The Road to Olympic Success vs. The Road to Business Success

The Road to Olympic Success vs. The Road to Business Success

By CEO's Voice

Watching the Olympics, I am always impressed by the strength, focus, and commitment the Olympians have for their craft and the level of talent they possess. But what we see at the games or any sporting event for that matter is the outcome of years of sacrifice, hard work, and determination. Becoming the best at something and achieving Olympic Success is not all fun and games, but the reward of winning a medal at the Olympic Games is an accomplishment only a few people will ever experience and makes it worth all the effort. 

I am also impressed with the athlete’s mental strength and fortitude. The ability to keep motivated through the years of training, sacrifice, and competition is a quality only high achievers possess. Their mental strength, more than their physical strength, is the key to overcoming the numerous adversities, frustration, and losses an Olympian goes through during their journey to the Games. The ones who can overcome the hardships and have the resilience to stay positive and motivated when the outlook may be bleak are the ones who become champions – Olympics Champions.

Olympic Success
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals

Becoming an Olympic Champion is like becoming a successful businessperson or running a successful business. The similarities and lessons learned virtually mirror each other. When we see an athlete win, we see the joy of accomplishment, not the pain and sacrifice they have endured to get there. When we see a successful businessperson, we see the rewards of their hard work and sacrifice. We see the tip of the iceberg. But both Olympians and businesspeople experience hardship, sacrifice, adversity, frustration, etc., throughout their journey, and without the commitment to perfection and mental toughness, both will not succeed. 

A businessperson, just as Olympians, must set goals, plan how to meet those goals, and execute the strategy to reach those goals. They are not overnight successes but are in the game for the long haul and can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The best business people and Olympic Champions are committed 110% to their respective crafts, and they never give up. Olympians live and breathe their craft 24/7, the same as successful business people. The dream never dies, and there is never really a day off. 

I could go on about the similarities between business success and Olympic success. Still, if you think about your craft, whether it be a sport, a company, music, art, or whatever, I am sure you can find similarities in what it takes to be successful. Every aspect of becoming an Olympic Champion is the same as becoming a Business Champion. If you want to be successful in business, study the lifestyles of Olympic athletes and follow their lead. They will guide you on the makings of a great business and lead you down the path to success – the path to the Gold Medal.

I hope this little reminder and the opportunity to continue watching the Tokyo 2020 Games help you keep pushing forward, focusing on your goals, and staying positive in the face of adversity to keep you on your path to future victories and business success.

James  James