GDI Communications – Monthly Newsletter – September 2016



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Dear GDI clients, family and friends,

We hope you all have somehow been able to endure the continuing summer heat and were able to find some temperature relief, rest and relaxation during the past Obon holiday.

The arrival of September also brings slightly cooler weather and finds most people back to regular working schedules, and sees children back to school and club activities.  Even though the Obon holiday has passed, there is relief in mid-September with Silver Week, which is a string of consecutive holidays including Respect for the Aged Day, the third Monday of September, Autumnal Equinox Day, astronomically determined, but usually September 23, and occasionally Kokumin no kyūjitsu, the day in between the two other holidays.

In GDI, we are also back to our regular routines and very happy and appreciative of the continued business, company growth and forward movement we are experiencing.
As the demand for global expansion and communication competence continues to rise in Japan, we look forward to offering new and innovative ideas to meet all needs.

Have a great September and Silver Week, and we hope you enjoy this month’s edition of our newsletter.








Business Tip of the Month
Asking for assistance at work


This month, I would like to discuss the topic of asking for help.  While there are many easy direct styles for asking for assistance, I would like to focus on the more formal styles.  Using more formal / polite styles rather than the more direct styles.  Typically, formal requests are more suitable for a working / office environment, and often better to use.  Below are a few key phrases to help you along the way.

Asking for assistance for a small or simple tasks: 小さい・簡単な仕事を頼むとき   

  • Could you give me a hand with carrying these boxes?
  • Can you please help me take out the trash?
  • Will you help with this please?                    
  • Can you help me please?                       

Asking for assistance with larger more complicated tasks: 大きい・複雑な仕事を頼むとき

  • Would you mind helping me with planning this meeting? 
  • 会議の計画を立てるのを手伝っていただけますでしょうか?
  • Could you possibly help me with preparing for the upcoming convention? 
  • 近々開かれる集会の準備を手伝っていただけますでしょうか?
  • I could really use your assistance with setting up the new computers today. 
  • 今日新しいパソコンのセットアップを手伝っていただけると助かります。
  • Could I possibly ask you to drive me to the airport next week?  
  • 来週、空港までの送迎をお願いできますでしょうか?

****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****
Idiom of the Month
“lend (someone) a hand”



Meaning: If you lend someone a hand, you help them. 誰かの手助けをするという意味   

Examples:  1. This box is very heavy.  Could you please lend me a hand carrying it?
この箱はすごく重いです。 運ぶのを手伝っていただけますか?
You seem really busy.  Would you like me to lend you a hand?
あなたはとても忙しそうですね。 何か手伝ってあげましょうか?

Cross Cultural Tip of the Month

From this month, we will be introducing a number of Cross Culture Tips and information to assist you in your global expansion.

When working with people from a diverse background or from different countries around the world, it is extremely important to take into consideration the communication and cultural differences to avoid misunderstandings.  Some important communication points to keep in mind when conducting international business are:

Tip 1: Speak Slowly and Check Understanding

Due to the fact that English is used as the common global language, many people are forced to speak in their non-native tongues, often resulting in heavy accents, and sometimes the use of local colloquial phrases.  Be sure to take your time, speak clearly, and try to use easily understood vocabulary and expressions, especially when all participating parties are non-native English speakers.   Also remember to read your counterparts body language and check for comprehension and understanding if needed, through checking gambits and phrases.   Example.   Do you have any questions? Is that fairly clear? Also if you are the listener and cannot follow the conversation, don`t be afraid to ask for repetition or rephrasing!

Please read our next Newsletter for our next Cross Cultural Communication.





例えば:質問はないですか? はっきりわかりましたか?




We are looking forward to “the new portal site of GDI, by GDI, for GDI” coming out soon. GDI members worked very hard and created it in the short breaks of their always busy work schedules. Our members have a high potential and are motivated. We are excited that they get new ideas and improve their skills more and more.Event
“We are making Japan happier through sports” A GDI employee who was an ex-professional football player in England leads our team and we continue to hold various sport events. We played futsal this time. Men, women and children enjoyed the event together! We also did core training. It looks easy but actually we had to try so hard! And we went to watch the Nadeshiko football game. We had a good time and we could strengthen our “Kizuna” in this event.New Staff Administration
We are welcoming 2 new members to GDI communications Tokyo office this month. One of them started her work life as a system engineer at GDI communications, and the other is trying to improve his skills more and more. We are excited to be working with them.


“スポーツでこの国を、もっとしあわせに”というモットーを掲げ、GDI社員であり、元イングランド2部リーグ サッカー選手が筆頭となり、数々のスポーツイベントを開催している”Campione Del Mondo (世界のチャンピオン)”。今回は、スポーツ好きの社員たちが集まり、フットサルをしました。フットサル初挑戦の女性社員や社員の子どもたちも参加し、 チームワークよく、そして楽しくプレーすることができました。試合後は指導者でもある社員の下、体幹トレーニングも行いました。単純そうに見えて、なかなかのバランスを必要とする体幹トレーニングで皆汗だくになっていました。その後はなでしこリーグ観戦、日本代表の選手も多く出場しており、 かなり見ごたえのある試合でした。サッカーづくしの一日を過ごしたGDI社員、 日々の業務の中とはまた違った形で絆を作ることができました。






September is the last month of the third quarter and that means the end of 2016 is getting closer. It also means that the weather should start cooling off as we move into fall. All of us here at GDI Communications’ Consulting Division hope you have had a successful year so far in 2016. Although this is the time of year where one feels like slowing down, it is important to keep pushing towards personal and professional goals.

If one of your goals is/ includes Global Expansion, both personal and professional, GDI Communications is here it support you. Our Training Division can give you and your team the skills and knowledge needed to survive and work in a foreign environment and our Consulting Division can provide the actual physical support at your company and/or overseas when interacting with clients, agents, partners etc. Through both of these support programs, you can confidently execute your Global Expansion Strategy.

One of our client companies incorporates both of these programs. They are using GDI Communications’ training programs to build the communication skills of their Global Team and other employees, plus they have a full-time Global Consultant from GDI. Our consultant is involved with many aspects of their Global Strategy and is offering unparalleled support for their overseas sales and marketing needs. This includes visiting clients, partners and agents, managing communication between these groups, as well as exhibition and tradeshow support. The feedback we have been receiving is positive and they are very satisfied with the service and support provided by GDI Communications’ Consulting Division and or Global Consultant.

If executing a Global Expansion Strategy is something you have been considering, but lack the experience, knowledge or confidence, let GDI Communications and our Global Consultants assist you. We are ready to go above and beyond expectations and get the job done.







Hello GDI clients and students!

Please accept our best greetings for the hot season! We hope you are all having a nice summer.
Today, we would like to introduce a student who studied at one of our partner schools, the Stewart College for two weeks in August.
Because of the many activities this summer program offers, every day of these short two weeks was exciting and full of experiences. Our exchange student said, that he definitely wants to go again!
During the summer program, he took English classes in the mornings and here, you can have a look at his schedule for the various afternoon activities.

Since the Stewart College is a rather small school, it provides a wide range of support for the students as well as a very secure and familiar atmosphere. Therefore, parents don’t need to worry and can let their children go abroad with their minds put at ease.
We very much recommend the Stewart College to parents who wish to enable their children to gain experiences abroad, but who are worried about sending them overseas alone for a longer period of time.

If you are interested in one of our exchange programs or if you just want to gather some information, we would like to welcome you anytime! Please feel free to contact us at the address below:



今月は8月に2週間弊社の提携校Stewart Collegeに留学されました生徒様のご紹介をさせて頂きます。

Summer Programのアクティビティは豊富なので、たった2週間でも毎日がとても刺激的だったかと思います。


Stewart Collegeは小規模な学校だけに、サポートが充実しており、親御さんも安心して留学に行かせることの出来る学校の一つだと思います。
一度海外経験をさせてみたい、だけど子供に長期行かせるのはまだ心配というご両親様、Stewart Collegeのサマープログラムをお勧めします。




In August we had monthly activities at 2 orphanages.
Below are the updates from 2 locations.
Jiyu Gakuen (ages 3-18 years old, only boys)

We enjoyed playing and teaching ”Go Fish!” game with cards.

The main purpose for this game was learning numbers and how to ask question, such as
Do you have a 5?”.
After the activities we prepared ice cream cones and chocolate syrup.
All children were so happy to have ice cream as a surprise gift!!

Thank you very much to the 6 volunteers for making time to come out!

Komagata Ryo (ages 3-18 years old)

Every month, 12 elementary school children for this activity are very excited when SFN volunteers are visiting.
This month, one volunteer who comes from Mexico, introduced his country.
Using pictures and photos, he introduced the food, school system and life style in Mexico.
During the session, we talked about under privileged families who can’t go to school, and children were able to have a better understanding of this sort of life and asked many questions.

Through these opportunities, we continue to build the relationship with children.
Also, we hope they enjoy making relationship with us and are happy if they
naturally continue to strengthen trust between us and learn about appreciation.



トランプを使い、「Go Fish!」というゲームをしました。

目的は英語でDo you have a five? など、手に持っているカードを相手に聞くこと。ここで少し数字を英語でいう練習をします。







Hello everyone and nice to meet you!

 My name is Mao Hasegawa. I joined GDI Communications from August 1, 2016 and I am working as an office administrator at the Nagoya office. During my university life in Nagoya University of Foreign Language, I had the chance to go to Canada on a long-term study abroad program. Canada, a multicultural country with heartwarming people, gave me the opportunities to learn about Canadian culture and to make a lot of friends from overseas. Staying in Canada is one of my most memorable events in my life.

It is my pleasure to work for a company that provides a wide range of support for Japanese companies and people who are eager to study the language and culture of Canada. I will do my best to support everyone’s dream through GDI!!
Thank you very much.