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What steps do you need to take to ensure your business survives on the web

By Global Training GPOD

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History of Industries

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Throughout the ages, human beings have adapted to the times by focusing on what skills they need to survive during those specific ages.

During the transforming material age, many businesses focused on the production of stone, bronze and iron tools.

As we entered the 1700’s, we became more focused on harnessing water power, which in turn lead to the development of steam power, electric power and combustion power.

Those industries make up a large amount of the worlds largest businesses today, and those businesses have been thriving for the last 300-400 years.

Birth of Information Age

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However since the development of computers we have know all entered the Information Age.

A time of transforming information, sharing knowledge and understanding deep algorithms.

For many businesses who thrived during the transforming energy age, this transition into the Information Age can be quite daunting as it requires an entire new skill set, a new group of minds to make it possible and quick thinking to act on current trends in the market.

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After the pandemic many companies opted for a more relaxed working style with employees working from home, offices being unused and attempted to get their valuable products or content on the web, as face to face meetings were slowly becoming a thing of the past.

This situation really forced the information age into full gear, and unfortunately those were unable to adapt had to shut their doors for business causing a massive economic effect globally, affecting the lives of millions.

So how can you keep up with the ever-changing information age and ensure your business survives?

Useful survival tips

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The first step would be to discover which areas of your business can work in an online setting.

If you are in the aircraft industry and your business is mainly based on the manufacturing of aircraft parts, you can use the following example to guide you on the thought process for discovering which parts of your business can be digitized and marketed.

Business Plan

By investigating and discovering the Knowledge based aspects of your business, you can open up many new ideas to creating content and material that is suitable for the Information age. And through clever marketing strategies and the implementation of great systems you can transform information to increase sales overall for your business.

Most family recipes, martial art secrets and generational knowledge unfortunately dies out with the people unless it is transformed into a teachable and learnable skill. Once this can be achieved the next step would be to scale your business using the power of the web.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

To scale your business, a first simple step would be to decide the best means of digital marketing you would need to reach your potential clientele.

By using targeted advertising through social media outlets, you can reach the phone of millions of potential customers on a B2C basis, people who are actively searching for your content and skills.

This method can help you drive direct traffic into your online business and the return on investment for this method is usually quite high.

Another step would be to hire a digital marketing team who are able to create regular content for you to attract customers. Having a team dedicated to scaling your business is the perfect recipe for success as with training an algorithm to remember who you are takes time and effort that your business employees could be using on creating better content or products for your business.

Your digital marketing team doesn’t even need to be located in the same country as you, meaning that potential new talented employees can be picked out from around the world, saving you a lot of money and time on visa sponsorships and international moving costs.

For more information on how to properly market your business online and survive in the online world, contact us at to book a meeting with one of our specialist consultants who can guide you to the best methods of getting your business online, and hiring the right people to keep it running.