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Dear Valued Customers, clients, friends, and employees of GDI,

Greetings to friends, family, clients and all subscribers to this newsletter. Summer is here and schools are out for summer vacation! Here in Japan, summer is a special time for everyone and we at GDI hope you all are able to get time off and enjoy this season!

The same as spring, and its Golden Week, summer in Japan has OBON, which is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one’s ancestors. Along with OBON, summer time is filled with matsuri (festivals), semi bugs (cicada), hanabi (fireworks) yakiniku (BBQ)! It is also filled with hot and humid weather and the best way to beat the heat is ice cold beer or kakigori (shaved ice).

If you’re a subscriber who lives in Japan, we hope you get out this OBON for Bon Odori and some summer fun. If you’re not in Japan, it is quite likely that your local Japanese Buddhist Temple will be celebrating OBON. So head on over and experience summer Japanese style!







Business Tip of the Month

 Active listening is a process where a listener is giving complete attention to the speaker.  When using the English language, it is important to focus carefully on exactly what the speaker is saying.  It is also important to support the speaker, ask questions and encourage them to say more.  This can be done with a variety of different phrases.  Below is a short list to help you along the way.

アクティブ・リスニングとは、聞き手が話し手に対してしっかりと意識して聞いていることをアピールする手段です。英語を使うとき、話し手が何を言っているか正確に聞き取ることは大切です。また、相手の話を促すために、質問することや話を引き出すことも重要です。これには、様々なフレーズを使うことができます。そんな時に役立つフレーズは以下の通りです。Active Listening:
Can you tell me more?      もう少し教えてください。
Wow! That’s interesting.    へぇ!それは面白いですね。
So what you are saying is…?  つまり…ということですか?
I completely understand.    よくわかります。
Uh-huh.              うんうん(相槌を打つ)

****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****
Idiom of the Month


“err on the side of caution”
Meaning: To be especially careful rather than taking a risk or making a mistake.

1. Thirty people are coming, but I have erred on the side of caution and reserved a table for 35.

2. It’s better to err on the side of caution than to rush into a big decision.



We would like to tell you about a recent event.  The IT camp, which was held during a three-day weekend in July.

Three teams; the team of conference reservation system, the team of attendance contact system, and the team of attendance management system, held many meetings, which placed emphasis on adjustment of systems. In the evening on the second day they held the result presentation. All of the teams made a presentation and promoted their systems with vigor and pride.

The teams were asked many questions from the audience and were very nervous, however their presentations were all well planned, presented, and enjoyable.
It is hard to make a decision which of the three was better, but finally the judges decided that the Team of Attendance Contact Systems was the best.We will be adapting this new system within GDI Communications and continue to try to better our internal systems in the Tokyo office.

We are planning to hold the IT camp on a regular basis so that we can continue to evolve within GDI Communications.

During the month of July, our second GDI Explorers trip was held!! This time we went to Okinawa. Despite some rather unpleasant weather, we were able to enjoy the location and many different sights.

We started our exploration at “Sefa-utaki” which is a historical sacred place.  We could truly feel the peace and tranquility of prayer.
Next, we relaxed on the beautiful beach.  While we were in the area, we ate “Okinawa soba” and “Shima dofu”.

The house that we stayed was also nice, and the traditional Okinawa “Shisa”, (Ryukyuan decoration) watched over us.

The main event of this trip was snorkeling in the blue cave. The things in the deep ocean were so different and mystical.  It was almost like a different universe. There were many people there and the noise was quite loud, but we really didn’t mind because it was just so beautiful.

We will keep you posted about any future endeavors with the GDI Explores.  Stay tuned!!

New Staff Administration
This month, we would like to welcome 6 new members to our GDI Communications team. Each member is working hard at becoming a great system engineer, global business person, and to grow and develop new skills. We are excited to have them as part of GDI Communications.



GDI Explorers第二弾!ということで、Okinawa Explorersを開催しました。早朝着の飛行機で沖縄に降り立った冒険者たちを、ピカピカの太陽がお出迎え!ということには残念ながらならず、まるで嵐のような天候に翻弄されつつも、斎場御嶽を訪れ、ありのままの自然の中で祈りの神秘を感じることから旅はスタートしました。どこまでも透き通った沖縄の海で身体を癒しつつ、名物の沖縄そばや島豆腐を堪能。宿泊先に選んだ民家は沖縄らしいたたずまいで、可愛らしいシーサーが見守っていました。




As the year marches on, so does the GDI Consulting Division. This month we are writing our contribution to this newsletter from NYC, NY. Yes, that’s right. This month we’re in the USA visiting various potential clients, Agents and partner for one of our main clients. We are also visiting with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and discussing how they can help with this client’s needs in the USA.

So far the trip has been successful and we have made some great connections. Next we will be traveling along the East Coast to Miami, Philadelphia and Greensboro. And from there we will be directly heading off to Europe to offer support with a few meetings and also work at our client’s European office in Düsseldorf, Germany. Although the schedules are tough, they experience is priceless. 

If your company is planning to expand overseas, but are not 100% sure of your needs and/or have full confidence and competencies to execute your Overseas Expansion Strategy, consider employing GDI Communication’s Consulting Services. Along with our Seminars and Training services. we have the experience, desire and passion needed to support your strategy development and execution. If you would like to know more, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are waiting to support your Overseas Expansion Strategy needs!

1年がどんどん進んでいくように、GDIのコンサルティング事業部も着実に前進しています。今月のコンサル部の記事は、NYからお届けします。そう、今まさにニューヨークにいます。今月から岩田レーベル様と共にアメリカに渡り、様々なクライアントやエージェント、パートナーを訪問しています。また、日本貿易振興機構(JETRO:Japan External Trade Organization)にも訪問し、アメリカ国内でどのように岩田レーベル様をサポートできるか話し合ってきました。





Hello GDI clients and students!

The rainy season is over, and finally summer is coming! Please stay in cool and drink water to avoid heatstroke.

For this month, we would like to introduce a new style of accommodations to all students who will be going to, or already in Vancouver. It is sometimes difficult to find your accommodations in Vancouver, and also the vast majority of apartments require a minimum 1-year lease. Global Education City (GEC), a new style of accommodation provides fully furnished, safe, and comfortable accommodations to foreign and domestic students at affordable rates.

【GEC Advantages】

  • GEC offers daily, weekly, and monthly rental options depending on the location. They also provide flexible move-in and move-out dates.
  • Suites come fully furnished and include utilities, Wi-Fi, TV cable, and weekly housekeeping.
  • Security/concierge on site 24hrs/day and a 24-hour contact is provided for any urgent maintenance issues.
  • All GEC residences are located in close proximity to public transportation. You will see how close your school in the downtown.
  • They have residences that not only cater to students (single and couples), but also have units available for visiting parents and family to rent.
  • Living in Vancouver can be very expensive. GEC rates are very reasonable and include all utilities.

You can find more information on the their website by clicking the photo to the right or this link HERE.  

Some of our students
in Vancouver also use their accommodations. This service will make your study more comfortable and successful! If you have any interests for studying in Canada, please feel free to contact us anytime!



バンクーバーに留学をお考えの方、必見です!バンクーバーでの住居を探すのはとても大変で、アパートを借りる際に通常約1年の契約を結ぶことが必要となります。そこでGCE(Global Education City)が提供する新しい住居スタイルがあります。


  • GECでは通常1か月からの契約が可能です。(一泊からの滞在が可能なレジデンスもあります。)
  • 住居は家具付きで、週一のハウスキーピングもついています。
  • オフィス営業時間外でもセキュリティー担当者が住居にいますので安心です。
  • GECが所有するすべての住居が、公共のバスや電車へ徒歩圏内です。また、多くの学校の近くに位置しており、とても便利です。
  • 学生向けの滞在のみならず、ご家族、親子留学、出張等、いろいろな目的でご利用頂けます。
  • バンクーバーの家賃は他の都市に比べて少し高めなのですが、GECの住居は良心的な料金です。






The annual SFN Summer BBQ and Sports Day was held on July 10th at Shonai Park.

The weather could not have been more perfect the entire day!  Each year when we hold this event, the main purpose is inviting the children from the 4 orphanages which are supported by SFN, and this year we were happy to have over 100 children join the BBQ. In addition to the children over 60 volunteers assisted on the day which started before 9:00am and ended around 4:00pm.

This year again, with the use of our super BBQs and BBQ team we served an array of delicious BBQ foods, and kept the children and volunteers cool with ample beverages. Many games and activities were arranged for the day, many of which were water related activities to help keep all wet and cool on the hot day! Everyone was soaked including the children, volunteers and leaders alike.

Each and every year, the children very much look forward to the annual BBQ and we very much appreciate all the support and effort which the volunteers, including many GDI staff, continue to give.

Hats off for your volunteers spirits always!!!!