Sometimes, all you need is a hug!

Sometimes, all you need is a hug!​

By GDI Communications - CEO's Voice

Greetings and Happy April 1st, everyone!

Quarter 1 of 2021 is complete, and the saying goes, time sure does fly! Only three more to go! So how are things going professionally and personally for you so far in 2021? Are you on-track? Off-track? Are you staying focused on actions and activities that move the needle? If not, then what is keeping you from achieving your goals? Maybe that need is more psychologically based rather than activity-based.

Due to all the never-ending challenges with business development, internal issues, and focus, we have decided to pivot and move all business activity and efforts into a new business model. The continuing COVID saga, social distancing, and the increasing public need for mental support, human contact, and affection have also played a part in this “pivot.” Welcome to the age of “Professional Cuddling.”


“Professional Cuddling”

During these continuing difficult times, it is becoming increasingly evident that “everyone” from CEOs, investors, professional athletes, homemakers, bus drivers, and even those very busy Uber Eats delivery people need a good cuddle from time to time. In GDI, although we have excellent communication and positive people experience, we took the time to make this difficult decision of refocusing our efforts on making people feel great! Everyone needs a hug from time to time!


Benefits of Cuddling

Our society is suffering from chronic social isolation and touch deprivation, and, to make matters worse, we have also sexualized physical contact. Anxiety, depression, aggression, stress, violent behavior, impulsiveness, low job performance, poor relational skills, etc., are directly linked to touch deprivation. 

Sadly, many people in our society come from communities where they were never, or rarely, touched by their parents, family members, or friends or only experience touch through sex. There’s a better way. Cuddling provides a mutually beneficial touch that many of us never received in the past or currently do not experience in the present. Much like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, professional therapeutic touch through cuddling is healing and transformative when it happens in a respectful and emotionally safe way. The protocols of The Cuddlist Movement and the promise of the Professional Cuddler establishes and preserves these conditions.


What can cuddling do for you?

Even just one session can provide the following benefits:

  • Improve immunity
  • Enhance mood
  • Build self-esteem
  • Increase trust and self-reliance
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Serve as an energetic elixir for all patients, especially those with chronic medical conditions

What does it take to become a “Professional Cuddler” with the new GDI Cuddles Program?

Are you looking for a powerful outlet to channel the positivity, affection, and strength you have to share? Are you naturally drawn to seeing the best in others and enjoy helping them see it too? Do you empathize easily yet know not to rush in and “rescue” others? Are you able to establish boundaries positively and consistently? Would you like to build on, strengthen and improve these abilities in yourself? These qualities, combined with strong communication skills and a love of cuddling, are the essential ingredients of a great Professional GDI Cuddler. We have developed vital Cuddle Bootcamps to help you become the best cuddler possible and deeply understand how to connect with others. I am sure this will bring great personal rewards when dealing with family, friends, and clients.


GDI CCO (Chief Cuddling Officer)


BTW: Happy April Fools Day!!! 

All kidding aside, I wish all the best to the actual cuddling businesses out there and honestly feel everyone needs a hug from time to time. Find someone to hug today! And remember, keep focused on your annual Targets and Goals, clearly define what needs to be done during your 2nd Quarter, and keep moving forward.   


I hope this made you smile and I hope you have a great April and 2nd Quarter.


Check out this link to see the Benefits of Hugging.


James  James