Monthly Newsletter – October 2015

O c t o b e r   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 
“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”



Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,
Hello Mina-san!

It’s already October and it has come so fast!
I know, I know…
We say this at the beginning of every month!

This year in September we had a special long holiday called Silver Week. 

This allowed everyone ample time to take a long, relaxing break.
We hope you all were able to recharge the batteries and spend time with family and friends too.
Speaking of breaks, what are the next holiday events coming up? 
We have Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December! 
We realize these celebrations all come from Western culture, but of course in Japan we also have holidays like Sports Day, Culture Day and Labor Day around the same time. 
The feeling we have with these Japanese holidays is more of a ‘take a break day’ not like Western style holidays, which feel more like an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. 
With that said, Break Days are important too!!!!! 
Anyway one of our favorite times of year is here.  Autumn.
We all really like autumn due to the cooler weather and variety of fresh harvested fruits and vegetables.
We hope you enjoy autumn and also find time to spend with family and friends for all the holidays!

さて、次のイベントは?10月末にハロウィーン、11月には感謝祭(Thanks Giving) そして

GDI Seminars


Interrupting Politely

In business it is sometimes necessary to interrupt during a meeting or other business interactions.
Interruptions are acceptable as long as they are done politely.
You must be careful not to interrupt too directly or harshly as it might come across as rude or impolite.
Below are some key GAMBITS to help you along the way.


Phrases used to interrupt politely:   
I am very sorry to interrupt.
I apologize for interrupting you but…
Pardon my interruption but…
Sorry to interrupt, but…

Follow-up interruption questions:
Can I say something?
Could I make a quick comment on that?
Would it be possible to jump in here for a moment?
Ex.  I am very sorry to interrupt.  Could I make a quick comment on that?

例) 話の途中、すみません。それに関して意見してもいいですか? (話に割って入り、意見する許可を貰う)

Idiom of the Month

Idiom: “run-of-the-mill”
Meaning: If something is run-of-the-mill, it is ordinary and common place (nothing special)
イディオムrun-of –the-mill

His new car was run-of-the-mill.  I see the same car 100 times a day.
I need you to do your best.  I won’t accept any run-of-the-mill work from you.

***And there is much more language offered throughout our course***
※※上記のほかにも、GDIのコースでは様々な言い回しを学ぶことができます。※※Seminars: Current News:

On September 16th & 17th, GDI once again had the pleasure of conducting a 2 day business correspondence / emailing communication training with the Okayama government OIBA organization.
A number of owners and representatives from a diverse industry base of Okayama companies participated and successfully completed the targeted objectives.
In the training, we covered key writing styles and formality for specific situations,
key language and etiquette in modern global emailing, as well as the importance of proper punctuation, spelling, simplicity and layouts of effective writing.
We thank the representatives of OIBA and the Okayama government for hosting the training and look forward to future collaboration, further training, and the global expansion of Okayama technology and quality products.GDIでは7月に続き、光栄にも9月16日と17日に岡山県国際経済交流協会(OIBA)様にご協力を頂き、前回同様に岡山県内の地元企業の代表者様、経営者様に2日間のグローバルビジネス・Eメール集中コースを提供させて頂きました。



GDI Global Consulting

This past month has been a busy month for the GDI Consulting Division. Our main support services were again provided for Iwata Label. During the month, our consultant, Chris Oostyen, traveled to India with the president of Iwata Label Europe and met with potential customers and Agents. During this trip they traveled to Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai. Three days, three cities, three meetings and then back to Japan. The outcome of the trip was very positive and they are looking forward to further business expansion into the Indian market.

Also, during the last week of September, both James Hedden and Chris Oostyen traveled with Iwata Label to North America for Pack EXPO Las Vegas / Pharma EXPO 2015. Yes, that is right – Las Vegas! But don’t misunderstand. This was NOT all PLAY and no work. Pack EXPO / Pharma EXPO is the largest packaging exhibition in the world and the Team met with many clients and potential clients during the 3 day event. We also had to give a presentation at the Innovation Stage on behalf of Iwata Label, so we kept quite busy. But you know how the saying goes… All work and no play….

Lastly, an announcement we would like to make concerns an award Iwata Label has been nominated for. Based on the efforts of the GDI Consulting Division working with Iwata Label, they have been named to the short list of 8 companies as a finalist in the Label Industry Global Awards 2015 for companies of 300 employees or less. This is the first time a Japanese company has ever been chosen as a finalist…EXCITING! Although most of our client’s Overseas Division Team will be in Las Vegas for Pack EXPO / Pharma EXPO 2015, Vice President Mr. Masahiro Mori will attend the awards ceremony in Brussels. We wish them the best of luck!

And so we come to the end of another eventful month for the GDI Consulting Division! Please be sure to read next month’s issue. We are sure it will be packed full of new and exciting adventures.







GDI Overseas Studies &


Visit Canada during Winter?

Usually, Japanese students use their school holidays to take short overseas vacations and/or work experience in the summer.
But it is possible to do the same thing in the winter.
So why don’t you go to Canada this winter and experience a Canadian Christmas with a host family?

You can book this Canadian Christmas trip for 2 weeks in winter.
You will have the opportunity to go to school in the daytime and then after school have free time to go to the movies, shopping, or try some local activities with your new friends!

From now until December you can get a special discount for the course.
If you are interested in studying in Canada, please contact us via email at
We are glad to provide you with the most updated course information and supportive professional advise.



Tokyo Office News

New Staff Admission
Greetings from GDI Tokyo!!!!We hope you are all well.   This month we would like to take this time to introduce a new team member.
Starting from September, an young lady from Myanmar has joined our team.
Her previous working experience is as follows: She has worked at an international laboratory in Myanmar and at an IT company in Japan.  Furthermore she has graduated from a language school here in Japan and is studying hard to increase her qualifications.

Our Tokyo Office is gaining employees of various nationalities and backgrounds.
In doing so, we are becoming more international by the day.
We expect further development for our company and hope to continue to motivate each other!

Company Events

Recently, we held a “Round Table Session” where Hal Amano (GDI’s COO) came as a lecturer. 
He was kind enough to discuss the different styles of communication between Japan and Silicon Valley. 
His lecture provided us with valuable information and there were many opportunities to gain useful ideas,
hence all employees listened carefully and were impressed.
We also had the chance to talk with each other and share ideas and opinions.
The time spent was very beneficial for the entire team.   
On September 18th, we held a General Assembly (GA) and networking party (TGIF) inviting our CEO James and President, Saeko from Nagoya.
As usual, there was a lot of content during our GA, hence we were a little pressed for time.  As the company grows, the range of activities allowing everyone time to interact and share ideas, continues to increase and broaden.

On the other hand, our TGIF was a great opportunity to improve relationships with employees and guests.
Our GA and TGIF are special events which are held once every 3 months.
Our goals for these events are to improve relations between employees and to heighten our working experiences. 

It’s kind of sudden, but what is ICT for? ICT is used to be useful in various situations including work.
In GDI, we are not only doing what is asked, but also adding value by expanding into new areas.
As global business people, we make full use of ICT technologies.
Fortunately GDI’s sales are increasing and our employees are continuing to try to improve and expand our qualifications and knowledge.
We have recently kicked off a new game development project. We will continue to expand our current business model to grow into new fields.
We are global business people who are not only growing as ICT engineers, but are also pushing new limits of what we can do.
COOのHalさんを講師としてお迎えし「Round Table」を開催した他、日本とシリコンバレーのコミュニケーションの仕方の違いについてお話し頂きました。貴重なお話を聞ける機会とあり真剣に耳を傾けていた社員達の様子が印象的です。ディスカッションの時間もあり、社員同士が積極的に意見を交わすなどとても有意義な時間となりました。

IT 事業


Let’s have a few beers together!!

The GDI Communications’ Girls Team is proud of announce our next event “OKTOBEER FEST”, which will be held on Saturday, October 17th. You are invited to join this wonderful party. There will be some games and prizes, you should come and try to win! Of course there will be BEER! Come and try to win some! If you are interested in joining all of us for this event, please register via the email address below.
The deadline is October 13th. Let’s enjoy speaking English together and drinking beer.


10月17日(土)には、日ごろの感謝・ご愛顧により”GDI OKTOBEER FEST”という「ビアガーデンで飲みましょう会」を開催します。GDIのお客様だけでなく、GDIのスタッフとお知り合いの方など、どしどしご参加ください。このイベントは、愉快なGDIの女子チームが企画しております。

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