A Diverse Workforce and the Global Mindset

A Diverse Workforce and the Global Mindset

By Overseas Business Development GPOD

Recently, we were lucky enough to be on assignment in Morocco several times with one of our blue chip clients from the Toyota Group of companies. It was a great opportunity to experience first-hand how business and communication is done in a different country with a different culture. Although, at times the interactions were difficult and frustrating for both parties, it was also interesting and a valuable learning experience. The value of this assignment was not only the differences and similarities between Morocco and Japan, but due to the nature of the project, we also spent a considerable amount of time with people from America, Egypt, Spain, Malaysia, Holland, and Oman. Now that is a mix of cultural and thinking differences!

During our assignments in Morocco, we learned that the ability to communicate is not just in language, but also how one interacts with the different people and cultures. One example of this was a communication breakdown between our Japanese and Moroccan clients due to a difference in business approach. After communicating with both teams and their managers we were able to identify the difference in delegation styles and bridge the gap between both cultures in order to help them reach an understanding and ultimately, a positive result.

“We have witnessed firsthand the Global Mindset in action. Although the process is not always smooth, the mutual effort in understanding each other, as well as keeping an open mind, has made all the difference in the success of the project.”

At GDI Communications, we believe the future success of Japanese companies lies in diversity of the workforce and the ability to develop a company culture of mutual understanding and open mindedness. In other words, having a workforce with a Global Mindset will increase the ability to collaborate on sensitive issues and innovate new ways of thinking and doing business. If these are qualities you believe would benefit your organization, but don’t know where to start, contact GDI Communications. Our GPODs and GPOD Program can support your development to a more diverse workforce and will result in your future growth and success.