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Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,

We hope this edition of the GDI Newsletter finds you well.
Now that October has already arrived, the hot days have finally passed and the leaves are slowly turning red, yellow, orange and brown.
While you can view the beautiful sakura in spring, people enjoy momiji during the autumn season. Do you plan to view the changing leaves together with your friends and families? There are many great places throughout Japan to see the trees and whole forests in bright, beautiful fall colors.

Leaves are definitely beautiful, yet October has much more to offer than just beautiful landscapes! In the middle of October, GDI plans to hold its yearly “Oktoberfest”, which is also always a very colorful event, and in addition to this, at the end of the month there is Halloween.
Although there are many theories about the history and traditions of Halloween, it is widely believed that it originates from an ancient Celtic harvest festival, yet nowadays it is more of a celebrated costume party in many parts of the world. Even in Japan, you can already buy all kinds of Halloween themed items or sweets and people have already started preparing the costumes they plan to wear on the night of October 31st, also known as Halloween!
Do you also plan to don a costume on Hallows eve? If so, enjoy and play safe!!!!

At GDI, we are looking forward to an exciting month and we will continue doing our best for all our dear customers and clients.
Please enjoy this month’s newsletter and have a wonderful autumn season!




GDIでは、今月も楽しみつつ、すべてのお客様、クライアント様に引き続き最善を尽くしてサポートしていきます。それでは、今月のニュースレターをぜひお楽しみください。そして素敵な秋をお過ごしください! INTROS
Colm Barker


Business Tip of the Month


Expressing your point of view

In business and our personal lives, we are regularly facing situations in which we must state or share our opinions and views. There are many different key phrases that you can use depending on the situation and who you are speaking with.  Below are some examples to help you along the way.


General Topics   一般的な話題:

  • Many people think that…   
  • 多くの人は…と考えます。
  • People often say that…   
  • 人はよく…と言います。
  • It’s common for / to… 
  • …は一般的です。
  • It is generally accepted that… 
  • …は一般的に受け入れられています。

Individual Topics   個人的な話題:

  • In my experience…  
  • 私の経験では…
  • In my opinion…      
  • 私の意見は…
  • I believe that…
  • 私は…と信じています。
  • I truly feel that…
  • 私は…と感じます。
  • Personally, I think…  
  • 個人的に、私は…と思います。


****And there is much more language offered throughout our courses****
Idiom of the Month
sitting on the fence / on the fence”



If you are sitting on the fence, you do not take sides in a dispute, you do not choose between two possibilities, or you do not have an opinion on a certain topic.

You can’t sit on the fence any longer. You have to choose if you are going or not.

2. She just sat on the fence the entire time we spoke.
She didn’t contribute any of her own ideas. 



Cross Cultural Tip of the Month

This month for our Cross Cultural Communication Advice and Tip, we would like to look at formality of greetings and the importance of establishing and developing relationships. 

In a business settings, when meeting people for the first time, it is very important to Start Formal and work towards warmer ties.

Tip 2: Start Formal and Warm Up the Relationship

Most cultures (with the exception of the U.S., Canada, Australia and few others) expect a degree of formality at the beginning of communication between individuals. Each culture has its own culture-specific way of indicating this formality (“Herr” and “Frau” in Germany, the use of “san” in Japan for men and women, the use of Dr. / Mr. / Ms. with family names in the UK and North America, etc.). Become familiar with these familiarity tokens, and don’t jump to “first names” until you receive a cue from your new colleague that it is OK to do so.Example A:  A: Alex Peterson     B: Kentaro Sato
A: Good afternoon Mr. Peterson. It’s a pleasure to meet you. (handshake)
B: Good afternoon Sato san. The pleasure is mine.

Example B:  A: Dr. Zhang     B: Noriko Ito
A:  Pleased to meet you Dr. Zhang. (handshake)
B:  It’s very nice to meet you too Ms. Ito.

Please read our next Newsletter for our next Cross Cultural Communication.



国の文化の大半(アメリカ、カナダ、オーストラリアそしてその他数国以外)は、初対面の相手と挨拶を交わす際に、ある程度の形式(社交辞令)が必要となります。各国の文化ごとに、異なる独自の形式的挨拶があります。(日本で男性、女性共に使われる敬称「さん」は、ドイツでは“Herr” and “Frau”と呼び、イギリスや北アメリカでは名字に Dr. / Mr. / Ms.をつけるというように。)しっかりと使い方を身につけましょう。そして新しい同僚と関係が深まっても、相手から許可が出るまでは、急に「下の名前で呼ぶ」という行為はやめましょう。
A:  Alex Peterson氏     B: Kentaro Sato氏

A:  Dr. Zhang氏     B: Noriko Ito氏




At our Tokyo Office, we often hold an IT-class, that we call J-IT “Just Invest Together!”. One of our employees becomes our teacher and together we study to keep our high potential and strengthen our motivation. Beyond that, we’re trying to deepen our knowledge to further develop our skills and to get new qualifications.
In September we held our GA/TGIF, which we organize every 3 months. This time, it was named “Kumamoto charity night” due to the big earthquake. Everyone presented various agenda topics at the GA and everyone’s mind was focused on the task. We welcomed lots of guests at the TGIF. One of our guests, who is a singer from Kumamoto, made us all smile. Many donations could be collected for Kumamoto and together with messages for the victims these will be personally delivered by us.

New Staff Administration
This month we welcome again 2 new members to the GDI communications Tokyo office. One of them is a lady from India and the other, who gained experience as an exchange student in New York, started his work life at GDI communications. Both system engineers are trying to improve their skills more and more every day. We are excited to be working with them.

今月も数々のJ-IT(Just Invest Together!)講座が行われました。HTML, CCNP, AWSなどを学ぶため、業務終了後にオフィスへ集まり、社員が講師・生徒となり、皆で技術を高め合っています。皆で気持ちを高め合うことにより、各々の資格取得への意欲も増し、社員のますますの能力アップにもつながっています。






Greetings from the consulting division of GDI. Another quick month has passed, bringing us to this month’s issue of the GDI newsletter. This issue brings us into the 4th and last quarter of the year. The year so far has been a good year for GDI Communications and our Consulting Division. Along with the Training Division, we have supported several organizations with their Global Training and Global Expansion strategies and are focusing forward to develop and grow the Consulting Division.

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you will know that at the current time, the majority of our consulting time is provided to Iwata Label and supporting them with customer visits, trade shows and promotion overseas. Just this last month, we visited partners, agents, clients and potential clients in USA, India, Germany and France. Our consultants feel very lucky to be able to travel with the Iwata Label Global Team, yet sometimes find the travel schedules quite hectic.  Very early mornings to late evenings make for long days, yet even so, we are 100% committed to the success of out clients and will go above and beyond the call of duty to support their efforts.

If your organization is considering overseas expansion, but is not confident with making the move, please let GDI Communications’ Consulting and Training Divisions support your efforts and help build the confidence to succeed. Your success is our success. We are here to support your efforts and being about success for your organization.










Hello GDI Clients and Students!
For everyone who is interested to study in Canada, there is good news! This year again the Canadian Embassy will hold the “Study in Canada” fair in autumn this year. Let’s realize your dream of studying abroad in Canada, where people from all over the world and cultures gather, respect each other and live harmoniously together. If one of the points below applies to you, please consider to visit the fair: 
1. I want to find out about the merits of studying abroad.
2. I am eager to hear about the experiences from former overseas
3. I want to talk directly to the overseas schools’ staff.
4. I would like to compare the different schools in Canada.
5. I am interested to go abroad, but I am concerned about my age
and/or my English speaking ability.

November 2nd (Fri) 5:00pm-7:30pm
November 3rd (Sat) 11:00am-5:00pm
Canadian Embassy 
5 minutes’ walk from “Aoyama-itchome” station on the Ginza line, Hanzoumon Line, and Oedo Line

November 5th (Sun) 11:00am-5:00pm
Umeda Center Building, 16th floor 
6 minutes’ walk from “Umeda” station on the Hankyu train / 7 minutes’ walk from “Umeda” subway station or “Higashi-Umeda” subway station

The Canadian Embassy holds the Exchange Study Fair every year in spring and autumn. Many educational institutions take part in it and can give you individually all kinds of information and advice in Japanese at each booth. It is a chance to find a school or program in Canada that suits your needs like e.g. elementary, junior high or high schools, summer programs, language schools, colleges, universities or working holiday.
Moreover, it is a great chance to ask about studying English in general, because the organization that executes English operational capability examinations is also present in each booth and can answer your questions and offer consultation.
If you need more information, please refer to the official information on the embassy’s homepage by clicking HERE.

Of course, we are always here to support you and if you are considering studying abroad or are concerned about going overseas. Please contact GDI at any time, if you wish to consult with us and get more information.
We will continue doing our best to help and support you and your plans to study overseas!




11月2日(水)    17:00-19:30
11月3日(木・祝) 11:00-17:00
地下鉄銀座線、半蔵門線、大江戸線「青山一丁目」駅 徒歩約5分
11月5日(土) 11:00-17:00
梅田センタービル 16階
阪急電車:「梅田」駅 徒歩約6分/地下鉄:「梅田」駅・「東梅田」駅 徒歩約7分





It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 3 months away from this current rainy and still hot and humid season. As time stops for no one, we continue our activity and preparation for the upcoming events with our monthly SFN volunteer meetings and activity.Like previous years, we will again be printing SFN T-shirts for the upcoming Christmas event. The T-shirts, like in previous years as well, will have a Christmas related picture on the front, a drawing and design by one of the children from one of the orphanages, and on the back a variety of sponsor logos from which we receive very generous donations each year to help keep SFN going.

This year on December 4th (Sunday), we will hold our Christmas activity at each orphanage. To anyone / any company who is interested in joining the event, supporting our regular activities. This is also open to anyone or any company with a kind and generous heart who would like to donate and sponsor to SFN, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We very much appreciate your support this year during the Christmas season again!!

GDI / SFN Team






It’s nice to get acquainted with everyone. My name is Colm Barker and I joined GDI Communications on September 20, 2016, as a Business Trainer and Materials Developer.

I have just moved to Nagoya and am getting familiar with life here – so far, I like it. I’ve lived and worked in Japan for a couple of years – Tokyo and Matsuyama – and look forward to learning more about Japan and improving my language skills. Over the past decade and more, I’ve lived and traveled in many parts of Asia and Europe… so many memories and different ways of life.

It’s great to be working for GDI, and I hope to contribute to the company and its clients as much as possible. If there’s anything I can do to help anyone, please let me know.

Domo Arigato


皆さまと知り合えたことをうれしく思います。私はColm Barkerと申します。2016年9月20日より、トレーニング講師兼教材開発担当者としてGDIで働くこととなりました。