GDI Communications – Bi-Monthly Newsletter – December 2017

Dear Valued Customers, Clients and Friends of GDI

As the end of the year approaches, I would first like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your continued support, guidance, ideas, effort and loyalty throughout the years and in 2017.

Moreover, as we continue our Global Drive towards Innovation and the Blue Ocean, I feel it extremely important to acknowledge the deep appreciation we have for our GDI family. Through the efforts of our team, we continue to develop game-changing services and concepts assisting in the Global expansion and success of many firms in Japan.

With a constantly evolving world and the changing tides of business, alongside a shrinking labor market and expanding global opportunity, it is extremely important to make key decisions and choices to move you towards your objectives. When doing so, making smart choices and working with partners who will get you to where you need to go is a must.

With our Global People On Demand (GPOD) services, combined with our four Global Support divisions, you will reach Global Success. And if you Succeed, we Succeed!

I wish you all the best in December and 2018, and look forward to your Global Success!

Happy Holidays,

James Hedden




GPODs (Global People On Demands) と、4つのグローバルサポート部署とサービスを結びつけることにより、みなさまはグローバルな成功を果たすことができるでしょう。みなさまがグローバルな成功を収めるとともに、それは私達にとっても成功となります!



代表取締役/CEO James Hedden

GPOD & Consulting Division

Goodbye 2017 – Welcome 2018

We are finally coming to the end of the year and it is time to reflect on 2017 and start focusing our sights on 2018. Although 2017 was a successful year, we are looking forward to an even more successful 2018. Looking back, in 2017 we saw the creation of our new GPOD division, which along with our Training and Global Study divisions, will be one of the main business pillars of GDI Communications. You can expect to hear more about the growth and success of GPOD services and successes right here in our newsletter.

Working as instructors is the main responsibility of Domestic GPODs. However, they are also responsible for creating and managing the move towards a more globally minded company. This is not an easy task in one’s native tongue, so you can imagine how difficult it is in a second language. With that said however, and even though it can be a challenge, with consistent effort and key global support applied in the right way, becoming a global organization is achievable.

For the Global Mindset to become a reality, having the whole organization involved in the process, especially upper management, is a must! The vision of a global organization needs to be communicated daily to staff and, more importantly, through action. However, as an organization grows and moves towards a more global and open-minded way of thinking, the ability to manage diversity becomes important. This diversity is exactly what will take the organization to the next level.

If you specifically have the task of helping your own organization become more global, contact GDI Communications and let us introduce our GPOD services. They could be exactly what you need to realize your vision of a global organization. From language services to business processes, overseas support and all areas in between, GDI Communications is your one-stop shop for the support you need to reach your goal of becoming a global company.






Training & Seminars Division


If we had no winter, spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ”

― Anne Bradstreet
Greetings from the GDI Communications Training Division. Well, it is officially winter and both the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are approaching. Often, we use this time to look back over the year and review our accomplishments and failures. While evaluation is very important, we here at GDI Communications are focused on the upcoming year and how to better aid our customers on their quest for global success.
Planning your 2018 Success & New Year’s Resolutions
Planning success is a matter that takes time, patience and an honest outlook on what is reasonable and realistic. Below are some tips to help you along your journey to a successful 2018.Tip 1: Be grateful for what you have
Being positive starts from within. You have to focus on your successes before moving forward so that you start new ventures with a positive outlook. Going into something with a negative frame of mind often leads to failure or lack of motivation.Tip 2: Quality over quantity
Believe it or not… setting a limited number of goals will allow you to accomplish more. If you take the time to focus on a manageable amount, you will be able to be more productive by dividing your time among them equally and giving each one adequate focus.

That said, only one goal is definitely not enough. There are always down times where waiting is required. These times are useful to focus on other goals that you have.

Tip 3: Review, review and …revise when necessary
Go back and review your goals every two weeks or so. This will keep your progress fresh in your mind and allow you to track how everything is going. Checking regularly also gives you ample opportunity to revise and update your goals as you go.

Click the link below to watch five videos brought to you by TED on the topic of GOALS”: TED TALK GOALS
****And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter ****


If we had no winter, spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
― Anne Bradstreet
― アン・ブラッドストリート(アメリカの女性詩人)



****And there is much more to come in future issues of the GDI Newsletter ***

Global Study Division

Dear Valued Customers, Clients and Friends of GDI

This year is almost over and a new one is just around the corner.The past year has flown by, and in retrospect, the GDI Global Study Division learned and noticed a lot of things throughout 2017. Our overseas training program in Canada, customized for companies and their employees as preparation for subsequent work postings, started from the end of last year. All 15 students who took the training have come back safe and sound. Moreover, they’ve already gone abroad again to their designated work locations.

Questionnaires handed out to the students upon completion of training have shown that they were very satisfied, and we are very happy about that. Pre-Departure training for Canada lasted two months before the students left for language schools in either Vancouver or Victoria. Below, we will introduce Vancouver and Victoria and outline some of their highlights.


Vancouver is known worldwide as a beautiful location having all the advantages of life in a big city while remaining close to nature. In addition, a spring day in Vancouver allows you to go skiing in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. As a tourist, you can enjoy a natural environment and sophisticated world-class city life at the same time.Highlights
Vancouver has a lot of spots filled with greenery throughout the year. These include numerous parks and botanical gardens like the vast Stanley Park, where you can find a huge number of trees, and Queen Elizabeth Park with its rich, colorful flowers in full bloom. There are plenty of shops and restaurants around the area, and there are many places where you can get in touch with the culture and history of Canada’s indigenous people. If you want to stretch your legs for a bit, you can feel nature’s richness in the nearby mountains or in a temperate rainforest valley, both easily accessible through public transportation from the city.


Victoria is blessed with an especially mild climate for Canada, and it’s easy to live there year round. You can experience its history, with many reminders of the British influence, through its cityscape. Known as the most desirable place among Canadians to live, Victoria’s popularity is often lauded. You can enjoy a relaxing time both in- and outdoors with many golfing, hiking, cycling, fishing, shopping and dining opportunities.Highlights
Situated close to a harbor with historic buildings lining the streets, Victoria is an impressive sight. The Butchart Gardens, where seasonal flowers can be seen in full bloom, as well as the Capitol Building, museums, the Empress Hotel and other points of interest are within walking distance, making Victoria the perfect city to enjoy on foot.

The information above has been taken from the BC (British Columbia State) Website. More information can be found there.

For students thinking about Canada as a destination and company employees considering English language training before being sent abroad, as well as for those with any queries or requests etc., please contact us anytime at the email address below.
In 2018, the GDI Global Study Division will strive to further support our customers’ studies abroad.



あっという間に過ぎた2017年、振り返ってGDI 留学部門はたくさんの学びや気づきがありました。昨年末から始まった企業さま向けの、赴任前に社員の海外研修としてご利用いただいているカナダ研修では、参加された15名さま、みなさまがご帰国され、赴任先へ向けて出発されました。帰国後のアンケートでは、赴任前に海外で研修が出来て良かったというお声をたくさん頂き、こちらとしても嬉しい限りです。

今回、語学学校であるGlobal Villageのバンクーバー校とビクトリア校に分かれて、2か月間の赴任前カナダ研修をサポートさせて頂きましたが、そもそもバンクーバー、そしてビクトリアとはどんな都市なのでしょうか。見どころも併せて紹介させて頂きます。

大自然を残しながらも都会としての魅力を併せ持った美しい都市として世界的に知られているバンクーバー 。また春には、朝はスキー、午後はセーリングが1日で体験出来てしまうような、恵まれた環境を持っています。旅行者にとっても、自然環境と洗練された世界トップクラスの都市生活を同時に楽しめる街です。






Corporate Social Responsibility

Yearly Christmas Extravaganza for Nagoya’s Orphans

Every year, the volunteer organization founded by GDI CEO James Hedden, Santa and Friends Nagoya (SFN), organizes and hosts a Christmas event for more than 200 children. This event, which also sees close to 100 volunteers from numerous countries around the world taking part, is also one of GDI Communications CSR activities.

This year, we had almost 300 participants, including children from five orphanages and volunteers from 22 countries. As we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, we decided to go ahead with the idea of a Christmas Olympic event. This was an amazing experience and learning opportunity for all children leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

The children were divided into teams representing 16 countries from all over the world. To keep with Olympic tradition, we opened with an Olympic Opening Ceremony, complete with each country’s national anthem and flag. Following different games and activities, where the countries competed against each other, we closed with an official awards ceremony, where teams were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

And of course, to keep with Christmas tradition, the children were extremely excited to see the big man in red (Santa Claus) ladened with Christmas gifts for everyone! A number of the very young children were starstruck with the opportunity to see the “Real Santa.” To help Santa with his gift list, all the children prepared and sent a letter to Santa’s helpers prior to the event.

We very much appreciate all of Santa’s and SFN’s helpers who were able to support in the purchasing and preparing of the children’s gifts this year. For a number of new GDI staff, this was the first opportunity to attend a GDI CSR activity with SFN, and we were very happy to see that they enjoyed spending time with the children.

GDI will continue to support SFN as one of our CSR activities, and we are very happy and proud to contribute to local society. Moreover, we appreciate all who could attend and help out with this event and hope this experience allows us to grow and better ourselves for a bright future.






The Final Word