GDI Newsletter – February 2017

Welcome to the February Edition of the GDI Communications Newsletter and a late Happy Valentines Day. This year we are focusing on GLOBAL SUPPORT and how we can apply this concept to all our services. Over the years and from many different experiences, we have learned that language is not the only skill needed to survive in the Global Economy. Language is prerequisite to functioning in the Global Economy. It is a tool which all players need to master. However, it is not the only skill required. Other skills, such as presentation skills, negotiating skills, office manner skills, interpersonal skills, etc. are also necessary. GDI Communications offers customized Seminars, Training and Global Support services that can help transform an organization into a Globally minded work place.

Ultimately, to achieve Cultural Understanding and Global Thinking in Business, one must first develop their own Intellectual Capital (cultural knowledge and understanding), Social Capital (ability to build key relationships and connectivity), and Psychological Capital (self-confidence, adaptability and drive). Therefore, the need for Global Thinking, Global Understanding or just being Global, is now more than ever, a necessity!

We also would like to let our new and long time readers know that the newsletter will only be sent out every two months. This change is to help us focus on providing content that is interesting, thought provoking and beneficial to our readers.

Please take time to follow the links within each divisions reports. There you should find further reading and information, which supports our new focus on GLOBAL SUPPORT for all levels on the organization. This focus will also help us realize our dreams, goals and mission to provide Global Success through Communication and Innovation. 

Thank you for your readership and if you have any suggestions, please send them to us at:






Global Support & Consulting Division

Over the past few years, GDI Communications has been assisting companies with their execution of overseas strategies with our consulting services. We have learned however, that many companies, both large and small, require something more than consulting. Global Support Services, the internal placement of GDI Global Partners, Trainers and HR support, ensuring connectivity in country and overseas. Therefore we have developed a Global Support Services division.

This new division does not take the place of consulting, but instead adds value to our services and the companies we support. We believe Global Support Services, along with our specialized consulting services, will be welcomed and grow quickly to be one of the major focuses of our business. It is also apparent in the article from the Nikkei Asian Review, that these services are, and will be, in demand as Japan moves more and more into Global Markets.



Training & Seminars Division

English is still the most common language used throughout the world for business.  Being able to share your ideas, develop relationships, and expand your capability to understand and accept other business styles and cultures is also imperative.  Hence, the importance of Active Listening.

Active listening is a process where a listener is giving complete attention to the person or persons speaking. When using the English language, it is important to focus carefully on exactly what the speaker is saying.  We as individuals often start to think about a question we might have, or a response that we would like to share.  This is actually counter to the nature of active listening and should be kept to a minimum.  Again, giving our full attention to the speaker is vital. 

Offering verbal support to the speaker is also a key aspect to active listening.  Short responses or questions will allow the speaker to know that you are following along and that the content is being understood.   Ask questions and encourage them to say more.  This can be done with a variety of different key expressions.  Below is a short list to help you along the way. 

Watch video brought to you by TED on the topic of “5 ways to listen better” .
Can you tell me more?                   Uh-huh.                   I see.                   Please continue.   That’s very interesting.                  I understand           Really?                Okay.       


“Your success will be determined by how well you overcome hardships.” 
Frida Polli








「もう少し教えてくれる?」               「うんうん」             「なるほど~」             「続けて」
「本当?それはすごいね」                   「そうなんだ」         「へぇ」
Frida Polliより、引用

IT Outsourcing & Support Division

ICT continues is continuing to contribute to the globalization of Japanese-affiliated companies. Although it is less than five years since the establishment of our Tokyo office, we have built relationships and trust with many major companies. Many of these companies’ employees have gone on to great success in foreign countries, which helps us in various ways to fulfill our mission. No matter how big we grow as an organization, all employees will work together to achieve our mission.


Global Study Division

Hello GDI Clients and Students!

Learn about Canada!  A Canada Rygaku Fair presented by the Canadian Embassy will be held in the spring of 2017. Let us help you realize your dream of studying abroad in Canada. There will be many points of interest, but our main focus is on students who would like to study abroad.

The Canadian Embassy holds their Ryugaku Fair during the spring and autumn seasons of every year. They have many information booklets regarding education and sightseeing in Canada, as well as offering real-life experiences from student who have already been to Canada.  In addition, you can get information related to tests such as TOEFL, IETS and EIKEN, to name a few. Three main focus areas of the event are:

  1. Canada’s very high academic standards.
  2. Canada as a multicultural place where people gather from all over the world and live harmoniously.
  3. Canada as a safe place for foreigners.
March 17th (Fri) 5:00pm-7:00pm 

March 18th (Sat) 11:00am-5:00pm

If you need more information, please see the embassy homepage Canada Ryugaku Fair

Of course, we are always available to support you if you have any concerns or questions about going overseas. Please contact GDI at any time. GDI Communications offers full consultation with regards to going abroad to study. We will continue to do our best in supporting our customers going overseas and helping them throughout their time in Canada.



3.  世界中の人達がお互いの文化を尊重しあう多文化の国であること

その他、TOEFL IETLS英検等の情報も得られるので必見です!

3月17日(金) 17:00-19:00
3月18日(土) 11:00-17:00

〒107-8503 東京都港区赤坂7-3-38
地下鉄銀座線、半蔵門線、大江戸線「青山一丁目」駅 徒歩約5分


Corporate Social Responsibility

Shiroyama Junior High School students!   Welcome to GDI!
At the beginning of this month, we welcomed three students from Shiroyama Junior High School as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. It was the first time for us to have students join us for workplace experience.  

The students informed us that they want to work globally in the future. Half of GDI’s members in Nagoya are from foreign countries. Therefore, this was a valuable experience for them. They introduced themselves in perfect English, which was their homework assignment. Also, they took one of our lessons, learnt how to write a business letter and prepared textbooks for customers. They showed interest in our company, how we work, who we work for, what CSR is, and even office lunchtimes. They experienced a lot of things over those two days.

Their experience in our company has inspired them for their futures. We hope this experience will encourage them to challenge themselves and seek out the next step in their development. Then, we will be able to say, our “Mission is Completed“! Finally, the farewell speeches of the students were very impressive. Thank you to GDI members for all your support.

Thank you to GDI members for all your support.




中学生にとって、とても刺激的な体験が出来たことでしょう。この刺激が、更に次への好奇心につながり、自分のしたいことを挑戦するきっかけになってくれれば、我々もMission Completedです!

New Staff Introduction

Hello everyone and nice to meet you!
My name is Yurie Takai. I joined GDI Communications on February 1st, 2017. I am working as an administrator in the Training Division. I came back from Canada at the end of last year after I finished a TESOL course. I really enjoyed my life in Vancouver, studying and resting surrounded by beautiful nature. I am so happy to work for GDI which is deeply connected with Canada.
In addition to work, I plan to join the Tokai Japan Canada Society, and volunteer as an English teacher for junior high school students. Also, I will continue with my hobby of playing the cello. I will try my best to acquire knowledge to always support you. I lived in the Netherlands when I was very young and again during high school. I would like to make full use of my experiences abroad, and I will always do my best to contribute to GDI.
I am very much looking forward to seeing you all !

オランダで過ごした幼少期と高校時代、そして今回のカナダでの生活経験を活かし、早くみなさまのお役に立てるよう努力します。TJCS (東海日本カナダ協会)の活動、月1回の中学生への英語ボランティア、チェロ等、趣味の面でも積極的に物事に取り組み、視野を広げ、幅広くみなさまのサポートが出来たら嬉しいです。