! And please be sure to visit our Facebook page for news, updates and information on interesting events in Canada and about GDI Communications.




語学学校よりも自身の入学するカレッジのESL(English as a Second Language の略で、英語を母国語としない方向けの英語コースのこと)を受ける他の利点は:

  1. 学士号取得のプログラムが始まる前に学校のスタッフに会うことができます。
  2. 英語の授業が学術的な読解や筆記に力を入れています。
  3. カレッジの環境に慣れることが出来ます。
  4. 引越の片付けがゆっくりでき、早く落ち着くことができます。
  5. 9月からの大変な勉強に備えることができます!




Tokyo Office News

Greetings and a belated Happy New Year from the GDI Tokyo Office. We are looking forward to 2015 and working even harder than last year!

GDI Tokyo would like to welcome you to our new office, which we finally finished moving into at the end of last year. The many large windows make it bright. There are many plants and the “free address” open space design allows you to change your working location based on how you feel from day to day.

Also, at the present time, we are looking for a few good people who would like to work in this wonderful environment. The positions we are trying to fill are for an engineer, an administrator and a sales person. If you are interested in working with the GDI Tokyo team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All of us here at the GDI Tokyo Office truly appreciate your support and look forward to much success and happiness in the the coming year and beyond.

こんにちは、GDI Tokyo Officeです。明けましておめでとうございます。






Last December Santa and Friends Nagoya (SFN) held our annual Christmas Event, which is one of GDI Communications’ CSR Activities. As you may know, this event is held for the children of 4 different orphanages in the Nagoya area. Although there were about 50 children absent due to their jobs or school activities, we still had about 150 children, whose ages are between 2 – 18 years old, participate in the event. We also had around 50 volunteers come out to support the event.

One of the booths the GDI Team organized was the “Snack Necklace” activity. The children were so excited to make a necklace full of snacks. It is always nice to see children smile. Additionally it was great having many staff from our Tokyo Office participate as volunteers in this and other events. We really enjoyed having them participate in this volunteer activity.

GDI Communications, both company and staff, will continue to support our local communities through our CSR activities and work towards our goal to and and grow each day as human beings.






New Staff Introduction

Hello. My name is Risa Takao.

I started at GDI Communications as a administrator trainee last year on October 1st. But from January 1, 2015, I became a full time staff of GDI Communications, which made me so happy! Very nice to meet you!

This year, I will be focusing on the Overseas Division and although there are a lot of new things to learn, I will do my best to support both our customers and GDI Communications’ staff.

Also, I am not so good at English right now, but I am studying and will gradually get better. As I said,  there are many new things to learn, but I am looking forward to this challenge and I am very much looking forward to working with you in the future.





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