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Dear Valued Customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

First off, how did everyone spend Golden Week holidays? Did you enjoy the genial weather with family and friends or did you just stay home and relax? We hope everyone had a wonderful time no matter how you enjoyed your holiday! Also, we want to wish all the Mothers out there a belated Happy Mother’s Day! We hope the day wonderful for you and you received some nice presents. .

If you haven’t heard, the G7 Ise-Shima Summit will be held on May 26th and 27th in Ise, Mie. Leaders of the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan will visit to our Tokai area for this event. To celebrate this gathering of world leaders in our backyard, why don’t we all participate in some kind of global activity?

Thank you for reading this newsletter each month and have a great May… and THINK GLOBAL!




毎月お読みいただき有り難うございます。素晴らしい5月をお過ごしください。Think Global!



Business Tip of the Month 
Formal vs Informal Greetings
形式的な挨拶 vs カジュアルな挨拶

There are many situations where your style of speaking will change based on whom you are speaking with, where you are having your discussion, and the atmosphere itself.  Based on these specific points, our language often changes between formal and less formal speaking styles.  Today we would like to focus specifically on greetings and the different styles and phrases you can use.


For Example:

1. Hi, how are you?  I’m Jason. – less formal speaking style
【やぁ、調子はどうですか?私はジェイソンです。 – カジュアルな表現
2. Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  My name is Jason Smith.
【こんにちは。お会いできて光栄です。私はジェイソン・スミスと申します。 – 形式的な表現

Below are some examples of formal and less formal greetings:
以下は形式的とカジュアルな場合の挨拶の例です。Formal Greetings 形式的な挨拶
– Good morning, afternoon, evening  おはようございます。こんにちは。こんばんは。
– How do you do?  初めまして。
– How are you?  調子は如何ですか?Informal Greetings カジュアルな挨拶
– Hello  やあ。
– How have you been?  元気だった?
– How are things going?  最近どう?Formal Responses 形式的な返答
– Good morning  おはようございます。
– Good afternoon  こんにちは。
– Good evening  こんばんは。
– Very well, thank you  どうも有り難うございます。Informal Responses カジュアルな返答
– Hello/Hi  やあ。
– Hi  やあ。
– Fine, thanks and you?  調子いいよ。キミは?
– Great, thanks  こっちも絶好調さ。

Idiom of the Month
“Make Ends Meet”
Meaning : 
To earn just enough money to pay for a place to live and your daily expenses.

1. Her student loans are so high she has to work two jobs to Make Ends Meet.

2. My job pays enough to Make Ends Meet.
Make ENDS Meet


New Staff Admission

In April, we welcomed two new members to GDI. They are both strongly-motivated towards their careers, and both participate in J-IT, IT skill career up seminars.  Their participation and positive attitudes always liven up the atmosphere with all of the other participants.  We will continue to introduce our new employees, and hope you enjoy reading about them.

Company Events

Usually this time of year, many people attend Hanami Parties (Cherry Blossom Viewing) During these events, many people lay out blue tarps under the cherry trees and enjoy the beautiful flowers.  They spend time enjoying drinks, eat good food and spend time with one another.  This year GDI folks decided to take a more unconventional approach to the traditional style of Hanami.  We decided to stay warm in our office and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Aki and then after finishing our meal, we went for a stroll to Gaiemmae station.  Along the way, we enjoyed many beautiful cherry blossoms.

The party was a complete success! We had 15+members who participated.  Other dishes that were served were handmade Chijimi (Korean pancakes), Oden, and some Korean featured stew and veggies. All of the food was prepared by Aki who in the past had worked as a skilled nutritionist.  The food was amazing and made everyone smile. Thank you Aki!

By the time we went for our walk, it started raining outside. So we went nearby our office and saw a cherry blossom tree. It really melted our hearts. With some laughing and giggling, it seemed like everyone was happy and enjoying themselves.

GDI Tokyo is growing exponentially. I still believe that even though the business is becoming larger, GDI staff never forgets to spend time together. During this event, we were able to share our thoughts and feelings while enjoying some beautiful scenery.




「お花見Walk」を覚えていますか?昨年に引き続き、今年もGDI Tokyoオフィスではお花見を行いました。今年は社員中心のアットホームなパーティとなりました。お花見と聞くと、青いレジャーシートを広げて、そこに車座になってごはんを食べたりお酒を飲んだりして桜を眺める、というようなイメージがありますが、私たちGDI Tokyoオフィスのメンバーは、車座になる代わりに、大きなダイニングテーブルを埋め尽くすお料理やスナックを用意し、お酒を片手に美味しくいただきます。そして、お腹もいっぱいになって、気持ちがぽかぽかしてきたら外苑前の並木道まで桜を見に行く「お花見Walk」を行います。みんなでわいわいと歩いて行った昨年が懐かしく、今年も出かけることにしました。栄養士Akiさん監修の韓国料理とほっとする温かなおでんが今年のご馳走でした。Akiさん、ありがとうございました!






On April 8 (FRI), James gave a presentation on Being Global and Taking You Company Global to a group of business owners at WINC Aichi. During this meeting James spoke about the need for Japanese companies to go global, problems facing small to medium sized companies when taking their business overseas and some solutions on how to be a more global citizen and do better business overseas.. Of course one of these suggestions was GDI Communications Consulting Services. Although, he could not directly introduce the services during the presentation, James was able to connect with several of the participants at the following business card exchange and party and introduce in more detail the support GDI Consulting Services can offer.

Speaking of services… Our main Consultant for Iwata Label was again overseas for an exhibition and also to meet with a large vial, ampoule and pre-filled syringe manufacturer. This time they were in Bologna, Italy for Pharmintech and the 2 of the team went to Venice for the Ompi Innovation Day and a business meeting with the Stevanato Group and Ompi. They were especially luck to be able to attend the Ompi Innovation Day, as this proved to be an interesting and exciting event!

As you can see, GDI Consulting Services are providing great value to our customers. If our services are something you think would help your business succeed overseas, feel free to contact us and we will sit down with you and discuss the needs and possibilities of taking on such a venture. In the meantime, please take care and see you next month!


コンサルティング・サービスと言えば、岩田レーベル様を担当しているGDIのコンサルタントは展示会で薬剤を入れる瓶や容器、プレフィルドシリンジの大手製造メーカーとコネクションを作るべく、再び海外へと出張してきました。今回はイタリアのボローニャで「Pharmintech」という展示会に出展しました。また、チームの別メンバー2人はベネチアで「Ompi Innovation Day」というイベントに出席し、StevanatoグループとOmpi社といった企業とビジネスの会談をすることができました。興味深く、刺激的なイベントである「Ompi Innovation Day」に参加できた彼らは、特に幸運だったと言えるでしょう。




~Overseas Study for Your Company Staff in Canada~

Now with the speed of globalization, it’s a must for companies to secure its employees’ global mind. GDI Communications is proud of introducing to you the Canada short term study program for your staff.


  • Term: From 2 weeks to 2 months
  • Student number: 1 person or more
  • Place: Vancouver or Victoria in Canada British Columbia
  • School: Local language school which has a direct contract with GDI
  • Study contents: ESL study upon to your English level and some activities after school
  • Fee: From 250,000 yen (tuition and homestay) * air ticket isn’t included

Aims to study in Canada

  • Through the cross cultural life experience, you can learn not only the language but also the mental spirit to adapt to various situations.
  • With the different nationalities of the other exchange students at school and the homestay experience, you will engage in a dynamic, global communication.
  • Through attending various school activities and your own trips in the local area, you will become a more independent and responsible person.

GDI Special Support

  1. Prior to studying abroad, we will arrange a mindset seminar for attendees and support them to set up individual goals.
  2. During their stay in Canada, we will communicate with each person to confirm whether they need any support or advice.
  3. After coming back to Japan, we can provide the opportunities to use English or interact with international people to maintain the gained global communication skills.

Furthermore, we offer the GDI Pre Departure Training which aims at persons who will leave for overseas soon. It is a 40 hours course, where you can learn the very first steps for communicating in various situations overseas.

Please contact us at




  • 期間:2週間から2ヶ月間
  • 人数:1名から
  • 場所:カナダのバンクーバーまたはビクトリア(ブリティッシュコロンビア州)
  • 学校:現地語学学校(GDI直接提携校)
  • 学習内容:レベルに合わせたクラスで総合英語の習得と授業後はアクティビティに参加
  • 費用:25万円~(学費とホームステイ代)*渡航費は含まれません。


  • 現地での生活、異文化への接触を通して、語学力はもとより海外で生き抜くためのマインド、タフさを養う。
  • 語学学校に入学してくる世界各地の留学生やホストファミリー、現地の住人と触れ合うことで人間性を磨く。
  • 学校主催のアクティビティへの参加や、休日に留学生が自ら現地を散策することで自身の多様性と行動力を養う。


  1. 留学前に、参加者へのヒアリングを行い、各自に具体的な留学目標を設定していただくためのマインドセットセミナーを開催します。
  2. 滞在中は、スカイプを利用し、各自と面談を行い、目標に向けての現状を再認識していただきます。
  3. 帰国後にも英語を活用でき、外国人とのコミュニケーションをとる場を提供することで、海外で得た経験を維持できるようサポートします。 





Again this year, we are very happy to announce and support the annual Nagoya Walkathon charity event, which will be held on Sunday May 22nd at Morikoro Park. Each and every year, this wonderful event aims at collecting donations and contributions which go directly to the support and care of a number of local charities. Through GDI and Santa and Friends Nagoya (SFN), a number of volunteers will attend the event and help out with the hockey shoot in the children’s area for the 5th consecutive year.

Also, as this year is the 25th anniversary, it looks to be an amazing event. For more information click HERE.

Also, one more update and report from SFN. From this year, we are very proud to be working with Michael Clemons and Living Dreams, an organization from Tokyo which also volunteers time and support to a number of orphanages in the Tokyo and Tohoku areas. Living Dreams will be coming to Nagoya and the SFN orphanages to implement a variety of IT infrastructures, instruction and skill training. The overall purpose is to provide opportunity to students between 13-18 years old to learn and be able to use computers, and as a result offer key job skills needed when for looking for jobs after graduation. In addition to the training for the children, they will provide skill training to orphanage staff as well.

The efforts to assist Living Dreams is a new initiative to give more Support to local Children, and we are very proud to be a part of this fantastic mission. We will keep you posted about developments. Stay tuned!!!




もう1つ、SFNの活動について新しいご報告です。昨年より少しずつ準備を進めてきた東京のNPO法人Living Dreamsの活動である「ITを養護施設に」をSFNの施設に導入する運びとなります。中高生がもっとインターネットを利用し、就職や進学などの際に活かせる情報を見つける手段のひとつと考えており、その上で子どもと生活する養護施設の職員さまにもITの基礎トレーニングを提供していきます。




















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