"Business as Usual"
Surviving and thriving with COVID beyond 2021

"Business as Usual"
Surviving and thriving with COVID beyond 2021

By Global Business Development GPOD

It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching TV, surfing the internet, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, etc., it is impossible to escape the constant bombardment of information and statistics about COVID-19. It even is a regular topic of our discussions with family, friends, and co-workers. Nearly two years since the beginning of the pandemic, we are still struggling with COVID-19 and its after-effects. But what is the best way forward? And how do we all get back to a somewhat Usual lifestyle, get back to “Business as Usual?” Of course, this is easier said than done, but we have to try to move forward.

Some parts of the world are trying to move on and get back to a somewhat Usual lifestyle, trying to get back to “Business as Usual.” Other parts of the world, such as Japan, are still experiencing rising COVID cases and have just extended their State of Emergency. Business as Usual seems a long way off, and the light at the end of the tunnel is dim. But is getting back to “Business as Usual” the best way to proceed, or is there a better way of doing business?

For Japan, “Business as Usual” means long hours are more important than productivity, long commutes to and from offices, obeying your senior even to the detriment of forwarding progress, slow decision making, and focusing mainly on the local market. Don’t get me wrong. These issues are not specific to Japan. Other countries also struggle with sticking to the old-school approach to business. However, along with the present revolution in employee work and life values, companies must re-evaluate their business structures, processes, and values and adapt to the changing times. We need the “New Business as Usual.”

One area that Japan, and the rest of the world, need to refocus on is global business initiatives. Even with the present state of the pandemic, we cannot ignore the world economy and the type of future it proposes, especially for Japan. Along with business closures from the pandemic and the threat of increased competition from overseas companies, local markets are also shrinking due to the constant decrease in the Japanese population. Going back to doing “Business as Usual” will not help overcome these and other barriers posed by the pandemic. “Business as Usual” will not help Japan survive. But is surviving enough? And if not, what can companies do to more than surviving the pandemic but thrive in the post-pandemic business world?

The COVID pandemic has put more than a dent in global expansion strategies. In some cases, the pandemic has brought them to a halt. However, the need to continue focusing on overseas markets has never been more important now than before. Developing and executing a global expansion strategy is still key to surviving the pandemic and thriving in the post-pandemic world. Sure, the pandemic has added barriers to global expansion, but it has also created new opportunities to market new goods and services, especially overseas. We have also learned to communicate virtually online, as the pandemic has forced us to ditch face-to-face communication for virtual meetings.

If one of your business goals includes global expansion, GDI Communications is here to support you. We have the experience and expertise to help develop your Global team and support your development and execution of your global expansion strategy. Through our GPOD (Global People on Demand) program, our Global Training Division can provide the right talent and programs to build your team’s global business, language, and communication skills required to survive in the international market. Our Global Business Development GPODs can provide in-house physical support your company needs, both locally and overseas, and manage the intricate communications when interacting with clients, agents, partners, etc.

Over the past few years, GDI Communications has been assisting companies to execute their global expansion strategies. One of our client companies incorporates both programs. They are using a Global Training GPOD for training programs to build the communication skills of their Global Team and other employees, plus they have a full-time Global Development GPOD to support their activities overseas. The Global Development GPOD offers unparalleled support for their overseas sales and marketing needs. These services include visiting clients, partners, and agents, managing communication between these groups, and exhibition and trade show support. We believe our Global Development GPOD and our Global Support Services are valuable tools for companies of all sizes to succeed with their global execution strategies. A past Nikkei Asian Review article also states that these services are, and will be, in demand as Japan moves more and more into Global Markets.

However, shifting to a more global company and moving towards the “New Business as Usual” is not limited to overseas expansion. There is also the need to adjust the business style locally. This adjustment could include incorporating different work models, such as remote work, remote teams, flextime, shorter workdays or weeks, freelance workers from various countries and backgrounds, etc. Japan just needs something different. Japan just needs the “New Business as Usual” model.

In an article published in The Japan Times titled “Someone Needs to Light a Fire Under Japan,” Danny Risberg, Chairman of the European Business Council in Japan and Philips Electronics Japan Ltd., says, “Japan is an excellent place with great people and great technology. It’s right. It’s ready to explode. But it hasn’t got there yet.” The article concludes that Japan needs to reform its business model to find the “New Business as Usual.” GDI Communications believes that our GPOD Support Services is one area where we can help Japanese organizations make significant improvements and create added value to move these organizations forward.

If executing a Global Expansion Strategy is something you have been considering, but lack the experience, knowledge, or confidence, let GDI Communications and our GPOD Support Services assist you. We are ready to go above and beyond expectations, get the job done, and support your company’s move to the “New Business as Usual.”