GDI Newsletter – June 2017

Dear Valued Customers, Clients, Friends and GDI Members

We hope our June Newsletter finds you well and that you are having a wonderful time as the rainy season draws to an end in Okinawa. The rainy season will soon be over in Honshu too. Now, at the turning point of 2017, we sincerely hope you’ll take great care of yourself in this busy season.

Do you know about the big event this coming Saturday? Yes, this year on July 1st is the 150th anniversary of Canada! Even if you cannot fly to Canada right now, we can celebrate its 150th anniversary with many fun events in Nagoya. Please see the details of the CSR on this page for more information.

Visit places of interest is always enjoyable, but even in Nagoya, there are many things you can do to gain knowledge and broaden your horizons by connecting with Canadian people, relishing their food, reading books, and enjoying scenery via the Internet. The most important thing is what or who inspires you, in my opinion.

We are very happy to share this inspiration and hope it will help you feel closer to the world and become a global person with a global mindset. We look forward to support you via our Global Training, Global ICT Services, Global Consulting and GPODs, and Global Study. GDI Communications Staff will do our best to support you.

If you are looking for something that might inspire you or an idea to bring success to your organization, please contact us and let us convince you that we can help.
Thank you for your readership and if you have any suggestions, please click here to send them to

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Training & Seminars Division

Motivational Quote: 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.

–Winston Churchill

Greetings from GDI Communications’ Training Division.  Summer is almost upon us and we are just gearing up for the hot weather.  We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you have an amazing start to your summer.

Becoming a Globally Minded Person
Today, I would like to focus a bit on the concept of being global.  Global is a common word these days in both our personal and professional lives.  Companies all over Japan and around the world are trying to become more global, and investing an abundance of time and money in an attempt to accomplish this goal.  While the concept of being or becoming global is difficult to define, I will focus on the first few points in regards to becoming a globally minded person.

Step 1: Being Openminded
How tolerant are you to things outside of your own culture and norms?  While what might seem completely normal and regular in some cultures can be strange or even offensive in others.  Keeping this in mind, being flexible in your beliefs and open to different styles of life should be step one in becoming globally minded.  Once you accept that things are different and not wrong, you are thinking more globally.

Step 2: Have Confidence
Are you shy or outgoing?  On your journey to becoming more globally minded, you must be brave.  It is not always easy to make that first step and start a conversation with someone new…especially when they are from a different background.  Going out of your way to start new relationships is also an important factor in being global.  You will have a difficult time trying to learn about a new culture and lifestyle if you can’t talk to people.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, do your best, and have confidence!

Step 3: Communication is being understood not speaking perfectly
Often when people begin to study English, their goal is to speak perfectly. I often hear the phrase “like a native.”  While being perfect in anything sounds wonderful, it is near impossible.  Being a native speaker myself, I would never say that I speak perfectly;  quite the contrary.  Whether it is our pronunciation, our grammar abilities or even just our overall understanding of the language, no one person is a perfect English speaker.  Being able to share our ideas and feelings clearly so that the listener(s) understand our meaning is what we all need to strive for.  Worry less about being perfect and more about being understood.

Watch this video brought to you by TED on the topic of Globalizing the local, localizing the global.” 


**And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter **



GDIコミュニケーションズのトレーニング部門からご挨拶申し上げます。夏が近づいて来ており、GDIメンバーも暑さに備えて準備をしています。 皆様は元気にお過ごしでしょうか?GDIメンバー一同、皆様が夏に向かってよいスタートが切れる事を願っています。グローバルマインドパーソンになるためには


ステップ1: オープンマインドになる
あなたは自身とは異なる文化や常識に対してどのくらい寛容でしょうか? ある文化ではごく普通で常識的な事であっても、他の文化では非常識で、失礼にあたってしまう場合があります。グローバルマインドパーソンになるための第一ステップとして、自分と異なる生活スタイルに対しても寛容であり、柔軟な考え方を持つ事が大切です。自分と異なる文化や常識に出会った際に、「間違いではない」と多様性を受け入れることで、よりグローバルに考えられるようになります。

ステップ2: 自信を持って話しかける
あなたは内向的ですか?外向的ですか? グローバルマインドパーソンになるためには、勇気が必要です。新しい人と会話をするきっかけを作り、話すことは容易な事ではありません。特に、お互い異なるバックグランドを持つ場合は、より一層難しくなるでしょう。しかし、新しい関係を築くために努力をすることは、グローバルマインドパーソンになるための重要な要素となります。人と話さなければ、新しい文化や生活スタイルを学ぶ事はできません。間違えを恐れずに、自信をもって積極的に話しかけてみましょう!

ステップ 3: 完璧に話さなくてもコミュニケーションはできるということを認識する


TEDのGlobalizing the local, localizing the globalの映像を視聴してみて下さい。

**And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter **

IT Outsourcing & Support Division

General Assembly at GDI Tokyo

We are a structurally horizontal organization. That means everyone can express their ideas and be heard. Hierarchy is not an issue in our company.  We believe that everyone has a different perspective and can move all over the world in a global manner.
In our company, there is a conference called General Assembly (GA), which is held once every three months. It was held last week. The General Assembly is an excellent opportunity for  executives, new members and anyone in our team to express their ideas to the company.





Global Support & Consulting Division

Global Consultant and GPODs

Summer, natsu, el verano, xia, estate, sommer. No matter what language you say it in, it is here and it is time to turn up the heat! Along with the increase in temperature outdoors, demand for our Global Consultants and GPODs is also increasing. At the present time, we are preparing to place two more GPODs by this fall and hopefully one more by the end of the year. We can already see the value of this service and are excited for its future growth.

On a recent business trip to a conference in the USA, one of our consultants spoke with several Japanese SMEs and the conversations were the same. Most Japanese SMEs are smaller companies and very stuck in their traditional ways. From these conversations, the need for a more open “Global” mindset was evident. At GDI Communications, we believe that this type of mindset is the main skill companies need to stay competitive in the future, and we believe our Global Consultant and GPODs are the perfect services to support this growth.


Summer, natsu, el verano, xia, estate, sommer,と夏を表す言葉がたくさんありますが、どの言語を使おうと関係ありません。夏が来たからには燃え尽きましょう!




Global Study Division

Hello GDI Clients and Students!
June has passed quickly, and summer is coming!
Temperatures are rising, so please be careful to avoid heatstroke by drinking plenty of water.
As the GDI overseas study program is centered around studying abroad in Canada, we will provide some background information about the country.
Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary on July 1st. This year, Canada was ranked second in the “world’s best country” category and first in terms of “life quality.” Moreover, Vancouver was ranked first for the “easiest place to live” (reference: U.S. News &World Report). Canada has always been a very popular destination, and in 2017 there are many events scheduled to celebrate the 150th anniversary. For this reason, we especially recommend this year to visit Canada and to study abroad.

Below are some events celebrating the 150th anniversary.

1. National park admission fee is free in 2017
 To celebrate the 150th anniversary, admission to national parks is free throughout the whole year.
2. “150th anniversary celebrations” are taking place from April at Canada National Museum in Ottawa
Canada National Museum (Ottawa, Ontario) will hold exhibits focusing on Canadian art and artists to celebrate Canada’s foundation day.
3. Canada Day anniversary event in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa
This event is conducted every year, but this year’s event will be special.
In 2017, upcoming events to celebrate the 150th anniversary are scheduled.
Many other events are also scheduled.
If you are interested in studying in Canada, please contact us by e-mail.
The overseas study department can introduce different schools abroad and offers support to suit the individual needs of each student.





カナダは2017年「世界最高の国ランキング」で世界2位、「生活の質部門」で世界1位、また「最も住みやすい都市ランキング」でカナダのバンクーバーが1位、等々と選ばれる様に(参考:U.S. News & World Report)、元々留学先として、カナダは人気があるのですが、今年は特に150周年として現地で様々なイベントが開かれる予定です。現在留学先をカナダでお考えの人は、タイミングが合えば、特に今年行かれることをお勧めします!そこで今回は現地で行われるカナダ150周年記念イベントをいくつかご紹介します。






Corporate Social Responsibility

We are very proud to announce that our CEO, James Hedden, from this month, has been appointed as the Tokai Japan Canada Society (TJCS) President.
As you might know, James is from Canada.
TJCS, a volunteer group based in Nagoya, fosters social, cultural and business information exchange and activity, based on the connection between Japanese and Canadians living in the Tokai area. When James moved to Nagoya in 2005, the Aichi Expo was taking place. At that time, the TJCS was inaugurated and James joined the organization and became an active member and leader through various volunteer activities, contributing to the development of society as a whole.
Currently, the TJCS continues to organize a number of events and opportunities for members and nonmembers alike, to learn, exchange knowledge and information, and interact.  Overall, James strives to offer an environment for both individual and corporate members to expand and develop relationships and enjoy a positive experience.

In addition to the society itself, James strongly believes that his efforts and activities bring a multitude of benefits to not only the TJCS but also GDI. We at GDI will strive to support this activity and look forward to sharing information and opportunities in the future with you all.Finally, an annual tradition, “Canada Day,” in conjunction with the celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, will be held on July 2nd, 2017, in Nagoya. If interested, we would love to have you as our guest. For more information, and to register, visit this link: “TJCS Canada Day Party.”

今年の6月より東海日本カナダ協会(TJCS)の会長に弊社CEOのヘデン ジェームズが就任しました。ご存知の方もいらっしゃるかと思いますが、CEOジェームズはカナダ出身です。
最後になりましたが、TJCSより7月2日にカナダの150周年を祝う「カナダデー」が開催されます。ご興味のある方は、ぜひ「2017- TJCSカナダデーパーティ」をご覧いただき、サイトよりお申込みください。

New Staff Introduction

Hello, everyone!

I am Naoya Takahashi and joined the GDI Nagoya office on June 12 as a new sales representative. Although I am a salesman, I studied computer science in Shizuoka University.I experienced the fun and difficulty of cross-cultural communication through my first overseas travel. After that, I worked at an American telecommunications company as an intern and studied abroad in Portland, Los Angeles and Shanghai in order to become a global person.

It is my pleasure to be working for GDI. I hope to contribute to its clients and enjoy the experience of cross-cultural communication. Thank you very much.