Monthly Newsletter – March 2015

M a r c h   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 

“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”

Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

It has been 2 months since it has started 2015…I think a lot of people think how fast time goes! I assume you might set the ‘this year resolution’ at the beginning of the year but after a couple of months passed like now, people are easily losing and forgetting what they have decided originally.

Everyone has 24 hours a day and the key is how to spend the time. Maybe you spend the time for work, with family, friends, better half, for your hobbies or certification or for someone. Let’s try to spend time with the feeling of ‘Fun!’ for the last of 10 months. GDI will keep working hard to support for customers growth.

Let’s enjoy in 2015!!

仕事、家庭、友人、恋人、趣味や資格、人の為・・・など過ごし方は様々です。是非、時間を有効活用し、“充実している!” または “楽しい!”と実感できる時間をたくさん過ごし、自分の目標に向かって残りの10か月をお過ごしください。
GDIもいつも「お客さんの成長を助けたい」という気持ちをもって、邁進してまいります。Let’s enjoy in 2015!!

GDI Seminars

Grammar Focus

Simple Present – Part 1
The simple Present is used to express things that often happen. Some examples are, a habit, a hobby, a daily event, and scheduled events.  


  • I go to school.
  • They do not eat vegetables. 
  • Do you read novels?
  • I take the subway every morning at 6:30 AM.
  • The train does not leave at 9 AM.
  • The bus goes to that location
Simple Present Forms

              Positive                Negative               Question

  • I play
  • You read
  • We ski..
  • They run..
  • He goes..
  • She eats..
  • It works
  • I do not play..
  • You do not read..
  • We do not ski..
  • They do not run..
  • He does not go
  • She does not eat..
  • It does not work
  • Do I play?
  • Do you read?
  • Do we ski?
  • Do they run?
  • Does he go?
  • Does she eat?
  • Does it work?
Idiom of the Month
Idiom: a tough break
Meaning: When something unfortunate happens, it can be called a “tough break.”
Example: It was a tough break for us when John quit his job.  He was a very hard worker.
 Business Tip of the Month No.2
Meetings are an important part of our daily working schedules.  When meetings are chaired efficiently and well, it helps us achieve our goals without wasting time and effort. Below are some key phrases to help you chair effectively.  Stating goals and objectives clearly:
Our goal today is to….
By the end of our meeting today I hope to have decided on….
Managing time:
We have one hour to decide on…
Let`s move on to the next topic…
Making sure everyone contributes:
What do you think about…………John?
In your opinion what is our best option John?

Summarize key decisions:
Our final decision is ….
So we all agree upon ….  

***And there is much more language offered throughout our course***
プチ 文法講座

現在形 (1)


  • 私は学校に通っています。
  • 彼らは野菜を食べません。
  • あなたは小説を読みますか?
  • 私は毎朝6時30分に地下鉄に乗ります。
  • 電車は9時には出発しません。
  • バスはその場所に行きます。

               肯定文                否定文 疑問文

  • 私は(~を)します。
  • あなたは読みます。
  • 私たちはスキーをします。
  • 彼らは走ります。
  • 彼は行きます。
  • 彼女は食べます。
  • それは動きます。
  • 私は(~を)しません。
  • あなたは読みません。
  • 私たちはスキーをしません。
  • 彼らは走りません。
  • 彼は行きません。
  • 彼女は食べません。
  • それは動きません。
  • 私は(~を)しますか?
  • あなたは本を読みますか?
  • 私たちはスキーをしますか?
  • 彼らは走りますか?
  • 彼は行きますか?
  • 彼女は食べますか?
  • それは動きますか?

イディオム: a tough break
意味: 予期せぬ出来事が不運にも起きてしまった時に、“a tough break”を 使います。直訳すれば「不運」ですが、状況によって使い分けてみましょう。

使用例: It was a tough break for us when John quit his job. He was a very hard worker.








GDI Global Consulting

Greetings from Europe

This last month of February has been a busy month for the GDI Consulting Division, both in business travel and also in sales. During the first part of February, we spent several days in Europe, visiting Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. Although our main focus was supporting one of our customers with business negotiations, meeting and attendance at Pharmapack Europe 2015, we also had the special opportunity to experience Carnival in Düsseldorf, Germany. This town, where one of our good clients, has just opened up their Europe office, is famous for Carnival and participants from all over Europe come to enjoy this event. If you have never experienced Carnival in Düsseldorf, you should add this to your bucket list. It is something everyone should experience!

Before heading to Düsseldorf, we spent a couple days in Paris, attending Pharmapack Europe 2015. This is the second time to attend this exhibition with the client and met with many potential agents and customers. The number of participants this year was up from last year and it showed in the number of contacts we were able to procure for our customer. Our next trip will take us back to Düsseldorf for the grand opening celebration and in June we will be off to Frankfurt for the ACHEMA Europe 2015 Exhibition, which is one of the largest Pharmaceutical Exhibitions in Europe.

We also had the opportunity to meet with government officials and business representatives in Okayama and Hiroshima, who are interested in GDI Communications Business English Training, Overseas Business Manner Training (negation and presentation skills, etc.) and consulting support. GDI Communications sees this opportunity as a huge stepping-stone in growing the GDI Consulting Division and look forward to more opportunities like this one.

In Japanese – これからも頑張ります!
Now is the Time!


この2月末というのは、GDIのコンサルティング事業部は出張や営業で、とても忙しい時期となりました。2月の頭はイタリア、フランス、ドイツ、スイスを回り、ヨーロッパで数日を過ごしました。このヨーロッパ出張の目的は、私たちのお客様のビジネス交渉のお手伝いでPharmapack Europe 2015という展示会に出席し、出展者同士ミーティングをすることでしたが、同時期にドイツのデュッセルドルフのカーニバルを見られるという素晴らしい体験もしました。


デュッセルドルフに行く前に数日をパリで過ごし、Pharmapack Europe 2015に参加してきました。お客様とこの展示会に参加するのは2回目で、将来性のある多くのエージェントや顧客に会うことができました。今年は昨年に比べてさらに多くの企業が出展しており、弊社のお客様のたくさんのコネクションつくりをお手伝いすることができました。次のヨーロッパ出張は、デュッセルドルフでのオープニング・パーティと、6月にフランクフルトで開催されるACHEMA Europe 2015 Exhibitionという、ヨーロッパ最大級の薬剤展示会への参加になると思います。


Now is the Time!

GDI Overseas Studies &


   Happy Spring in Victoria
February can be a slow month in Canada for overseas study news and events around town. Students are already in classes and the days are still cold.

One fantastic event that does occur occasionally is that Victoria and Vancouver experience much warmer weather than the rest of Canada. The cherry blossoms began to bloom on February 15th this year and are still in full bloom!  It is beautiful!  (pic take on Feb. 15)
It becomes a time when many Canadians who live in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary all start wishing that they lived on the westcoast, the only place currently not buried under 4 feet of snow!

This is something for students who wish to study abroad must also pay attention to.  School in Canada are often marketed in such a way that they are all the same, but when it comes to weather and the cold, you need to do research on a place before you register. Some cities experience snow until the end of May and only have have 3 months until it starts again in September. If you are from Hokkaido, this may be just fine, but most other Japanese probably need to know in advance if this is what they want.
On the other hand, if skiing or snowboarding is your hobby, then you definitely want to choose a city near a mountain and stay away from the westcoast!

One advantage that GDI can offer students is first hand knowledge of Canadian geography and climate.  Contact our os@gdicommunications anytime to inquire more about our partner schools and ESL and career courses.

We are happy to help!






GDIの提携学校、ESLやキャリアコースについてのより詳しい情報は、os@gdicommunications までいつでもご質問ください。


Tokyo Office News

Greetings from GDI Tokyo Office.

The weather has been very unpredictable here in Tokyo.
Sometimes the snow piles up and on  other days it’s very warm and feels as if spring is coming very soon.
Presently, we have a cooking event every month at the new office.
We held our Valentine Night event on the 2/13 (Fri).
A lot of our colleagues, who are currently working under different projects, joined us and we had a great time together.
Since there is an outstanding kitchen at the new place, we would like to organize more events and welcome every one of you to our family.

こんにちは、Tokyo Officeです。


さて、キッチン付の新オフィスに引っ越したTokyo Officeでは毎月、社内お料理会を開催しております。

最近では2/13(金)にValentine Nightを開催しました。お料理を作りながら、みんなで同じ物を食べてワイワイ過ごす…キッチンがあるからこそできるEventであり、普段個々で頑張ってくれている仲間が集まり、ラフにお話ができるよい機会となっています。これからもこのような事が機会を増やし、社員を大切にしていき続けたいと思います!

これからもTokyo officeをどうぞ宜しくお願いします。




We had a monthly English Activity on 22 February and 5 volunteers spent time with orphanage children.
Our monthly activity mainly focus for speaking and listening in English but this time main purpose was ‘Awareness of Forging Countries’ and ‘Research By Yourself’. Children had to finish their country research in limited time. Some children are usually very relaxing but this time they are so serious and open a map and books. That was very interesting! With volunteers support, children and volunteers keep a good connection through their communication. We can’t wait next month activity!

今回は、SFN(Santa and Friends Nagoya)のボランティアが5名参加。いつもは、英語を話す、耳を慣らすことを中心に養護施設の子ども達10人を対象に教えていますが、今回は「海外への関心」と「自分で調べる」ことへのチャレンジを目的としました。子ども達は外貨を選び、その国について調べることを時間内に完了しなくてはなりません。写真から子どもたちの真剣な取り組みがうかがえます。



New Staff Introduction

Hello everyone,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Hirokazu Ichieda, and I have been given the position of sales representative since December 2014. My current focus is on selling our overseas study programs in BC, Canada. I am very excited to be a part of GDI and looking forward to expanding and contributing our business.

I was born and grew up in Kobe, and that’s why I always speak with a Kansai-accent. In my school days I dedicated ten years of my life to track and field as a sprinter, and spent my university days in Kyoto. I moved to Nagoya in 2008 for my first job and have been living here since.

I previously worked for a trading company as a sales representative.  My responsibilities were to sell chemical products and pulps from the USA.

During my time with this company, I discovered my true dream, to become a high school English teacher.  This is the reason why I made my choice to change careers.  Now I am currently taking a correspondence course for my teacher license and I am also studying for my career adviser license. I am really thankful to GDI’s for giving me this opportunity.

I enjoy spending my time drinking craft beers with my friends and traveling to new places.  I am always searching for new adventures.  

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all!







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