GDI Communications – Bi-Monthly Newsletter – October 2017

Dear Valued Customers, Clients, Friends and GDI Members

Now that we are closing in on November, only a couple of months remain until the end of this year. Many of you have probably gone through the official change from summer to winter clothing. And as you may know, autumn is one of the richest seasons for food in Japan! I hope you are able to enjoy some of the seasonal delicacies in your local area.

With only two months until the end of the year, I would like to share with you an important theme this month, which I hope is useful for you and your company.


How much have you done to reach or satisfy your goals and objectives set at the beginning of the year? If you find yourself struggling to reach these targets, you may need to reset, rethink, readjust, and “FOCUS,” enabling you to move a little closer to achieving your plans.One very simple piece of advice, which we all often fail to do, is to take the necessary action when thoughts come. Deciding to do something later often results in procrastination and/or lack of action. This is why we at GDI Communications stand by our belief that “Now Is The Time!!!” We strongly believe that when goals are set, you need to “FOCUS” and keep moving forward.

All of us at GDI Communications hope you can continue to “FOCUS” on your achievements and goals. As the weather turns, we hope you stay happy, healthy and warm and enjoy the oncoming seasons.




みなさまは、今年の1月に立てた目標をどれだけ達成(Focus)できましたか。もし、まだ思う結果が出ていない、時間の流れと共に目標の立て直しが必要など、軌道修正もあるかもしれません。大事なことは、思い立ったらいつでもスタートが切れるという事です。GDIは「Now is The Time!」という言葉をキャッチフレーズにし、目標を立てたら、Focus し、立ち向かっていくエネルギーをみなさまと共有していきたいと思います。


GPOD & Consulting Division

Making the Shift to a More Global Company

Welcome back to the GDI Communications Newsletter. The end of 2017 is approaching rapidly and it is time to reflect on our successes and failures, as well as to start planning for future growth and expansion in 2018. With the recent development of the GPOD (Global People on Demand) Division and the inclusion of IT Support Services in the Chubu area, 2018 is already shaping up to be a year in which GDI Communications moves forward in leaps and bounds.Just last month, in October, we placed our first two full-time GPODs, Domestic and Overseas, with one of our clients. The Domestic GPOD will be supporting internal language and business skills training, as well as working to provide a more global environment via various events and activities, and direct interactions throughout the year. The Overseas GPOD will be working in conjunction with our Global Consultancy division and will continue to focus on providing support for our clients’ overseas team and expansion efforts.

We are extremely excited about this opportunity and see a great future for our clients who make the decision to place full-time GPODs in their organizations. It is also an exciting time for GDI Communications as we move forward with the GPOD program. As the world changes and Japan is required to compete on a more global playing field, the ability to work with various people, cultures and thought processes will become essential for success. With that said, at the moment, this is still a hurdle and challenge for many Japanese organizations to overcome. This is where GDI can be of assistance.

In an article published in The Japan Times titled “Someone Needs to Light a Fire Under Japan”, Danny Risberg, chairman of both the European Business Council in Japan and of Philips Electronics Japan Ltd., says “Japan is a great place with great people and great technology. It’s right. It’s ready to explode. But it hasn’t got there yet.” The article concludes that Japan needs to reform its business model. GDI Communications believes that our GPOD Support Service is one area where we can help Japanese organizations make major changes, which in turn can create value to move these organizations forward.


前回発行より早2ヶ月経ち、GDIニュースレター発行の月となりました。2017年の年末も間近になり、今年の成功や失敗を振り返ると共に、来年度2018年の会社成長や事業拡大を計画し始められているのではないでしょうか。GDI は今年コンサルティング事業部より開始した新しいサービスであるGPOD=ジーポッド(Global Person on Demand :グローバル人材サポート)と、中部地区のITサポートサービスの発展に伴い、2018年は飛躍的に拡大していく1年となるでしょう。



ジャパンタイムが発行した記事、『誰かが日本を照らす必要がある』では、 駐日欧州商工会議所と株式会社フィリップス・ジャパンの代表ダニー・リスバーグによると、「日本は素晴らしく高い技術力を持っている、素晴らしい人々がいる、晴らしい場所である。その通りであり、それを世界に発信する準備は整っている。しかし、未だそれが出来ずにいます」。この記事の結論というのは、日本はビジネスモデルを軌道に戻す必要があるということです。GDIが行うGPODサポートサービスが日本の企業を支援し、且つ現状に対し大きな挑戦をするということを願っています。その挑戦とは、このサービスを通し、組織が拡大するために社員が付加価値を付けられるかどうかということです。

Training & Seminars Division


Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. 

 Pat Riley, former head coach, LA Lakers, 5-time NBA champion
Colorful leaves crunch under your feet. Windows stay open all day. Longer walks at lunchtime. Autumn is finally here. Whether you sweated it out amid 35C morning commutes or sought refuge from the summer heat in air-conditioned cafes, you found a way to make the best of the summer months, you`re happy for the crisp mornings and being able to wear your favorite jacket.
Key to success: Motivation
This season is typically back-to-school time, but for globally-minded foreign language students it`s the last three months of a year that included full business and personal schedules. At this point you may have hit a plateau, or perhaps your motivation is dropping like a leaf from a tree. It`s okay – help is on the way! Grab some warm tea, sit under the kotatsu and check out the tips we`ve outlined below. Stick to these and give yourself the boost you need to hit your study goals and move into the new year on an upswing.
  1. Stay committed
Long-term benefits come from long-term commitment. So, while your foreign language skills may not skyrocket overnight, they will continue to improve as long as you stay committed to your studies. The first step in this plan is keep your eye on the end goal while taking small steps. Just fifteen minutes between weekly lessons equals an extra hour of practice every month. Do that for a year and you`ll level up.
  1. Check the list, or make one!
Next, think back to earlier this year. What were your language study goals? Did you write them down and if so, is the list close by? If you don`t have a list of your goals, it takes only five minutes to make one; so do it right away, and carry it with you all the time. Keep it handy for the following tips.
  1. Reinforcement
Hands-down one of the most important motivators for success is positive reinforcement. But constructive criticism can be helpful too. In addition to focusing on long-term goals and creating your language learning checklist, take note of the areas where you made solid gains, congratulate yourself and celebrate! You`re training your brain to communicate in a foreign language and that deserves praise. Now, where do you see areas of neglect? It`s okay to focus some attention here too, and ask yourself, “Have I done my best in these areas?” If the answer is no, you are neither failing nor a bad student. In fact, you just scored success points because the areas that need more study are now your focus areas. Maybe it`s more free conversation practice, or grammar points. Feel free to occasionally have fun with study areas that are more interesting, but use 70% of your time focusing on making weak areas stronger.
  1. Prioritize
Now it`s time to make notes next to those `focus areas.` Which ones can be completed fastest, or need to be completed before you can move on? Once you`ve prioritized your focus areas, you have a plan. Then hit these key areas during your next study session.
  1. Say “No” a little more
Before, we mentioned that just fifteen extra minutes of study a week adds up to greater foreign language success. But do you have the time? The answer is YES. You do. The final key point is to understand that time is always there, but you may be using it for activities that don`t help you to become a more successful foreign language speaker. Examples include gaming apps, social media, and TV. Now, don`t think you must throw your Xbox out the window, but put it aside a little earlier tonight. Or maybe open your language app on the train during your commute, or make five small flash cards of challenging vocabulary for quick access and review. These are just a few ways, but you know your lifestyle the best, and you know where fifteen minutes can be used for study.
  1. It`s go time

So that`s it, the grand scheme. It`s so simple, right? Yes, it is. Little by little, every day. Get going; do not wait. Now is the time!

Click the link below to select from a playlist of inspiring videos brought to you by TED on the topic of Motivation

****And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter ****

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” 
 Pat Riley, former head coach, LA Lakers, 5-time NBA champion
成功への鍵 モチベーション
大きな計画は以上です。すごく簡単ですよね。毎日、少しずつでも学習することが大切なのです。今すぐにでも実践してみてください。Now is the time!です。TED”で放送された「モチベーション」を紹介いたします。ぜひご覧ください。
****And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter ***

Global Study Division

Dear Valued Customers and Students, 

It is already the end of October and the weather is quite chilly. Autumn is very short and it’s going to get even colder, so wearing many layers of clothing might be a good strategy to adjust to different temperatures.

This month, from the Global Study Division, we would like to provide some information to high-school students who are considering studying abroad. Do you know the “External English Examination for University Entrance”?

In recent years, an increasing number of universities have used the External English Examination for University Entrance as their entrance examination. The examination measures the “4 Skillsets of Practical English Proficiency” (reading, writing, listening, speaking), like IELTS, TOEFL and Eiken do. Many high-ranking national and famous private universities, such as Tokyo University and Waseda University, already use this method. So, it’s likely that the number of institutions using the External English Examination for University Entrance will increase in the future. This change has been accompanied by rising tourist numbers in Japan and the globalization of society, which leads to more contact with foreigners both inside and outside of Japan.

In order to foster English skills that respond to the demands of a global society, universities continue to reorganize their education programs by introducing study-abroad programs and “all-English” classes. Furthermore, the entrance examination can be used for evaluating whether students’ basic English skills are sufficient to undertake higher education.

Of course, studying abroad will not only offer you a wider choice of universities to enter. Being young is a big advantage, so making use of this and experiencing different cultures allows you to absorb a lot of information and broadens your horizons, as well as your options for the future.

We are now supporting a lot of high-school students with their “study-abroad programs.” One of our affiliated high schools, “The High School,” is an associated high school of Vancouver Island University and is managed by the university as a private high school. It shares its campus area with VIU (Vancouver Island University) and has an at-home atmosphere and friendly school environment.

We have sent several students to The High School. Students who were initially passive or unmotivated made a lot of progress at school. Upon returning to Japan, their parents were very happy and surprised about how much they had matured into confident and proactive individuals. The High School has many advantages, including having Japanese staff and offering warm support to students; and through GDI, the school submits regular reports to parents on a student’s current situation. The picture below gives an idea of how life in The High School works.
For those who are planning a one-year study abroad program next year, now might be the time you have questions and anxiety about making the decision to study overseas. We offer a free counseling service, so if you want to ask about studying abroad or would like some advice/information, please contact us anytime at the email address below. We would be happy to offer you complete support for your study-abroad program, from initial counseling all the way through to your eventual return.

10月がとうとう終わりを迎え、肌寒くなってまいりました。秋を感じる時期は本当に短く、これからどんどん寒くなりますが、場所によっては暖かいところもあるかと思いますので、重ね着をして、温度調節をしっかりしてくださいね。今月、留学部門からは高校から留学をご検討の皆様へ向けた情報をお送り致します。さて、高校生の皆さま、「英語外部検定利用入試」はご存知でしょうか。近年大学入試において、「英語外部検定利用入試」を採用する大学が増えてきております。この入試はIELTS、TOEFL、英検といった「4技能英語検定」を入試に活用しており、東京大学、早稲田大学を始めとする難関国立大学や人気私立大学の多くが既に導入しており、今後さらに増えると予想されています。この経緯としては、近年訪日外国人旅行者の増加など、社会のグローバル化に伴い、国内外どこにいても外国人の存在が身近となりました。大学では、グローバル社会に適応する英語力を育成するため、留学やAll Englishでの授業など、教育内容が改革されています。そして、教育を受けるだけの基礎力があることを見極めるために、この入試制度が導入されているようです。


弊社ではすでに数々の高校の生徒様へ留学サポートをしております。弊社と提携のある高校の中から今回は「The High School」を紹介させて頂きます。この学校の特徴はバンクーバーアイランド大学の付属高校で、大学経営の私立高校である点です。そのためVIU (バンクーバーアイランド大学)のキャンパスを大学生と共有しており、アットホームでフレンドリーな学校です。




Corporate Social Responsibility

We welcome you to join SFN!

We are very excited and proud to announce the upcoming Santa and Friends Nagoya Christmas event, which will be held on December 10th, 2017.  As you may know, Santa and Friends Nagoya, or SFN, was established 13 years ago by GCI CEO James Hedden and is still going strong in the Nagoya area, supporting 250+ orphans each and every year.This year we are very lucky to have the opportunity to use the Aichi Prefecture Gymnasium; therefore, we are in the planning stages of a Christmas Mini Olympic event.  You read correctly!  Mini Olympics!

Our team, including a number of GDI staff and a diverse group of volunteers from various nationalities, are now in the planning and preparation stages of what looks to be a very exciting event for both children and volunteers!

Here is where you can help out. Every year, we receive 200+ letters to Santa, all from orphanages and homes. The children sending the letters range in age from three to 18 years old.

We are now looking for companies that would like to assist and help to purchase some of the gifts for the children. The budget for each child’s gift is a maximum of 3,000 Japanese yen. If you are interested and able to help out with SFN gift purchases, please contact:

And of course, all those who purchase a gift for a child are more than welcome to join the event on the 10th of December.  Please let us know if you have any questions.Thank you for your continued support of our volunteer and CSR activity.






New Staff Introduction

Hello Everyone !

My name is Rich Mirocco, and I’ve recently re-joined GDI as  an instructor and content creator. I grew up in the New York City metropolitan area, and I worked in New York City for many years. But I am much more comfortable hiking in the Catskill Mountains, located about 65 kilometers from downtown Manhattan.

Over the last few years I have traveled to and lived in several foreign countries, including Japan from 2010 to 2015. I am thrilled to be back and excited about working with GDI once again.

In each country I visited, the mother tongue was challenging to me: Korean, Spanish, Icelandic, Italian, Swedish, Mandarin, and of course Japanese. I experienced both the challenge and reward of communication and day-to-day living in foreign countries, but was also relieved to learn that people spoke at least some English wherever I went.  My regard of English as a valuable global language has thus increased, and that motivates me to study (Spanish and Japanese) and help language learners get to the next level too.

Our tiny planet has so many languages, and people look and dress differently wherever you go, but they want the same thing: to connect. And language is the key to unlocking global connectivity.






Hello Everyone !

I am Emilio Vitor Jr.  I joined GDI Communications on October 2, 2017, as an overseas GPOD.  I will be working closely to support IWATA Label`s Overseas Team.I am a graduate of Philosophy with a Masters in Business Administration. I have worked as a corporate trainer for the past 17 years with various international companies in the financial industry; have been a consultant for three years with local SME companies; and have spent three years working in a management level position.

It is my passion and desire to always add value to people that I work/interact with, both professionally and personally.





Hello Everyone !
I’m Aimee Clark, from Yorkshire in the north of England. I joined GDI as a GPOD based at Iwata Label from October 2017. I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2009 and previously worked in England, Hong Kong & Japan in IT service management; finance & pensions; corporate training; and of course, as an English teacher.

I love learning and teaching languages, and am fascinated by cultural differences and overcoming the communication problems these sometimes create. I am looking forward to my first experience working in a Japanese office and continuing to strengthen my Japanese language skills.

I also enjoy all kinds of music and sing jazz & pop songs. Recently, I have been learning Japanese songs too, so let’s try to sing together at karaoke!

Please ask me anything about the UK and British English. Nice to meet you!