What is the Value of Business English Training?
Is it worth the investment?

What is the Value of Business English Training?
Is it worth the investment?

By Global Training GPOD

Business English in the Global Marketplace

So, you were wondering if offering language courses, especially business English, to your team would be beneficial to the company’s success. Recently, many businesses have been asking this same question. The answer is most often yes.  Whether your business is currently working in overseas markets or thinking about it, the importance of communicating effectively in a variety of business settings and situations is a much-needed and desired skill set to have.

In addition to this, the value of English communication domestically is also increasing dramatically. As of 2020, the number of foreigners living, studying, and working in Japan rose to 2,885,904. This means that even if your company doesn’t do business internationally, the necessity of being able to communicate in English is still very present in our daily domestic lives.

There are various styles of English language training that will help your business gain the skills you need to increase your success. By focusing on the specific language you need in your working environment, one can choose the training that will benefit your team the most. Whether it is for general communication, meetings, telephoning, presentations, or negotiation tactics (to name a few), knowing what you need is vital to making the best decision.

The Importance of Business English

What do you get when you learn business English? First and foremost, you should be receiving the necessary vocabulary and key phrases that fit the appropriate settings and situations. Whether you are fielding phone calls,  writing emails, or having online meetings, understanding what is being said and sharing your thoughts and ideas are essential for successful business relationships. 

Clear lines of communication aid in success from the lowest to the highest positions within a company. More often than not, miscommunication causes unnecessary work and often increased expenses. Having the language to avoid miscommunication and keep clear communication lines flowing are no longer desirable traits. They are a necessity in the international business landscape.


How can GDI Communications aid you?

In the Japanese market, there are many options to acquire these various skills. If you are tasked with deciding whether your company would benefit from improving their business English ability, perhaps GDI Communications can assist you. Our proprietary 5-Step process guarantees that you get the right talent for your needs, and our comprehensive training programs can be designed to meet your company’s specific requirements. Whether your need is business English, or any of our other training services, such as Global Mind, business skill training, other languages, etc., we are sure a GDI Communications GPOD will be able to service any and all of your training needs.