Finally! Globally Experienced GPODs for Global IT Engineering Projects, Language and Communication Training, and Global Business Development Support!

GDI Communications’ Various GPOD Programs for Global Mindset and Global Business Development Services, Virtually GUARANTEES your success!

Highly skilled professionals to assist you on your way towards becoming a global company.

Are you having trouble finding quality talent to fill your IT engineering positions? Is your client base dwindling, causing a decrease in sales? Do you feel the global economy is passing you by? Well, you are not alone! In today’s markets, finding global professionals with international knowledge and experience, and technical skills has never been more essential for a company to grow and thrive.

It is a well-known fact that the need to hire from the international workforce and become more globally present is increasing at a mind-boggling rate. With GDI Communications’ GPOD (Global People on Demand) service, we can find these highly skilled professionals who have the talent your business needs right now and support your growth as a viable global company.

Simply Follow Our Blueprint To Success & You’ll Avoid The Uncertainty of Expanding into the Global Realm!

Global Power
At GDI, we value connections and getting to know the individuals we work with. Therefore, we provide only the best candidates for our client’s business. We also believe in recruiting highly skilled, internationally experienced individuals from the international workforce. Our outstanding global talent cannot be found in any database and brings Global Power to your company.

Optimal Matching with a Global Perspective
To find an Optimal Match, our internationally experienced Japanese sales and support staff carefully listen to our clients’ specific needs and concerns. These needs and concerns are then taken into account when GPOD applicants are interviewed and evaluated. By deeply understanding both parties’ needs and utilizing a Global Perspective approach, we can satisfy the needs and concerns of everyone involved.

Ongoing Intensive Support
We regularly visit our GPOD‘s working at our client’s company to check on the current situation and new tasks or challenges. Whether in or outside of Japan, we continuously and thoroughly support our customers’ global projects and operations.

Listen to the Voice of Our Clients

Fujimaki Group

Mr. Shuhei Fujimaki
President and Representative Director / COO

F&C Holdings Co., Ltd.

Here’s an overview of our three different GPOD services. Find out more details about each one when you book your FREE 30 minute consultation.


Global IT Engineering and Support GPOD

As the digital economy expands, so does the need and demand for technical talent and various IT project developers with global skills. GDI provides the necessary support for your IT project and IT Engineering needs. We are professionals at dispatching highly skilled foreign and Japanese engineers to support all kinds of projects, all of whom possess global work experience with the necessary technical and communication skills.


Global Communications Training GPOD

While many Japanese companies are expanding internationally, it is widely understood that many Japanese people’s English ability is quite low. What is needed in a global working environment is the knowledge of a language and true mastery of communication overall. Our highly skilled trainers offer real-world business experience and are effective members of the international workforce.


Global Business Development GPOD

One of the major obstacles to expanding business overseas is language and cultural differences. At GDI, all of our Global Human Resources possess international business experience and skillsets and key language and communication skills. By combining these skills and experiences with cross-cultural understanding, our dispatched talent can help overcome overseas expansion obstacles.

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“Our GPOD fees are based on you and your business’s needs and unconditional satisfaction. If at any time you feel you are not receiving the full value of our GPOD support and services, you can decide how much value you have received and pay only that amount or nothing at all.”

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