Monthly Newsletter – December 2015

D e c e m b e r  2 0 1 5   E d i t i o n 

“Global Success through
Communication and Innovation”

Seasons Greetings







Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,
December is here and with it brings cooler weather, approaching holidays and the end of yet another calendar year.  I am delighted we have reached this point in 2015, as it provides us with the opportunity to look back at many exciting events, challenges, accomplishments, new relationships and partnerships, and to look enthusiastically ahead to 2016 and beyond.

On behalf of the entire company, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to all our clients and partners for your continued confidence in GDI.  Through this support and confidence, and of course through the efforts of all GDI employees, including our engineers, instructors, consultants, our sales and administration teams, and management, we continue to push forth and moved closer to our overall objectives of doing our best to support your Global Expansion and Success Through Communication and Innovation.

I wish you all the best in December and the coming year, and hope you find time to celebrate the season with family, friends, and loved ones.

Happy Holidays.

James Hedden



弊社を代表して、日頃からご愛顧頂いている全ての顧客の皆様やパートナーに、心から感謝申し上げます。皆様からの支援や信頼、そしてエンジニア、講師、コンサルタント、営業チーム、アドミンチーム、経営陣を含む全GDIスタッフの努力のおかげで、弊社の目標として掲げた社是でもある「Global Expansion and Success Through Communication and Innovation.(コミュニケーションやイノベーションによる国際的な成功を)」を皆様方にご提供するべく、邁進することができました。






GDI Seminars

 Business Tip of the Month
Conversation Balance On the Telephone

Many times during our conversations via the telephone, we often experience difficulty trying to decide when to speak and when to listen.  Because we cannot see each other, we often face times where we end up interrupting the other speaker and or face awkward silences.  Asking questions after you speak, and / or using tag questions are a great way to avoid these mishaps. Below are some key phrases and advice to help you along the way.


Tip 1:  Avoid long periods of silence:
• Try using active listening techniques like echoing (repeating what was stated by the other speaker)
A: Your order will be sent by the end of the week.
B: The end of the week.  I understand

その1: 長い沈黙を避ける
A: ご注文の品、今週末までには届きますよ。
B: 今週末ですね。わかりました。

Tip 2:  Ask questions  
•  By asking the other person a question, they understand that it expected of them to speak.
o    A: I hope to have the report done by Friday.  Is that okay with you?
•  We can also ask Tag Questions, which also let the other person know that now is a good time to vocalize their thoughts.
o    You mentioned that you would be able to come to the event, didn’t you?
o    They are going to arrive before the day ends, aren’t they?その2: 質問をする
・ 相手に質問をすることによって、相手に求めていることをはっきりと伝える
○    金曜までにそのレポートを提出してほしいのですが、それで大丈夫ですか?・ 不可疑問にすることで、今の自分の考えを声に出して相手に知ってもらう
○    イベントに参加できると仰いましたよね?
○    彼らは日付が変わるまでには到着しますよね?
***And there is much more language offered throughout our course***
  Idiom of the Month
Idiom: Weather a storm
Meaning(意味:  If someone weathers a storm, they survive a difficult situation or event.
1. Despite the difficult economy the company was able to weather a storm and not go bankrupt.
困難な経済状況にも関わらず、その会社は倒産することなく乗り切った。2. The house is very strong and well built.  It should be able to weather a storm without any damage.


GDI Global Consulting

Being on the road 24 out of 26 days is quite tiring, but it also means that our Consultants are providing added value to our clients needs and shows positive forward movement. So in the essence of time, this months report will be a short one, but we hope it is still informative.Once again, as you can tell from above, we were overseas in India and Europe, meeting with agents and potential clients. The meetings in India provided some new insights to the Indian pharmaceutical market and we learned, along with our clients Global Team, new cultural and business aspects, which will help drive further success in India for this, and other clients wishing to enter the Indian Market.

The trip to Europe took our consultant to Rome, Zurich, Basel, Dusseldorf and Munich, spending an average of nearly 3 days in each city. It was the first trip to Rome for one of our consultants and he was lucky enough to have a Sunday off to walk through city and visit a few of its historical sites. Although the opportunity to visit many places comes with the job, it is still nice to be back home in Japan with family and friends.

Lastly, this month, we had the opportunity and pleasure to visit a number of new potential clients in Okayama.  Some very interesting companies with unique products and technologies which have great potential to access new markets and potential client bases.  Onwards and Upwards!

Until next month, here are some shots of Rome. Quite an impressive place when you think about the history and the culture.






GDI Overseas Studies &


Hello from GDI OS division!

This year has gone by fast and December is here!

Today, we would like to inform you about eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which was recently introduced in Canada.
The eTA, much like its name suggests, is a confirmation of a foreign national’s eligibility to travel to Canada.
The eTA, which will be implemented by Canada, is very similar to the digital travel verification system which has already been implemented in the United States as well as Australia.
The application process has begun from August 2015, but the actual program will begin in March 2016.

The Details are below:
● All countries including Japan have joined the visa waiver program
● Persons traveling by air to Canada are required to participate
● eTA can be applied for through the Canadian Government website
● The fee for an eTA application is ONLY $7 CAD
● Expiration Date: 5years (travel to Canada is not limited.)
You are required to reapply for the eTA if your passport expires during the eTA’s active period.
● If a foreign national has permanent residency, an eTA is not required, but they must possess and present their PR card upon entering the country

To check and see if you are required to obtain an eTA, please see the link below.

-Overseas Division Current NEWS-
Recently, Cathy a representative from North Island College and Sayuri from Vancouver Island University came to visit us here in Nagoya.

We were able to exchange the latest information and updates during our time together.

We are staying up to date with the latest news and information and are always there to support our overseas students. We are proud to assist and take the time to talk with our overseas students to help with school, their livelihood or consulting matters.

If you are interested in going overseas or have any other questions, please let us know.



eTA(Electronic Travel Authorizaion)、カナダ出入国カードの取得が義務化となりました。

● 日本を含むビザ免除プログラム参加国の国民が対象
● 航空経由の入国が対象(陸、船などは対象外)
● eTAの申請はカナダ政府ウェブサイトからオンラインで可能です。
● 申請・取得代は7カナダドル
● 有効期間は5年間(期間中は何度でも入国が可能)。eTA有効期間中にパスポートが切れた場合、eTAを再度申請・取得する必要があります。
● カナダのpermanent resident の方はeTAの取得は必要ありませんが、カナダへ入国する際、PRカードの持参が義務付けられます。







Tokyo Office News

New Staff Admission
We are proud to welcome two new members from Korea to our GDI team.  We are very excited to have them on the team and their personalities are a positive effect to everyone.   Despite being from a different country and culture, our goals are the same.  We are all striving to become a better, more diverse company and all hope to achieve our goals together as a team.
Company Events
This November, we were very fortunate to hold our “Round Table Discussions”.  Our key speaker was none other than Hal, GDI’s COO.  The focus on his lecture was the changes in society and management.  He shared his experiences and many of the attendees were positively influenced.  His words helped many with their vision of the future for themselves and for the company.  Many people said that they are really looking forward to the next Round Table session.

We have decided to hold a sectional meeting, with the purpose of discussing how GDI will develop in the future.  We will also hold a subcommittee meeting for the purpose of deciding the proper steps of achieving our future goals.  Topics of discussion are this year’s goals and whether or not they have been met or exceeded.  We also are focusing on next year’s targets.  We then trouble shoot and brainstorm ideas to find solutions to issues that might have happened or might happen in the future.  The idea is that all employees feel that they are contributing to the success of the company and that they are part of a team. Each person is as important as the next and we all play an important role in the company’s future.


ありがたいことに、COOのHalさんを講師としてお迎えしてのRound Tableを11月にも開催することができました。時代の変化、それに伴う経営思考の変化等をHalさんの経験も交えながらレクチャーして頂き、参加した社員はとても感化された様子でした。ビジネスの視点で自分の未来、会社の未来を見つめ直すことで自分が何をすべきかより明確になったようです。社員たちからは次のRound Tableが楽しみ!といった感想が多く寄せられ、モチベーションの上がる意義深い時間となりました。







We are glad to share SFN (Santa and Friends Nagoya) activity this month again!

SFN received a very generous donation from the Hilton Nagoya amounting to 1,500,000 yen!

the Hilton Nagoya every year organizes a ”Christmas Train” project which collects donations
from local companies and corporations which is donated to a number of organizations and charities, one of which is  SFN. This is the 4th year for SFN to receive this honored opportunity.

At the ceremony, SFN director James (GDI CEO) was presented with the funds and gave a short speech expressing our gratitude to the Hilton, sponsors and audience.

SFN will arrange the purchase of necessary furniture and equipment for each orphanage,
and also will buy suits for those orphans who will graduate high school and start to work or attend University from next spring.

And….a little about the upcoming SFN Christmas event on 6 December!!

This year SFN volunteers will divide into 2 groups and will visit 2 orphanages in the morning and afternoon.
At the most recent SFN meetings, all volunteers have been spending time discussing and preparing for the event.
At the same time during preparation, all volunteers experience and learn important team work skills and important communication skills in both Japanese and English.

We look forward to and hope the Christmas event goes well for all children and volunteers as.

Merry Christmas!!!!

今月も先月に続き、SFN(Santa and Friends Nagoya)のボランティア活動の



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