Developing a Global Mindset

Developing a Global Mindset

By Global Business Development GPOD

Developing a Global Mindset isn't Just for Those Who Travel Overseas

What would you say is the number one factor to becoming a Globally Minded company? Would you say it is having assets overseas or a presence in the overseas market? Would you say it is the ability to speak and communicate in English? Would you day it could be the fact that you interact with the foreign community whenever possible? All of these things contribute to being an international company, but what makes a company genuinely Global. It probably is not what you are thinking.

People. People are the answer. People are what makes the difference. People from different backgrounds with different cultures and beliefs bring added value and help develop new ways of thinking and working. When a company develops new and different ways of thinking, working, interacting with customers, vendors, and employees, they become more innovative and successful. It provides the needed energy and thought power to move beyond the status quo.

The good news is, this is already happening here in Japan. More and more often, we see an increasing number of people from the international workforce working in retail shops, factories, construction, hospitality, hospice, etc. However, to realize growth and longevity, Japanese companies need to fully embrace these workers’ diverse backgrounds, skills, and ways of thinking. They also need to be incorporated into the daily running of companies at all levels, including management. Doing so will bring about the needed paradigm shifts in thinking and allow companies to make their next quantum leap to becoming a Globally Minded company! 

However, what if the company does not have any overseas affiliates or business? What if the company does not need to or cannot hire people from the international workforce? Is it still possible to reap the benefits of a Globally Minded company? Of course! Since the base idea of being Globally Minded is about being Open-Minded, GDI Communications believes anyone anywhere can acquire this state of mind. There is plenty of diversity and different ideas and thoughts within every country and culture to learn from and develop a more open mind. Furthermore, with the birth of the internet, information about every topic imaginable is right at your fingertips. But to have a deep understanding of this information, English is an invaluable tool. 

“Over 60.3% of the internet’s information is in English, followed by Russian at 8.6% and Spanish at 4.0%,” making English the most valuable tool consuming, processing, and utilizing data, which will help lead to the development of a healthier Global Mindset. (Wikipedia)

How does an organization find, hire, and train highly skilled people from the international workforce? The answer is GDI Communications GPOD (Global People on Demand) program. We provide highly experienced recruiters, internationally trained instructors, and the support and resources needed for these people to succeed in your company. We can also help your company with its English language ability with our Global Training GPOD services. 

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