Monthly Newsletter – June 2015

J u n e   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 
“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”

Summer Greetings

If you haven’t noticed already, spring has passed and summer is here. But we also know its summer, not just because of the calendar and rising temperature, but also because Beer Gardens are opening up all over! Yes, summer in Japan is hot…HOT and HUMID! As the weather heats up, GDI Communications is also heating up. Each of our divisions is growing and becoming busier and busier with each passing month. We attribute our success to our talented staff, wonderful customers and staying true to our Mission Statement.
GDI Mission Statement
“Through respect, mutual understanding and open communication, we earn the loyalty of both customers and staff and inspire global confidence and success”

Even though summer brings uncomfortable heat and humidity, the Japanese have a way of enjoying this season. They often take weekend trips to the mountains where they can relax near lakes and cool flowing rivers, hold BBQ parties at beaches and parks and, as previously mentioned, visit roof top beer gardens with family and friends and enjoy eating and drinking outdoors. GDI Communications also enjoys holding and participating in these kind of events and in order to enjoy the beginning of summer with our staff, clients, friends and families and further our mutual understanding, open communication and respect for each other, we are holding our “Eat n Greet” BBQ on Sunday, June 7 from 11:00 – 15:00 at Rinku Beach near Centrair Airport. Come and join us for a real good time!

夏がどんなに不快な暑さや湿気をもたらしても、日本の方々にはこの季節を楽しむ方法があります。週末には湖や川でくつろげる山へ行ったり、ビーチや公園でBBQを楽しんだり、屋上ビアガーデンで家族や友人と外での飲食を楽しみます。GDI でもこういったイベントを開催し参加することでスタッフ一同、顧客の皆様、そしてその家族やご友人方とコミュニケーションを通じて理解しあい、楽しい時間を共に過ごそうと、この週末にBBQイベントを企画しています。GDI のお客様を対象に、GDI BBQ “Eat n Greet” を中部国際空港近くのりんくうビーチにて開催致します。日時は6月7日、11:00~15:00です。皆様、ぜひ遊びにきてください!

GDI Seminars

 Business Tip of the Month
Verbal feedback is an important aspect of English and international business.  Giving verbal feedback lets others know that you are paying attention and that what is being said is understood.  In English speaking cultures, giving verbal feedback is a way to show understanding and respect during a conversation.  It also is a great way to let people know that you are following along or if you don’t fully understand what is being said.  It can be used in any situation whether business or social.  Below are a few examples of verbal feedback and what each means.
Means = I am listening                           Means = I don’t understand
・ Uh-huh                                                ・ Huh?
・ Okay                                                   ・ Eh?
・ Um                                                     ・ Hmmm
・ Yeah                                                   ・ Hold it!
Means = I’m listening & I understand       Means = I understand
・ Right                                                   ・ I got it.
                                                             ・ I see.
Means = Now I understand
・ Ah!
****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****


Idiom of the Month
The Moment of Truth

Meaning: A time when the truth about something is revealed or when an important decision is made.

Example: The negotiations are almost finished after four days.  The moment of truth is almost here and we can finally see what their final decision is going to be. 



あいづちによる反応は英語を使う場合や国際ビジネスにおいてとても重要です。あいづちをうって反応することによって、あなたが相手の話に注意を払っていることや理解していることを伝えることができます。 英語を母国語とする文化では、あいづちを打つことは、相手への理解を示し、会話の中で反応を示す一つの表現方法です。また、話についてきていること、逆に相手の話に対して完全に理解していないことを知ってもらう際にも使える素晴らしい方法です。

意味=話を聞いています                            意味=内容を理解していません
・ うんうん                                                 ・ ん?
・ はい                                                     ・ えっ?
・ へぇ                                                      ・ ん~・・?
・ うん                                                      ・ ちょっと待って!
意味=話を聞いていて、理解しています       意味=内容を理解しています
・ えぇ、そうですね                                     ・ わかりました
                                                              ・ なるほど
・ あぁ!

イディオム:The Moment of Truth
意味:      正念場、決定的瞬間

The negotiations are almost finished after four days.
The moment of truth is almost here and we can finally
see what their final decision is going to be. 


GDI Global Consulting

June brings us nearly half way through 2015 and the Consulting Division is in high gear. Only two weeks after the trip to Switzerland, which we reported on last issue, our main consultant Chris Oostyen headed off to Santiago, Chile with several members of the Iwata Label Global Team. Along with the support of GDI Consulting services, Iwata Label’s global strategy is starting to pay off.

Also, Iwata Label will be back in Europe from June 10 – 21 for ACHEMA 2015, a packaging exhibition being held in Frankfurt Germany. At this show, they will be demonstrating their flagship machine, the CP-206S, which is the labeling machine for their Vial Protect Pack II solution.

Even though it’s an uphill battle, GDI Consulting is growing and moving forward, as well as our consulting division’s clients. We are looking forward to more success for our present clients and also for our future ones.


また、岩田レーベル様では6月10日から21日まで行われるACHEMA 2015というドイツのフランクフルトで開催する展示会に参加するべく、再び欧州に行く予定があります。この展示会では、最重視されているCP-206Sという、医薬品の小瓶を保護するためのラベル機械のデモンストレーションを行う予定です。


GDI Overseas Studies &


Hello GDI Clients and students,
It’s already June! We are very amazing that 2015 will be finished half soon, but we are also excited by coming delightful summer!!!  Last month, we introduced overview of summer program, and this month we are pleased to inform our detailed programs from our 2 partnership schools here.

School:      Langara College
Program:   Summer English Language Program(SELP)
Age:          18 and over students
Period:      3 – 4 week
Cost:         3 weeks (August 4-21):    TOTAL = JPY310000~
4 weeks (August 4-28):    TOTAL = JPY375000~

Includes:  Application fee, Tuition fee, Homestay fee, Placement fee, Airport pick up and GDI service charge.

*Does NOT Includes Airfare
*Exchange Conversion (JPY/CAD) = 100

Application DeadlineJune 15th

Outline of this program: This program is for students who really want to improve their English, rather than sightseeing only. There are 3 afternoons a week sightseeing and doing cultural activities, but mostly it is for study.

For More Details Click Here:  LANGARA


School:      Global Village
Program  Teen Activity Program 2015 GV Victoria

Age:          12-17
Period:      2 – 4 week (July 6 – July 31 Open to individual registration / August 4- August 28 Open to group registration)
Cost:         2 weeks  TOTAL = JPY250000~
3 weeks   TOTAL = JPY330000~
4 weeks   TOTAL = JPY430000~

Includes: Application fee, Tuition fee, Homestay fee, GV progress report & Certificate, Farewell Ceremony, Airport pick up and GDI service charge.

*Does NOT Includes Airfare
*Exchange Conversion (JPY/CAD) = 100

Outline of this program: This program combines focused morning classes with action-packed afternoon and weekend activities and excursions.

For More Details Click Here: GLOBAL VILLAGE


Thank you for reading and if you are interested in these programs, please contact us! These will be a great opportunity to experience abroad and learn English.

At last, we really recommend making a decision as soon as possible, because the sooner, the better airfare. Now is the time!!


プログラム:    Summer English Language Program(SELP)
年齢:            18 歳以上の生徒(大学生向け)
期間            3-4 週間
:      3 週間(8月4日 – 21日) 合計 = 310,000円~
3 週間(8月4日 – 28日) 合計 = 375,000円~


申込期限:  6月15日





プログラム:Teen Activity Program 2015 GV Victoria
年齢:           12-17
期間:           2 – 4 週間
概算費用:    2 週間 合計 = 250,000円~
3 週間 合計 = 330,000円~
4 週間 合計 = 430,000円~*内訳-申込金、授業料・ホースステイ費・手数料、GVのレポート&修了証・送別パーティ・空港送迎費、GDI手数料が含まれております。


申込期限:個人 – 7月6日から 7 月 31 日 団体-年間(15名から可能)


詳細:  グローバルビレッジ



最後に、行かれるなら早目の決断を強くお勧めします。早ければ早いほど、航空運賃が安く取れますよ。ではNow is The Time!!(今でしょ!!)

Tokyo Office News

Welcome Aboard!
Again, we are welcoming new members to the GDI Tokyo Family! This time it’s Junji! He has been working here since May 1st as an engineer. He also has had experience working on constructing new networks. After quitting his previous job, his the next step was joining the Japan Oversees Cooperation Volunteers (JOVC). He started working on the island Zanzibar, which is part of Tanzania. There he taught IT related skills, in English, in the local school system for 2 years. Now with GDI he has been assigned to a big project, and is working diligently on this project.
Here’s his comment!
First of all, I want to be an engineer who works successfully around the world. To be that kind of person, I need to gain more knowledge of networks and servers over these next 5 years, and also brush up my English skills. In addition, I’m really interested in creating and running a new business. In order to realize this, I and be involved in projects like this, I am also working to obtain extra qualifications related to business.
We would also like to introduce 2 events.
First of all, we had J-IT classes. J-IT stands for Just Invest Together. Literally we are having the classes facilitated by a staff from Tokyo office. This time the Project Manager was a staff who has been working at GDI for 2 years. He is also in charge of organizing the J-IT series classes. This term, the classes focus on CCNA, the beginner’s certification of network administration. When he started his career, he passed this exam, so this makes him a good teacher. This is the good quality of the J-IT. Our teachers are people who have overcome the same difficult tasks that we are studying. We are looking forward to seeing you all in future J-IT classes, as well as taking and hopefully passing certification exams!
Secondly, one of GDI’s directors Hal-san came over to our office and had a small group session on May 19th. 5 of us sat around and listened to his amazing experiences over decades. Also he looked at the participants’ skill sheets and gave them some important advice for the future. Hal-san works tirelessly in both Japan and America, therefore it is rare for us to have a chance to listening to his stories in such a small group. It’s a GDI exclusive for our staff! After the session, the faces of participants seemed to glow.
Finally, in previous newsletter, we introduced some tips about the IT business. We are able to have a variety of businesses opportunities due to the wide knowledge of GDI’s professional members. For example, here is one of the projects we are working on. 
This project involves on-site IT support and consulting via emails and phone calls for a well-known sports brand company. Once a requests is received, team members provide the client with correct PC support, including further installation and/or removal of PC imaging and IT equipment. This is generally called an Asset Management or Inventory Management Support Program.


Tokyoオフィスの新メンバーをご紹介します。 今回は5月入社エンジニアのJunjiさんです。 JunjiさんはGDI入社以前、IT業界で社内ネットワークの構築に関わった後退職され、青年海外協力隊としてタンザニアのザンジバルの島で二年間働かれました。 観光開発の専門学校でOfficeやネットワークについて指導されていたとのことです。GDIではすでにプロジェクトに参画されており、活躍中です。

という社内勉強会を実施しており、今月は5月15日と29日に開催です。J-IT(Just Invest Together)では、社員の有志が講師を務めます。現在、講師を入社二年目の社員が中心となって「CCNAをとろう!」というシリーズの勉強会を開催してくださっています。CCNAという資格はIT未経験入社の中で、ネットワークを扱う者の最初の壁です。その壁を、実際に乗り越えてきた社員が講師だからこそ、J-ITは非常に有意義な会であり、参加者のモチベーションも非常に高いです。この勉強会をきっかけに、今後何人がこの資格を取得するか、楽しみです。

前回はGDI Tokyoが扱うIT事業の多様性についてお伝えしました。それも幅広い業種を網羅することができる、ポテンシャルの高い社員たちの活躍の賜物だと感じます。今回も前回に引き続き、案件のご紹介をさせていただきます。
エンドユーザー:   某スポーツブランド日本法人
案件名:              オンサイトITサポート業務
業務内容:          メール・電話によるPC一次サポート受付・担当チームへのエスカレーション、PCイメージング IT機器の設置・撤去、資産管理(インベントリ管理)


CSR Activity

Hello and good day. Today we would like to reintroduce GDI Communications volunteer activities with Nagoya’s orphanages.  The Name is Santa and Friends Nagoya. With the help of our volunteers, we donate time and arrange activities for the children at these orphanages. The experiences have been wonderful and the results overwhelming. 

We would like to take this time to thank one of our wonderful volunteers for donating a large amount of snacks and food for past and upcoming events. Your help is greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank everyone who participates and helps make Santa and Friends Nagoya an unforgettable experience for the children and for all who take part.  

GDIはサンタアンドフレンズナゴヤという養護施設のボランティアに携わっております。一緒にボランティアをしてくださる方が、子どもたちにお菓子を寄付して下さいました。 その量は半端ではありません・・・・(写真を参考に)これで、すでに半分以上のお菓子を養護施設にお分けしている状態です。 毎回、このような機会を頂けることに感謝しております。


New Staff Introduction

Greetings to my new fellow coworkers.  My name is Frank and I come from Peoria, a city near Chicago. My hometowns name is Peoria and is famous for being world headquarters to Caterpillar heavy machinery company.  I am a new addition to the GDI Company. I look forward to teaching professionals and all the new experiences I am sure to have with the company and its clients and staff.I’ve been teaching English for around three years in Japan to anywhere from 1 years old to 90 years old people. I really enjoy this line of work and actively seek to improve myself as not only a teacher but also a conversationalist. It may sound cliché but I have always aimed to be a people person and work well with all types of people. It has been a good skill to hone as I have had many great experiences at home and on my travels with all types of people.

I am a man of many hobbies. My favorite hobby being health and fitness and all things related. I believe your body is the most important thing you have, and your mind the strongest thing you have. Health is wealth, so even if you can’t be a world class athlete, pursuing to be your personal best will keep you healthy. Health over all else. I’d rather be poor and in great shape than have all the money in the world with a broken body. I also enjoy all forms of cycling, video games, and of course study. If anyone is ever in Toyama and wants to workout please contact me.  You won’t find me in a gym, as I always will be found in beautiful nature spots getting my fitness on.

Japan has been a great country to me. With GDI as a new employer, I only expect things to get better and better as my business network grows in size. Life is and has been a wonderful adventure in my twenty four years of life. I am going to do my best in this new venture with this exciting employer. I look forward to meeting my fellow coworkers in the company, and discussing everything job and life related. Last but not least, I pride myself on never having thought inside the box, I actually don’t think I was ever in a box at all. 





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