Learning a New Language as an Adult

Learning a New Language as an Adult

By Overseas Training GPOD

Learning a new language can be a bit of an uphill battle. Many believe that learning when you are younger is the recommended route to take, and if you wait too long, you are out of luck. Recent studies have shown that this is entirely untrue. With a go-getter approach, adults of any age can learn a new language almost as fast as children who start at a younger age.

Based on the findings of a group of researchers at MIT, it found that it does not matter what demographic background you come from or your age. Learning English can be done in a reasonable amount of time as long as one makes an effort to learn.

The research also has shown that a student can become reasonably fluent in English within a year’s time. Please keep in mind that being relatively fluent and speaking like a native is very different. While being fluent means that you can easily communicate your thoughts and ideas and pass even the most challenging grammar tests, considering yourself a native level can take years to achieve. The concept of being native level is more about the sound and understanding of the language’s subtle nuances and can often take ten or more years to achieve.

So after a couple of years and some hard work, anyone can become fluent in English. So, don’t give up, keep trying, and read the article “MIT Scientists Prove Adults Lean Languages the Fluency nearly as well as Children” for more information about MIT’s research.