GDI Communications – Monthly Newsletter – June 2016



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Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

June has arrived very quickly, and we hope this edition of the GDI newsletter finds you all well?
As you all probably know, there are unfortunately no holidays in June and it often seems a busy time of the year, both in and outside of work. During this busy time, we hope you are able to find a few moments to stop, refresh, and enjoy the small things. Coming soon also, is the start of the rainy season in Japan, yet the signs of summer are slowly approaching. Fireflies, for example, have started to appear and are painting the night sky with oncoming summer colors. In this changing season, we at GDI continue to put forth our efforts and service and wish you all a great June!!!






Business Tip of the Month
Answering the Phone

Answering the phone at work especially in English can sometimes be trying.  Remember to always thank the caller for calling, introduce your company first and then your name.  Finally, remember to ask how you may help.  If you follow these simple rules, you will always be successful while answering the phone.


For Example:
Thank you for calling (your company name).  This is (your name) speaking.  How may I help you?

Below are some examples of other key gambits you may use:

Opening Statement 電話に出るとき
(your company name), thank you for calling. お電話ありがとうございます。(会社名)です。
– You have reached (your company name)(会社名)でございます。
– Thank you for calling (your company name), this is…

Offering Assistance 用件の聞き方
– How may I help you today? 本日はどのようなご用件でしょうか?
– How may I be of assistance? ご用件をお伺いいたします。
– What can I do for you today? (casual) ご用件はなんでしょう?(カジュアルな表現)

Giving your name 名乗り方
(both first and last name or first only フルネーム、もしくは名前のみ)
– This is (your name) (名前)でございます。
– You have reached the desk of (your name). こちらは(名前)です。
(your name) speaking.  (名前)が対応しております。

****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****


Idiom of the Month
“play phone tag”

Meaning: To engage in a series of telephone calls with another person in which each time one party calls, the other is not available to answer.



  1. We have been playing phone tag for the past week.  Every time we try to call each other, the other person is busy.
  2. I have tried to call my customer, but she was away from her desk. Then she called me back when I was in a meeting! We’ve been playing phone tag all day.


New Staff Administration

In May, a new promising employee joined GDI. He is doing his best to improve his skills each day.
We will continue reporting about the success of the GDI family in the future. Stay tuned for our reports.


As a first trial in GDI Tokyo, we are planning an IT camp with the GDI family this summer. The camp’s location is actually the home of GDI Tokyo’s GM, Toshi’s grandfather. It is a very spacious and wonderful home, and all of the GDI family are excited to go.
In the camp, we are planning a rural life experience like vegetable harvesting, support of local neighbors and a hackathon. In the hackathon, we will make 3 groups that are going to develop systems which are useful for GDI and update our in-house portal site. Each of them will compete against the other groups. We are sure that each group will work hard to take the lead in the hackathon! We will continue to share our day to day experiences and hope you enjoy reading.





GDI Tokyoオフィス初の試みとして、この夏社員の皆さんと一緒にIT合宿を計画中です。場所は、TokyoオフィスのGM、Toshiさんのおじいさまのご実家ということで、とても広く立派な建物で、社員一同興奮しています。



Greetings from the Consulting Division.  Although we have been refining our skill sets over the last several months and preparing to take on more business and hire more consultants, this last month of May we have been quite busy supporting Iwata Label. We have attended a trip to India to visit customers and a potential printing partner. We have been to Tokyo to meet representatives from Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Europe. We have supported the visitation of the Ompi New Busiess Development Team to Iwata Label’s head office and factories. And we have traveled with their Global Team to Europe to visit clients in Germany, Italy, Spain and France to discuss sales.  So as you can see, May has been busy.
For the comings months, we are planning on taking our consulting services on the road and work on sales. There are a lot of companies that could use our services and we really have a desire to help them succeeded. We also are hoping to take on a couple more consultants to help ease the work load and allow time to focus on expansion.
As always, thank you for your support and taking the time to read this newsletter. If there is anything special you would like the Consulting Division to report on, please let us know and we will do our best to get the information you need.







In the same way that May flew by and June has started, spring has basically past and from now, the warm – or rather hot – days have arrived. Please take care of your health during these days, especially when the temperature rises above  30℃.

Regarding news from our Global Study division, we are happy to announce that from May, two high school students traveled to and are visiting “The High School” in Nanaimo, BC, in Canada. With the long-term exchange program, they are going to stay abroad for ten months and GDI will do its best to support them throughout this whole time.

This month we would like to present to you, a few  reports of our exchange students who have already returned to Japan and who have shared their experiences with us. Hearing the exchange students’ direct voices might be also helpful for everyone who is considering a stay abroad.

Please, also have a look at a few other reports at:

If you are interested in studying abroad or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at:

急に30℃を超える日も出てきていますので、日射病には気をつけてくださいね。留学部門からの報告として、5月に高校生の方2名がThe high School へ留学されました。

弊社 gs@gdicommunications.comまでご連絡下さい。



As I wrote in last month’s newsletter, the annual Nagoya Walkathon charity event was held on May 22th at the Morikoro Park. This year again, the GDI staff and SFN (Santa and Friends Nagoya) volunteers helped out with the hockey shoot in the children’s area. There were also a lot of other activities, but our hockey shoot was one of  the most popular activities! Good job, team and thank you to all volunteers for helping!
We are looking forward to the next event, where about 200 people will participate – the summer BBQ!

GDI CSRアクティビティ





Hello everyone,
Nice to meet you! I hope you are all well and that you were able to enjoy the beautiful May weather now that rainy season has started.
My name is Lara Pecelin and I work as full-time instructor for GDI Communications since the middle of April. I am very grateful for this chance and honestly appreciate all the kindness and help I am receiving.
I was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany. At university I studied Japanese language, society as well as culture and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2015. I gained first hand work experience while working as ground staff for a Japanese airline and as an intern in a Japanese company in my hometown. Besides that I used to work as a tutor and taught younger university students. During my studies I also spent one year abroad as an exchange student in Yokohama, where I learned to love living in Japan. While still staying in Japan I decided to come back in the future and eventually I moved to Nagoya last year.
I am very happy to work for GDI Communications from now on and I am very much looking forward to meet every one of you!