Monthly Newsletter – July 2015

July   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 

          “Global Success through

Communication and Innovation”

Summer Greetings

Pre-summer has arrived here in Japan and with it comes the rainy season. I hope you were all able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather in the past few weeks. It is amazing how fast the year is passing by, and with that said here we are in July, the midpoint of 2015.

Here at GDI, we continue to push ahead with our overall goals for growth, client support in communication, IT servicing, and global expansion.  As it is the halfway point of the year, we are also looking at our goals and objectives and reassessing and making sure we are on track. It’s a great time for you to do the same.  Are you moving ahead with your business goals? Your personal goals? And how about your overall communication goals?  A good time to evaluate progress.
And finally what to do in July in Japan? There are a number of places to visit, festivals to see, and activities to pass the time. The Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, the Fuji Rock festival in Niigata,  The Sumidagawa Fireworks in Asakusa Tokyo, the oldest fireworks in Japan, the many great beaches of Japan, or climb Mount Fuji if the weather is okay and the rain stops,  check out the Nagoya Sumo Basho, and of course Obon, one of Japan’s main holidays every year.
Have a great July everyone, and thank you for reading.









GDI Seminars

 Business Tip of the Month
Being Less Direct

While working with others it is often difficult to delegate responsibility while maintaining a good working relationship with your coworkers and subordinates.  One way to keep things on the positive side is to use less direct forms of speech.  It takes practice and consideration, but if you can master the skill you will be able to make requests and delegate responsibilities while at the same time keeping all of the people you work with satisfied with your working persona.Below I have listed a couple key gambits to help you make requests politely and in a less direct manner.

  • It would be great if you could help out with the upcoming project.
  • I would appreciate your assistance with the office cleaning.
  • Would you do me a favor and assist with the new employees?
  • Do you mind giving me a hand with the files?
  • I was wondering whether you could complete that by Friday? 
****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****


Idiom of the Month
Few and far between

Meaning: You can say things are few and far between when there aren’t many of them around.

Example:  Good companies that are hiring are few and far between. If you find one you should take the job fast!




  • 今度のプロジェクトで手伝ってもらえたらうれしいです。
  • オフィスの掃除を手助けしてもらえればありがたいです。
  • 新入社員のアシストをお願いしてもいいですか?
  • ファイルの整理をするのに手を貸してもらえませんか?
  • 今週の金曜日までに完成させるのは可能ですか?
イディオム:Few and far between
使用例:Finding good places to work are few and far between. If you find one you should take the job fast!

Tokyo Office News

New Staff Admission

The Tokyo office has been welcoming in new staff. As of June, we have 6 new members from a variety of backgrounds, including those with previous work experience in China, those who used to be involved as a JICA volunteer, those born in Japan and raised in Canada, those who came from a major IT company, and those with previous study abroad experience. They are currently working in the engineering field, and are performing actively even in their early stages of joining our company.

Company Events

At the Tokyo office, we hosted the “GA&TGIF” (General assembly & networking party) on June 12th. During the GA, we made business reports and did some brainstorming, which allowed us to understand everyone’s thoughts. At the TGIF, we had over 60 attendees, which included our frequent customers, those who will be joining GDI in the future, and also our employees who support GDI on a daily basis. As we continue to repeat these parties and see an increase in attendees, the variety of character in our employees, and their smiles, it makes us happy to be able to feel the growth of the company. The next party will be held in September. TGIF is an all-welcome party, and so anyone is welcome to join us.

IT Business

There are various matters that we handle at the Tokyo office. As an example, for one major company, we have been participating in their project from the early stages of planning (RFP). We also have English related IT business support for a major pharmaceutical company, and are involved in a major retail sales company’s distribution system. Although it is an “IT business”, our clients come from a variety of industries. Our Tokyo office will further strive as a global IT business leading company in order to make our variety of clients and business types to realize the value of global human resources.

We would like to introduce one matter in which our Tokyo office took charge of previously, below.

■ Project

Windows OS transferring operation within an Audit firm.
Transfer of a total of 6000 devices’ OS system to Windows 7, and its accompanying user support due of the termination of Windows XP. *Applies to all PC users within Japan.

As mentioned above, a variety of situations and projects are handled at the Tokyo office. We would like to continue to approach every task sincerely and treasure each meeting with our customers.

Tokyo オフィスでは6月12日に“GA&TGIF”(全体会議&ネットワーキングパーティー)を開催しました。GAでは事業報告とブレインストーミングを行い、皆の考えを知ることができました。TGIFでは普段お世話になっているお客様、今後GDIに入社する内定者、普段は現場でGDIを支えてくれている多くの社員たちが参加し、60名以上の方にご参加いただきました。会を追うごとに増えていく人数と個性豊かなキャラクターの社員の皆さんの楽しそうに笑っている顔をみると、会社の成長を感じて嬉しくなってしまいました。次回は9月になります。TGIFはどなた様もWelcomeなPartyですので是非皆様にもご参加いただけると光栄です☆
Windows XPのサポートが終了される事に伴うOSの移行及びそれに付随するユーザーサポート総台数約6,000台全てのOSおよびシステムをWindows 7に移行。総台数約6,000台。※日本国内全てのユーザーPCが対象このように、Tokyoオフィスで扱う案件は様々です。

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GDI Global Consulting

After spending 11 days in Frankfurt, Germany for the ACHEMA 2015 exhibition with Iwata Label, the GDI Consulting Division is seeing a window of relief. Other than a couple in-country exhibitions, there are no plans for overseas travel and support until the end of September. This is a welcomed relief and will give us time to work on further development, sales and forward movement of the division.
At the above mentioned exhibition, ACHEMA 2015, GDI Communications’ Consulting Division provided their specialized support and expertise to help Iwata Label display one of their flagship labeling machines, the CP-206S, and the Vial Protect Pack II vial protection and content containment solution. The quality of the machine and value of the solution were positively received and several business opportunities were solidified.
On a more local scale, our Consulting Division is also helping a few more clients with their overseas expansion strategy and execution. This includes translation and localization of their websites and other media into English, as well as providing business English, pre-departure and cultural classes through GDI Communications’ Seminars Division. So as you can see, we are growing little-by-little to reach our goals.

弊社のお客様であります岩田レーベル様の ACHEMA 2015展示会への出展の為、我々GDIのグローバルコンサルティング部事業部は、先月ドイツのフランクフルトへ11日間同行し、そしてすべて成功に終わったことに安堵の思いでおります。この先国内でいくつかの展示会はあるにせよ、次回の海外展示会開催の9月末までしばらく時間があります。この時間を利用し、弊社のサービス内容の更なる開発と向上、お客様の販売ルートサポート他、準備期間にやるべき課題に取り組んでまいります。


GDI Overseas Studies &


We would like to share some recent information of our GDI overseas students:

Now, there are many students from a variety of areas of study whom are using GDI to study abroad in Canada.
We would like to introduce a piece of their lives in Canada to you this month.

1.  Third-year Medical Student in University

Purpose:  His purpose was to improve his command of Basic English and
study medicine in Canada.  He used his strength of outgoing personality, to make
many local friends at the school and at his club activities. He took advantage of
the many opportunities to speak English,studied hard, and he was able to major in
courses beyond what he expected.

2. Overseas Work Experience 

Purpose:  He wanted to learn the basics of business in Canada after leaving his position here in Japan.  He was able to select a six month course at a business school in Canada. Due to his easygoing personality, he was able to make friends at his own pace.  He is now working as a paid intern in his field of study.

3.    MBA Studies

Purpose:  His goal is to get an MBA and return to Japan to work at his family’s company. GDI introduced multiple MBA courses that were available from several universities. There were two options for location.  The first choice was in the United Kingdom and the second in Canada.  But due to its special charm and beauty, he chose Canada.

4.    Studying abroad in a Canadian college after graduating from high school

Purpose:  His main purpose was to study abroad at a Canadian College.  At first it was necessary for him to improve his English ability, so he is currently taking ESL courses and will enroll in regular classes from September.

There are many ways to studying abroad. It depends on your goals and aspirations.  GDI will evaluate and always provide the most suitable course of action. We will continue to support our customer’s experiences in Canada and ensure that you have a great time.




1.    現役大学生(医学部 3年生)

生きた英語を使う場を自ら積極的に作り出している。学習もかなり意欲的 にしており、

2.    社会経験3年後に退職して留学


3.    大学卒業後にMBAを取得の為留学留学目的:将来家業を継ぐので、今のうちにグローバルな学位を取得したい
日本人にとってはカナダとイギリスの2か国という魅力ありです。4.    高校卒業と同時にカナダのカレッジへ留学 留学目的:大学は思い切ってカナダに進みたい!


Hello from GDI   We had a wonderful time on Sunday, June 7th for our annual BBQ event. This year the event was titled “GDI EAT N GREET” at Rinku Beach.  The located was very close to Chubu International Airport and we enjoyed watching a lot of jet airplanes taking off and landing.

More than 30 valued customers, friends, instructors and employees came to this years event and it was a perfect day to spend outside. The temperature was ideal and  the sun was just strong enough that we didn’t get burnt. We enjoyed eating hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wraps and salmon.  We played volleyball and other outdoor games. Our time spent together was wonderful.

We would like to take this time to say thank you very much to everyone who came to this event. Our next Club GDI event will be held on October 17th.  Please stay tuned for more information on “GDI’s Oktoberfest”


こんにちは!もうすっかり夏ですね。6月は7日の日曜日に毎年恒例のBBQイベントを開催し、素晴らしい時間を過ごすことができました。今年は「GDI EAT N GREET」と題し、中部国際空港近くのりんくうビーチで開催し、海外に飛び立つジェット機を見ながら、楽しむことがきました。


次のClub GDIイベントは10月17日にオクトーバーフェストを予定しています。是非楽しみにして下さいね!!

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