Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

S e p t e m b e r   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 
“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”



Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

It is extremely hot and the summer days seem to be passing away quickly.  We are happy to start September, hopefully with a little bit cooler temperatures than last month. How was your OBON vacation? We hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends and enjoyed their break.

Although September is still summer, we fortunately still have time to complete any undone tasks or plans during our next long holiday…Silver Week.  This also gives us all the opportunity to think about our personal and business goals.  As always, GDI Communications wishes for your success and is always here to guide and support you along the way.

Thank you for reading and have a great September.





GDI Seminars

Business Tip of the Month
Ending a meeting

As a meeting comes to an end there some proper procedures which often need to be followed.  Signposting that the meeting is almost finished, summarizing key points and actions and finally thanking all of the participants for their time and support are just a few key skills needed to effectively close out a meeting.  Below are some key GAMBITS to help you end meetings properly:

Before we close, let me just summarize the main points.
To sum things up…

≫losure Signposting
Right, it looks as though we’ve covered the main items…
Does anyone have something to add before we close things up?
Is there Any Other Business which needs to be addressed?

≫Suggesting and Agreeing on Time, Date and Place for the Next Meeting
Shall we arrange a date for our next meeting?
So, our next meeting will be on Monday of next week at 1:00 PM in the main meeting room.

≫Thanking Participants for Attending
Thank you everyone for your participation.
Thank you all for your help, and for all of your hard work.

≫Closing the Meeting
I think that’s everything for today.  The meeting is at an end.
That’s it for today.  Good job everyone.

****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****
Idiom of the Month
 “Change of pace”

Meaning:     Something different from a normal or routine schedule.
Example:     Going on business trips is a nice change of pace.  It’s good to get out of the office sometimes.

Seminars: Current News:

Our newest customer, Sanki has started their 1 year English Business Communication Training from July. They have a number of branch offices overseas, and in efforts to become a more global company, 12 young company employees are participating in Business English training.

The instructors, who are both from the Untied States, have really interesting backgrounds. Hence we believe that it going to be an exciting, and educational experience for all of the participants.  We are so happy to support them in their goal for globalization.

Good luck, and have FUN!!







※※ 上記のほかにも、GDIのコースでは様々な言い回しを学ぶことができます。※※
イディオム: Change of pace
意味: 通常や日課とは違うことをする

使用例:     Going on business trips is a nice change of pace.  It’s good to get out of the office sometimes. 



GDI Global Consulting

August has past and we can finally see some cooler weather coming! All of us on the GDI Consulting Team are looking forward to the fall season. But that means the end of “Cool Biz” and the start of neckties and jackets. As comfortable as “Cool Biz” is… we are ready to get suited up and ready for some more adventures as we move into September.Although the weather is cooling, Consulting is starting to heat up again, with trips overseas to both India and the United States. We will again be traveling with Iwata Label to support their selection process for an Agent in India and then off to Las Vegas for Pack EXPO Las Vegas – Pharma EXPO 2015. Pack EXPO is the largest packaging, package processing and labeling exhibition in the USA! We are looking forward to making some great contacts, helping the progression of Iwata Label’s overseas expansion efforts and hopefully winning a big contract for them! Yes… it is all work…? Wish us luck!

We are also pleased to inform you that another client’s efforts to move overseas is also formulating well. Our contacts and connections in both China and Dubai are proving very useful for moving this client’s agenda forward.

We are also starting a new project for a client looking at taking some business into Canada and other parts of North America. Although we are only in the pre-research phase, we can see promising opportunities and look forward to helping this client grow its business overseas.


天候は涼しくなったにもかかわらず、インドとアメリカへの出張によってコンサルティングチームは再び熱くなろうとしています。我々は岩田レーベル様と再び出張し、インドの販売代理店の選考をサポートし、その後ラスベガスへ「パックエキスポ ラスベガス」と「ファーマエキスポ2015」に向かいます。パックエキスポは米国で最も大きなパッケージング、包装プロセス、ラベリングの展示会です!我々は素晴らしい接点を作り、岩田レーベル様の海外でのビジネス拡大のお手伝いと、上手くいけば大きな契約が結べることを楽しみにしております!そうです、行き先はラスベガスですが、全て仕事ですよ・・・幸運をお祈り下さいね。



GDI Overseas Studies &


Hello GDI Clients and Students!
The study in Canada fair presented by Canadian Embassy will be held in the autumn of 2015. Let’s realize your dream to study abroad in Canada where people who gather from all over the world have multi cultures, respect each other, live harmoniously. You should visit there once especially who has such feelings below.

1. I desire to find the target of going abroad to study.
2. I am eager to hear from people with actual experiences.
3. I want to talk directly with school staffs.
4. I hope to compare with schools in Canada.
5. I concern my age, but I am interested in English even I cannot speak.

November 6th (Fri) 5:00pm-7:30pm
November 7th (Sat) 11:00am-5:00pm
Canadian Embassy
5 minutes by foot from the “Aoyama-itchome” station on Ginza line, Hanzoumon Line, and Oedo Line
November 8th (Sun) 11:00am-5:00pm
Umeda Center building 16th floor
6 minutes by foot from the “Umeda” station on Hankyu train/
7 minutes by foot from the “Umeda” station or the “Higashi-Umeda” station

Canadian Embassy has held Ryugaku Fair in spring and the autumn every year. Many educational institutions take part in and give information of talk in Japanese with you individually in each booth. It is a chance to find the school in Canada such as the high school, the summer program, language schools, the college, the university, working holiday, elementary school and the junior high school to answer your purpose.
Moreover, it is a splendid chance that it is possible to question on the study of English because the organization that executes the English operational capability examination seems also to give it in each booth according to the consultation.
If you need more details, please refer to official information on the embassy homepage below.

Of course, we are always here to support if you concern about going to overseas, so please contact GDI at any time, please when there is a consultation concerning going abroad to study.
Going abroad of everybody to study will be supported by one’s best in the future and it comes.


11月6日(金) 17:00~19:30
11月7日(土) 11:00~17:00
地下鉄銀座線、半蔵門線、大江戸線「青山一丁目」駅 徒歩約5分
11月8日(日) 11:00~17:00
梅田センタービル 16階
阪急電車:「梅田」駅 徒歩約6分/地下鉄:「梅田」駅・「東梅田」駅 徒歩約7分カナダ大使館は、毎年春と秋に留学フェアを開催しています。多くのカナダの教育機関が参加し、ブースにて日本語で個別相談に応じてくれます。小・中学校から高校、サマープログラム、語学学校、カレッジ、大学やワーキングホリデーなど、目的に応じたカナダの学校を見つけるチャンスです!

Tokyo Office News


Company Events

We had a lot of summer events in our Tokyo office this August, one of which was a BBQ party which took place on August 1st. We not only enjoyed summer by eating delicious meats but also created a bond between corporate members through preparing for the BBQ and playing in the water. It became one of our most memorable events.

On August 11, we enjoyed watching the fireworks display which was held near our Tokyo office. Some of our engineers and back office staff joined us after work wearing yukatas and gazed at the fireworks. It was a truly impressive time.

We then held our “Panel Tech Night “which was arranged on August 21st. The purpose was to give members who will participate in an international internship a chance to talk about their enthusiasm and the selection process.  A lot of employees who were interested gathered together for the event. We will continue to provide opportunities to support and develop our global business people.


Do you often play games? On your phone or computer? There are many styles of games such as RPG’s, Training Games, Horror Games, Shooting Games, Simulation Games, and so on. So almost everyone has played them at one time or another.

These games are made using IT technology, and we will launch a project to create GDI’s original game as a new trial at the Tokyo office from September. Our employees have discussed what kind of games they will make, and they will create from scratch. We need various technologies and it is difficult to assemble regularly for the project team members, so creating a game is actually hard work for us. However we are confident that we will be satisfied when the project is completed.
We will work hard to continue to develop our skills and aim at completing new products to offer to our customers.

8月、Tokyoオフィスでは様々なサマーイベントを開催しました。8月1日に行われたBBQではおいしいお肉を食べて夏を満喫したのはもちろんのこと、準備や水遊びを通して社員同士の交流を深めるなど、思い出深いイベントとなりました。また、8月11日にはTokyoオフィスのすぐ側で開催された神宮外苑花火大会を観覧しました。仕事帰りの社員数名と社内メンバーで浴衣を着て花火に魅入るという感慨深いひとときでした。さらに、8月21日にはPanel Tech Nightが開催されました。今回は、9月から国際インターンシップに赴く社員から熱意や選考プロセス等を聞く場ということで、関心を抱く多くの社員が集まってくれました。今後もTokyoオフィスではグローバルビジネスパーソンを育成するために、積極的に横の繋がりを深める機会を設けたいと考えています。
みなさんは普段、ゲームをして遊ぶことはありますか? RPGや育成ゲーム、ホラーゲーム、シューティングゲーム、シミュレーションゲーム等、たくさんのゲームがありますが、一度は遊んでみたことがあるのではないでしょうか。それらのゲームはIT技術を用いて作られますが、Tokyoオフィスでも新たな試みとして9月からGDIのオリジナルゲームを開発するプロジェクトを立ち上げます。どんなゲームを作るのか社員同士で意見を出し合い、0から作り上げていきます。様々な技術が必要になりますし、参画メンバー全員で定期的に集まることもなかなか厳しく、作り上げることは簡単ではないですがとてもやりがいがあります。



 Our CSR activity in August were rather quiet …..but I would like to
share with you some wonderful feedback from the children we worked with.

” The hamburgers were so good!”, ”I got a lot of snacks!”,
” The water balloon war was so much fun!”, ” I wanted to win the tug-of-war.”

All children asked SFN to be invited again next year.

This BBQ was a great summer memory not only for the children but also for the volunteers.
So what is the next event??




New Instractor

Greetings, my name is Marvin Lenoar.
I first came to Japan in 1990 on tour as a professional musician, and hold a Master degree in Music Education.
Having always been fascinated with all things Japanese, naturally I gravitated back to Japan like some hidden force was pulling me back here. After taking another tour and spending a little time here, me being the people person that I am and making some wonderful business connections, decided to settle here. My history is still in the making, but I’ve done some pretty amazing things over the past twenty years and I’m most proud of my English teaching background and where it has taken me.I’ve been teaching business English classes, cross-cultural studies and lecturing at universities for more than 15 years now and also have my own language institute, “Active Age Nagoya”. As an educator my greatest reward is seeing my students faces when you know they get what you’re trying to deliver to them and you know they got it, and you made a difference. That’s what I strive to do every time I pick up the chalk, whether it’s a private one on one, small group of 6 or even 80. My students connecting the dots to a more global tomorrow today is what drives me. It’s just the greatest feeling, really.I’ve been working with GDI about two years now administering the Bulats speaking test and Pre-departure training, but have recently taken over a part-time class at Sanki. I’m so excited and looking forward to getting my new class and students airborne. It is sure to be a wonderful experience. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, brain storming new business ideas with my business partner, playing piano, writing music, producing, and occasionally cooking.






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