Monthly Newsletter – November 2015

November   2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 
“Global Success through
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Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,
As November is here and the effects of winter become more prevalent many of us are starting to look back on the year and are beginning to take inventory of what we have accomplished in 2015.  We here at GDI Communications are as happy as ever and would like to take this time to thank all of you that are part of our community. Whether you are a customer, an instructor or a volunteer we are so happy to have you as part of the GDI team.  While the year isn’t over, we still have a lot to do and are looking forward to spending more time with you all.  Here is to a great November and to the beginning of a wonderful winter season.



GDI Seminars

 Business Tip of the Month
Expressing Criticism in a Diplomatic Manner

Criticism is an important part of a healthy working environment, but must be done in an appropriate manner as not to disrupt creative energy and relationships.  While expressing criticisms in a direct way is necessary at times, focusing on both direct and indirect styles and being able to choose the appropriate method for the occasion is an important skill in business..


Expressing Criticism Directly:
You did a very poor job.
Your presentation was done intolerably.

君のプレゼンは聞いていられないほど酷かったよ。Expressing Criticism diplomatically:
Your work was not very good.
Your presentation was not really up to our standards.


***And there is much more language offered throughout our course***

Idiom of the Month
Idiom: take into account
If something is taken into account, it is considered when making a decision or plans.
1. You should take into account the long lines at the airport when planning what time to leave for your trip.
2. I always take into account how much money I need before going on vacation.


Current News
One of our valued clients, Fujimaki Group, has just finished 24 lessons with GDI Communications this October. This marks their halfway point.
GDI offers lessons at 15 locations throughout Japan for Fujimaki Group.  No matter the level or ability, all students learn and are ambitious with their efforts.There are new methods of focus along with the primary content this year; GABBY and GAMBITS. GABBY specializes in improving response time while introducing and reinforcing grammar and vocabulary, and GAMBITS focus on introducing new and useful key phrases which can be used in a variety of situations. All students from elementary to advanced, are very motivated and enjoying the challenge of these methods.
Our representative of our seminar division has been visiting some of the classes for the past year and it was clear that they improved with their English skills with both speaking and listening.
We wish Fujimaki Group all the best of luck with the remaining 6 months and for our continued relationship in the future.

Our courses are designed to not only help to improve daily communication and business communication skills, but also to improve all aspects of communication on a global scale. This is the characteristic of our courses and also we can say it is our overall goal and purpose.

 Please contact us if you are interested in our programs. We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Tokyo Office News

New Staff Admission

Greetings from GDI Tokyo!!!!

Four new employees entered our Tokyo office this October. Three of them have experience working at IT companies yet they still continue to strive to raise their technological capacity to meet current project needs. Another of our additions to our team, has an interesting career background working at a ramen shop in America. This individual is  also now working hard to be a global business person. They are all friendly, enthusiastic, and we welcome them all to the GDI team.

Company Events

Fall is the best season for sports! Hence we held a number of events. A hiking trip to Mount Takao was held under the refreshing clear sky. We were able to enjoy great food and drink on top of the mountain. Many of us felt the aches and muscle pain the following day due to the fast walking pace, but all in all it was  a healing time surrounded by magnificent nature. We also had a tennis event. All participants played tennis genially, regardless of experience level.

On another seasonal note, winter is soon approaching therefore people tend to spend more time indoors. Even when being indoors, we hope to hold athletic  style events on a regular basis to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

In addition to our very active events, we also held an business skill seminar where our lecturer, James, the CEO of GDI, came and lectured on the topic of negotiations.  As expected, it was beneficial for us and gave us some excellent insight about business culture. Everyone who attended felt that the seminar was beneficial and very educational.  Lets try to put these negotiation skills to use!


New technologies, new ideas and procedures appear often in the IT field. On the other hand, there are the systems and issues which continue to be accumulated from the past. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) often experiences intense changes, therefore we must continue to supply what is needed to meet the demand, providing operations and techniques for new things and solutions. In business, it often can take a long time to change systems which are accumulated over time, so it can often be an obstacle to deal with at times. Furthermore, if a company promotes globalization, new problems like differences of language or culture can and often occurs. At GDI, we have many employees who possess an understanding of ICT and can manage well on global levels. We will continue to offer various services and training to be able to offer the highest level of service on all levels of our business.

We have one more thing to share with you this month from GDI Tokyo! We are very proud to announce that two of our employees have now advanced into the Asian market through government organizations hence are assisting with the development of GDI. One of them has already been to India and the other is receiving training to go to Thailand for a year and a half to expand and start a new project. We are looking forward to seeing them return with a higher level of knowledge and of course success!  We wish them all the best!!!



IT 事業




GDI Global Consulting

Greetings once again from the GDI Communications’ Consulting Division. This month we have again been very busy with overseas travel and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down until the end of the year! This is good news, as it means our services and consultants are busy helping out clients in their steps to success.   It is a challenge being away for Japan (family and friends) however, we do look on the bright side of things and see each trip is an opportunity to learn and grow through experiencing different peoples and cultures.
This month we find our consultants going to Bethesda, Maryland for the PDA (Parenteral Drug Association) Annual Conference, in hopes to make contacts with regulation setting governing bodies, such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If successful, this could be a huge step forward for our client in succeeding in their overseas expansion strategy. Wish them luck!
We are also much closer to getting one of our client’s goods and services into Dubai. This has been a challenging journey, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this is not the only client that is making forward movement. We are still pushing forward with 2 other clients and their overseas expansion strategies. We are hoping that to have some good news to share with you all before the end of the year. So please come back each month and read the GDI Communications’ newsletter for updates and success stories.  






GDI Overseas Studies &


Hello GDI Clients and students,

November begins, and 2015 is coming to an end.
This time, we would like to introduce one of our overseas student’s experiences who in Canada.  He left just last month and went to PGCI in their Victoria campus for a month in Canada. 

Hello readers
My name is Koichi Ito. I’m a fourth-year student in university. I went to Canada to study English for a month this September. I have wanted to study abroad since I was a high school student but I was busy after I entered my university. Finally, in my final year as a university student. My major was in engineering and I rarely used English. In the future, I want to work as an engineer in Japan. In my laboratory, there are some students from foreign country but they can use Japanese well. So, I don’t have an opportunity to use English. However, I recalled my dream and I decided to study abroad.
Now I feel that it was a good goal to go abroad to study English, especially in choosing Canada.

I stayed in Victoria which is a popular location for sightseeing. There is a harbor, traditional buildings and large parks near my school. I often enjoyed sightseeing after school. Canadians are cheerful and kind. When we were in trouble, they tried to help us. When I used a bus, a man sitting next to me showed me some good spots in Victoria. However, the best experience is that I was able to find good friends. They enjoy studying English. They stimulated me. They hung out with me and talked.  We drank together and enjoyed each other’s company. Especially, my Korean roommate who is my best friend. Even now, we send messages though LINE or Facebook. We promised to go to each other’s countries someday.
I will be a graduated school student next year. I want to study not only in japan but also abroad. In the future, I want to challenge myself to travel around the world.

I want every student to try studying aboard. If you have ever thought about going aboard, NOW IS THE TIME!!!


It has been a pleasure for GDI Communications to support his dream of studying abroad and living overseas.
Thank you for your contribution, Ito-kun. Best wishes for your continued success.
If you have some plan to go overseas, and are interested, or want to hear about Canada, please contact us right away.  Please see below for our contact information.









‘Christmas’… you might be thinking that it is too soon to start talking about Christmas, yet, we have already begun our preparation for the annual SFN Christmas Event.

This year SFN volunteers will visit each of the orphanages and we are planning to have various unique games for all of the children to participate in.  Many of the ideas came from our foreign volunteers, so the children have never had the opportunity to try them.  We are sure it will be a great time for the kids and the volunteers.

This year the children will be writing letters to Santa asking for something which they really want to have!  So, we are looking for sponsors who can support 200 presents!

At the party Santa comes to give a present to each child.  Some of the children believe that Santa is real! They often start to cry, but once they receive their present, the happiness erupts from their faces.

All SFN volunteers and GDI Staff are very excited about the upcoming event this year and we hope to see you there.
Even though It is still very early, but  we can’t help but say….Merry Christmas!!






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