2022 - The Year of the A²CE

2022 - The Year of the A²CE

By Director's Voice

Albeit a little late, all of us at GDI Communications wish you a Happy New Year with success and happiness for 2022!

As another Covid-19 pandemic year comes to a close, we cast off into the unknown ocean of 2022. And as Omicron looms over us, we continue to be presented with continual changes in society, the markets, and how we live and work as people. However, even as we constantly face these new challenges, new opportunities continue to arise and give us hope.

The essential way to prepare for these opportunities is to start the new year with optimism and appreciation. Having a clear understanding of where you have come from, what worked and didn’t work last year, will help you understand how to keep moving forward and plan accordingly. It is also essential to stick to your plan but make the necessary adjustments as new events, and opportunities unfold, whatever they may be. 

Another point, and the one I want to touch on today, is defining a theme for the year. Once you have defined your theme, share it throughout your organization and communicate it daily. A well-defined theme will help you and your organization remain focused on what matters, what actions will move the needle forward. 

Our theme for 2022 is “The Year of CE” here at GDI. The definition of which is as follows::

A² – Appreciation & Accountability
A genuine appreciation towards both client and team, and personal accountability for self and one’s actions, ensures an effort to exceed expectations. 

C – Communication
Make Communications an integral part of who we are as a company and our products and services. Work towards a high level of Communication across teams, cultures, and borders – via face-to-face and digital avenues.  

E – Empowerment
Empowerment of all people, clients, coworkers, and self only happens with a clear objective, critical support, and the right tools. 

Have you decided on a theme for 2022? Do you feel developing a clear theme for 2022 will help you and your team stay focused on reaching your targets? Have you created a Personal Bussiness and Development Plan for 2022? If not, I strongly encourage anyone in business or not to do so. I personally and professionally develop a theme each year, both personally and I can attest to the value and impact it has had on my personal and professional life. 

If this is something you want to try, read my post from January 2021, The Year of _________?. I provide 5 Ideas and 4 Key Steps to start the year off well and help you develop your Personal Business Plan. In addition to last year’s post, here are a few additional considerations to help you be business-ready for a successful 2022.

Digital Transformation
Virtual Communication, hybrid working, and digital commerce continue to be front and center of most companies’ business strategies. Instead of halting digital transformation, your business should accelerate its approach for 2022.

New Social Media Practices
As social media users evolve, posting traditional content is not enough. Content is becoming more and more sophisticated and interactive. Perhaps looking into Youtube and TikTok content will boost higher engagement.

Get Real About Your Website
Websites are 24/7 salespeople, and they should address an effective solution to customers and not only address issues. Make sure your website provides an interactive experience and update it regularly.

Talk to Your Customers
Communicating with customers is not a one-time strategy, and it is an ongoing effort. Their behaviors and experiences change over time, especially with the pandemic. Communicate with them openly what they’d like to see from your business in the coming year.

Think Global, Act Local, and Be Ready.
Doing business across borders is becoming easier. But with COVID, travel and international shipping have become slow and cumbersome, if not impossible. Therefore, it’s vital to continue local operations and relationships yet prepare for the near future.

I honestly hope the information shared here will help you define your theme and Personal Business Plan. At the same time, if you have any other ideas or actions to plan and prepare for the new year, I would enjoy hearing them. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly on LinkedIn, which by the way, is an essential social media avenue for business people (Point #2 above).

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2022!

James  James